Budget Deficit

"Professional Pols" or "The Public" — Who's Smarter? Tim Cavanaugh Talks With Jerry Doyle, 1:30PM Pacific


Give a listen as Our Leader explains how the American people don't really understand the concept of borrowing money: 

Jerry Doyle

It's too late to ask the obvious followup question: "Then why are we allowed to vote?" But there's still time to hear Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh speak up for the 69 percent of voters who don't want to raise the debt ceiling on the Jerry Doyle radio show at 1:30 PM Pacific Time today (4:30 PM Eastern).

Possible topics:

Is going broke too important to be left to citizens, like President Obama says?

If the President violates the Constitution, but the Republicans want him to, will anybody hear a tree fall in the National Forest even though it's closed for lack of funding? 

Does anybody warning about the debt-limit impasse today remember that we had one of these hyperpocalyptic catastrogeddons back in 1995, and it didn't cause any problems at all? Are we taking crazy pills? 

And the score on correct QE3 predictions is: Cavanaugh 1, Suderman 0. Time for an end-zone dance? Time to buy silver? Time to start betting on QE4? (Actually, that probably won't be a topic, but Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke's new QE3 rumblings might be.) 

Debtors, creditors, taxers, spenders, Grid Epsilon Irregulars and others are urged to listen in. 

Jerry Doyle's show is on 230 radio stations around the country. To find a local station, click here.

To listen live on the interplanetary computerwebs: One station that appears to play the show live is KEXO Talk in the Best Place to Live West of the Rockies, Grand Junction, Colorado. Others with a live cybernautical stream can be found at the link in the previous paragraph. 

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