Corporate Welfare

Only Industry Shills Will Oppose This Regulation, Which Must Be A Good Idea Because Industry Supports It


Our friends at ThinkProgress are at it again.


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  1. Only one morning link? And it’s to the Examiner? What a gyp.

    (This comment brought to you by the CFL Manufacturers of the Americas.)

    1. You should have given that the Ron Bailey treatment: “Disclosure: I walked past the light bulb aisle at Lowe’s this afternoon”

      1. Disclosure: I was cursed by gypsies. A few minutes ago upthread, in fact.

        1. I was once cursed by a self proclaimed Greek Seer. She was dating a friend at the time, and made an overly generalized prediction about me. I called her on her bullshit a few months later when I asked her, (a paraphrase) ‘if you can see into the future then why did you date Kent in the first place knowing that he would leave you and run off to England with an English lass? Oh, you haven’t heard? (last sentence no paraphrase!).’

          Heard years later that she left the guy she eventually married due to spousal abuse. Some great oracle, eh?

  2. Suddenly, a truthful corporation appears! And just in time to confirm CAP’s biases!

  3. Short and to the point.

  4. For a site called Thinksomething…

    1. Does this mean I have to throw up my last drink?

    2. The proper title for it is Stink Hogwash.

    3. Think Progress. Act Stupid.

  5. “It’s likely that Upton wants to rush through the repeal of his law because it is opposed by the Koch-brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity. Koch Industry employees were among Rep. Upton’s top 10 donors in 2010.”


    1. Notice it’s Koch employees, not the Koch brothers themselves. Give it a few months and even the consumers of Koch products will be the target of progessives.

  6. How dare you not sell this link even more by pointing out the obligatory Koch references.

    1. He obviously has a vested interest…

  7. I can’t wait till they turn their attention on turlet paper. 2-ply rolls will be the currency of the new underground economy

    1. *looks around, opens coat*

      I got some QUILTED. Primo stuff…$50 for 4 sheets…

      1. How many squares per gram?

      2. Charmin Ultra Strong – The only way to go is you don’t want shit on your hands.

    2. Please don’t give them any more ideas. My childhood was spent in Poland during the late seventies through early eighties, and I have a rather chilling idea of what progressive-approved toilet paper might look and feel like.

      1. I’ve been to East Germany prior to the wall coming down. I can tell you what it looks and feels like.…..447&sr=1-4

      2. “I have a rather chilling idea of what progressive-approved toilet paper might look and feel like.”

        Rough and tough on the hinie?

        1. Like John Wayne, its rough and its tough and it don’t take shit off no one.

      3. Pppt. The TP in East Germany was still vastly superior to what they had in Poland in 1991. I am speaking from experience of direct compare-contrast.

        Germans, no matter how oppressed by some kind of statist regime, at least draw the line at shitting on their own hands. Their version of ‘bare minimum’ was still luxurious compared to people to the east of them.

        Poland, on the other hand… you’d better have a copy of the newspaper handy… (and fwiw, I think they actually printed their newspaper on some kind of TP…they knew their market. If only the NYT were so clever)

        In my particular case i was caught short once. Badly. I ended up picking the country in my Lonely Planet guidebook I was least likely to visit, and wiped my ass with that.

        Sorry, Bulgaria. Nothing personal.

        I wasn’t going to Sweden either, but I did at least want to read about it.

      4. So you’ve experienced utopia?

        [giggles uncontrollably]

  8. I think it’s time to add Koch references to Hit & Run’s drinking game. Although, we might all die from liver failure.

    1. Although, we might all die from liver failure.Although, we might all die from liver failure.

      It’s called “the Libertarian Purity Test”, survivors get a decoder ring.

    2. I’m pretty sure anyone that was going to die due to drinking games already died during the State of the Union Address drinking games last year and this year. Us survivors are hardy folk.

  9. “Friends?” They should be arching us.

    1. the guild approves.

  10. “Everyone supported it. And since then, it’s created more choice for consumers ? we have two incandescent bulbs on the market that weren’t there before.”…

    See?!? Without this legislation these two new incandescent bulbs would never have been produced.

    Regulations/restrictions = more choices.

  11. I suggest we pool our money to buy CAT scans for all CAP employees. Only serious group brain damage can explain the lack of reason capabilities and complete cognitive dissonance that goes on over there.

  12. But there aren’t more pressing matters to attend to, especially since this law was already debated up until President Bush signed it?

    1. Bush was a fool.

  13. I surpport your veiw.

  14. Only Industry Shills Will Oppose This Industry Supported Regulation

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