Watch Stossel Tonight! Damon Root on FDR Myths! Nick Gillespie on Dirty Campaigning Through the Centuries!


I'll be on tonight's episode of John Stossel's eponymous show on Fox Business, discussing attack ads and dirty campaigning through the centuries. Are we really at a low point when it comes to going negative? Or are we in a glorious age of freewheeling political discourse in which more people than ever are participating?

Reason's Damon Root will also appear, talking about how many "truths" about the Depression and FDR are in fact myths, including the ideas of Hoover as a small-government zealot and FDR as a friend to African Americans.

Stossel airs on Fox Business at 10PM ET. For more info on the show, go here.

A few weeks ago, Stossel dedicated his entire hour to an exploration of the themes in Matt Welch and my new book, The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America. Check out the whole show now.

And while you're programming your VCRs (do they even exist anymore?), check out this classic Reason.tv spot on Attack Ads, Circa 1800:

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  1. Cops raid marijuana lounge in Oregon. Computers taken away.

    Nothing else happens.


    1. “Boo hoo. We never get credit when we merely act like thugs, but get all the blame when we are murderous thugs. We were only following orders like good little automatons.”

      1. Blame the legislators! We’re just doing our jobs!

        And, hey, don’t forget about all the good things we did.

  2. The best dirty campaign was against Cleveland in reference to the story he had an illegitimate child.

    “Ma, Ma, where’s my pa?” Republicans hollered.

    “In the White House, ha, ha, ha!” Democrats replied after Cleveland won.

    1. Ol Grover ended up marrying a very attractive 21 year old when he was in office. Can you imagine if that happened now? And they say the Victorians were the prudes.

      1. It’s not even clear that Maria’s kid was his. Grover was an honorable man and Maria got around. None of the other dudes were willing to risk the possibility that they’d been cuckolded.

      2. Another fun fact: Even though Grover was President in the 1880s and 1890s, his grandson (no greats in front of that) is alive today!

  3. Stupid FOX Business channel and stupid dvr. I set it to record “New” Stossel and it doesn’t record. As if the “new” signal is not sent. I set it to record “new and repeats” and it records it like five fucking times.
    Don’t set it to record and I space it out. And since I don’t smoke dope anymore I don’t have an excuse.

    1. Silly sarcasmic…

      You need to set your TIVO to the special “Homosexual-Conservative-Newsmen on Fox Business Channel”-setting.

      You’ll definitely get all the Judge’s shows.

      1. I don’t watch Judge. I find him to be loud and obnoxious, and he tries to cram too many topics into a show which results in them getting inadequate attention.
        Though I’d love to hate-fuck that lefty blond he has on there from time to time.
        Caroline Heldman I believe. Yum.

        1. I love watching the emotional train wreck of that woman.

          1. I love those lips. Yum.

    2. Maybe if you bought a TiVo and not rented some cheap DVR from the cable company you’d be all set.

  4. “Today just happened to be the day when the investigation culminated to the point we were ready to serve our search warrants,” said Dave Thompson, a spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff’s office.

    Witnesses said police cars sped into the lot in front of the lounge just after 7:30 a.m. Just before noon, Doug Holmberg, manager of a nearby auto-parts store, said his employees saw officers carrying rifles go into the business

    Because the “Wake & Bake Lounge” was a known hotbed of violent activity…?

    Jesus, like they were even *hiding* what they were doing…?

    Funniest line:

    Law enforcement started investigating the Wake ‘n’ Bake when detectives learned the business was allegedly selling marijuana to customers

    And the investigation is ongoing.

    Way to go there Detective. In related news, the “GUNS GUNS GUNS! SHOOT2KILL PAWN SHOP” is rumored to deal in aftermarket firearms. Just a tip from a concerned citizen.

    Generic Dunphy reply? =

    “”Typical knee jerk Balkobot attitude towards responsible law enforcement. If those officers had not had their mandated long range rifles, an errant stoner might have made a move for a paper bag with something in it, a known deadly threat…”

    1. I don’t know why the story didn’t focus on the most important aspect… apparently Aloha, OR is completely free of violent crime and crimes against property.

      1. Oregon is a known hotbed of non-violent crimes, bad drivers, and bike riders, who are the worst criminals this side of Lex Luthor.

      2. Errors (sins) of omission are the most common for journalists.

        Although it is a bit impossible to be a real ‘completionist’… although its admirable when you come across the few who do actually see things in context.

        The editors probably cull those people quickly.

  5. his employees saw officers carrying rifles go into the business

    Because everyone knows, the firearm of choice for indoor gunplay is a fucking rifle.

    What a bunch of idiots.

  6. Stop picking on us!

  7. Hoover sucked and FDR sucked worse. He made Hoover his bitch in 1932 by blaming him for the recession, for spending too much money – and not doing enough!


    Watch him as he is broadcast. Write your thoughts on the show as you are watching in comment format here at Hit & Run.

    That is all.

  9. <>#75 Bailey’s Walk

  10. “Hatchet faced nutmeg dealer.” Now THEM’s fightin’ words.

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