Van Jones: "We are not broke–we were robbed, we were robbed. And somebody has our money!"


The state of the art in fiscal denialism on the left, from green-jobs fabulist, "socialist paradise" fantasist, and fundraising completist Van Jones:

Some selected Reason counter-programming, in chronological order:

* Bush Was a Big-Government Disaster: He expanded the state, and the idea that the state is incompetent
* The Era of Even Bigger Government: There is very little to be happy about in Obama's first budget
* Failed States: After a long spending binge, governors go begging for a handout. It won't be their last
* We Are Out of Money: American governance won't begin to inch forward until the political class faces basic facts
* Hey, Look at Me, I'm a Conservative Dupe! Or, what part of massive increases in federal spending don't you understand?
* The 19 Percent Solution: How to balance the budget without increasing taxes
* Public Opinion on the Debt, Spending, and Taxes: Reason-Rupe Survey findings in more detail

More on fiscal denialism here. Link via the Twitter feed of Matthew Yglesias, who appropriately enough introduces it as "Van Jones debunks the idea that America is broke."