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Oh, the Incivility of the Racist, Taliban Right!


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Though I suspect Reason writers are his most avid readers, Los Angeles Times bloviator Tim Rutten is still semi-noteworthy as the perfect encapsulation of a certain type of persistent and un-self-aware media mindset. You know, the kind that bemoans the "the commoditization of incivility," warns of the dangerous "hatred" of the "lunatic right," urges people (in the wake of the Tucson shooting) to eschew "bitter political rhetoric" in these "hard and dangerous times"…and then says Republicans are "like some secular Taliban." Today's manifestation of that latter tic:

Ever since he took office, [Gov. Jerry] Brown has been trying to sell the Legislature's Republican minority on balancing the budget with a combination of deep cuts and moderate tax extensions, with the latter to be submitted to the voters for approval. It's all gone nowhere because, these days, the California GOP is less a political party than it is a sort of political Taliban taking its anti-tax dogma from talk show imams and Internet heresy hunters.

I understand–though have no respect for–political hacks like Markos Moulitsas and Ann Coulter using formulations like "American Taliban" to demonize their enemies and sell books. But for a self-identified old-skool journalist, whose job it has been for decades to write consciously (and pompously) about the media? That's just an open admission of defeat.

And yet another sign that there's no governing failure in Democrat-dominated California that will not be blamed on Republicans until the last GOPer swims across the Colorado River.

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  1. WOW! Krugman has really let himself go!

    1. How does Tim Rutten share a surname with one of the most awesome human beings to ever live, and end up as such a dumbass?

    2. Can we declare war on fat people? They are slow and easy to hit.

      1. Some of us shoot back.

  2. Is Rutten actually unaware that Californians do not trust less than 2/3rds of their legislators to pass a tax? Or is that the fault of Republicans too?

  3. “secular Taliban”

    Physical impossibility.

  4. “some secular Taliban” = impossibility.

    1. It describes ALL Christ-fags perfectly, though I’d rather take my chances with the actual Islamist Taliban, whose collective dick I would soooo suck.

      1. We’ll let you suck, right before we cut off your head.

      2. I do despise Christ-faggots. I do not understand how a man can walk around professing his “love” for some dusty empty sepulchre.

        But to each his own – its OK – but INSTEAD they insist on running the Republican Party and my life!

        1. “I do despise Christ-faggots. I do not understand how a man can walk around professing his “love” for some dusty empty sepulchre.”

          [citation needed]

          1. …but I’m okay with Team Blue running my life, strangely enough…

        2. How are they running your life?

          1. By not passing QE3 like right fucking now, for instance… and not putting John Maynard Keynes above all others…

        3. I fail to see what Christfaggery has to do with taxes.

          The GOP in California is many things, but it is probably more socially liberal than the Democratic party in many other states. Either way, the article is about the GOP refusing to acquiese to tax increases. That seems a pretty non-religious issue. I don’t recall any of the state pubs claiming opposition to tax increases because TEH FLYING JEEBUZ TOLDZ UZ 2!1!1!!!!1

          1. Fair – Welch does not write a SINGLE word about taxes! His link does mention budget/taxes however.

            Welch makes this into a cultural issue – which is fine.

            Put me with the secularists/rationalists.

            1. Dude, there is not a single mention of any KULTUR WAR!11!1!!! issue here. The article is about what a bloviating shitbox Rutten is for his obvious double standard of railing against incivility and hyperbole and then engaging in it full throated. But the specific example cited is his condemnation of the CA GOP for not entertaining the idea of raising taxes to curtail what is at its most fundamental level a spending problem.

              There is nothing inherently rationalist about his stance, nor anything inherently irrational about the stance of not agreeing to raise taxes. But there is something fundamentally irrational about his oxymoronic style.

              I will say it again Shrike:

              Secular != Rational, not necessarily at least. Some people are secular but believe hold some of the most absurd and demonstrably falsifiable beliefs. Some people are religious and reasonably rational. They don’t claim their faith is apparent or follows logic, but they make certain leaps of faith regarding the murky and convoluted nature of existence and reality, and they still behave completely rationally in all other aspects of life (although I generally refer to said people as deists; any one who believes in the divinity of some long dead hippy is at least irrational at that level).

              1. I hear tell that Rutten engages in many things full-throated.

          2. Ask Team Blue how often they’ll dredge up Bible-flavored reasons to raise taxes and bait more saps into the welfare rolls… “my brother’s keeper”, indeed.

            THEN they pretend to want separation of church and state.

            Fuckin’ hypocrites.

      3. Since radical Islam is known for executing homosexuals, you comment amounts to an offer to commit suicide.

        I am always amazed by people who apparently seriously equate militant Christians, who want to deny Homosexuals the right to marry, with militant Islamics who are (so I understand) currently debating whether homosexuals should be stoned to death, burned alive, or thrown from the minaret of the local mosque.

        1. I hate ALL religion! I am like Hitch or Ayn Rand or Hayek/Soros/Popper.

          Why does my rationalism draw such ire here?

          ookkk – the posters here are CONSERVATIVES….. like Rand/Hayek and myself hate!!!

          Fuck you all – go vote for Santorum/Bachmann/blah blah blah.

          1. You hate all religion, except for the religion of The State.

  5. The Taliban is a sort of political Taliban.

    B) Retrospective “It’s ‘commodification,’ you not-Marx-reading dumb-fat” goes here.

    1. Actually mr nitpicky, they’re two different words:


  6. Look – evangelical Christians = Islam.

    Its the same filthy garbage only Islam does not control a political party in the USA like the fundie nuts do the GOP.

    1. Look – evangelical Christians = Islam.

      I thought we discussed your deficiencies at math.

      1. You’re right… I should have left out the “evangelical” part.

        But I’m still correct.

    2. This moment in unreality brought to you by Shriek.

    3. You’re giving hyperbole a bad name.

    4. I despise ALL superstition – Islam and Christ-faggotry alike!

      Whats the big deal? This is FREE MINDS and FREE MARKETS – right?

      Fuck some asshole who died 2000 years ago! Do we worship Caligula who also claimed to be a GAWD?

      Fuck Caligula and all those dusty dead assholes (Jesus too).

      Now if he had written a good book……………………

      1. …like I give a shit about free markets…

        1. Markets need to be taught how to be good by our coffee-hued savior!

      2. Fuck Caligula and all those dusty dead assholes (Jesus too).

        Atta boy Shrike…live in the now.

    5. I grew up in a evangelical hell-hole – it was one of the most boring and conservative places in Michigan.

      But even as an avowed atheist back then, never once was I attacked or told to repent-or-die! They were mostly shocked, but that’s about it.

      They were also – as a whole – rather kind people. Which is generally what I find in smaller towns and communities. They actually like meeting people (since there isn’t much else to do) and jawing. The whole “damn racist rednecks” is pretty much Hollywood crock. Sure, there are exceptions, but I don’t group them all under the same banner. That’s insulting.

      1. Bullshit. I am attacked personally and professionally for being a rationalist.

        I support civil liberties (ACLU) and see them being attacked.

        Newt Gingrich attacks me for being a “secularist” in his stupid new book!

        I am a proud SECULARIST – Fuck all Christ-Fags!!!!

        1. Bullshit. I am attacked personally and professionally for being a rationalist.

          You are attacked personally for being, in general, a nitwit! Professionally? Maybe you just suck at what you do.

          I support civil liberties (ACLU) and see them being attacked.

          Yeah…by both sides.

          Newt Gingrich attacks me for being a “secularist” in his stupid new book!

          Wow! I guess it really is all about you! An only child perhaps?

          I am a proud SECULARIST – Fuck all Christ-Fags!!!!

          Yeah good to be out and proud. I guess that explains all the “fag” references.

          (Yeah…I know I’m replying to a spoofer..but they’re so similar it’s hard not to reply.)

        2. maybe you’re just a douche-bag – that tends to piss off people of all stripes.

      2. I came from a rural “redneck” part of California, and then later moved to hyper-enlightened uber-tolerant SF Bay Area. Let me say it politely, that the enlightenment and tolerance of urban California liberals only extends to other urban California liberals.

        As a libertarian I could talk to rural conservatives. They would not agree with me, but I could talk to them. But as libertarian in Palo Alto I was told explicity to “shut the fuck up”.

        1. Isn’t shrike basically saying “shut the fuck up”?

  7. Yesss, my preshusss, the evil GOP has destroyed our worker’s paradise!

  8. And yet another sign that there’s no governing failure in Democrat-dominated California that will not be blamed on Republicans until the last GOPer swims across the Colorado River.

    This is really getting ridiculous. They’ve got almost 2/3 majorities in both houses, and they don’t even need 2/3 to pass anything now.

  9. Yes, amazing how it’s all violence and incivility and Palin shot Giffords until the crazy violent rhetoric is being done in the name of the ??????. Then it’s for great social justice.

  10. Execute the incivil!

  11. Rutten is bad, but his Times colleague Steve Lopez is really pushing lame partisan hackery to a new level.

    1. Wow. I just read all of that. What an imbecile.

  12. Just so I understand this clearly:

    The Democratic Party controls the California Assembly, Senate and Governorship, but it is the Republican Party’s* fault that California can’t balance its budget?

    Have I stumbled into an alternate reality or has Rutten?

    *Not to excuse Team Red who, not believing in evolution, have refused to move out of the australopithecine stage.

    1. Not only do the Dems control both legislatures, they are just barely shy of 2/3 control of them. It is not the 50.5% good guys version 40.5% evil australopithecines like the media makes it out.

      1. And the other 9% are too fucking stoned to care.

  13. Brown campaigned on the promise that he would submit any new taxes, including extensions, to the voters for approval. That was a mistake. Like the citizens of other financially failed states, such as Greece, Portugal and Ireland, Californians continue to be gripped by the fantasy that they can have public services and meet public obligations without paying for them. The governor needs to leapfrog the delusion and find ways to raise revenue that don’t require a two-thirds vote.


    Not like California has a single penny in its budget that doesn’t need to be there.

  14. I don’t understand the Christ-fags here – this is Reason — get it?

    Jesus is never going to let you GOPers buttfuck him.

    It won’t happen!

  15. “Does the scowl make me look more like Hemingway? Call me ‘Papa’ when you answer.”

    1. “I’ve got to start eating more fiber.”

  16. Is this an Argumentum ad Mullah Omarum? Are the Taliban pushing us out??? YAY!!!

  17. I hereby designate all future references to an American political party/personality as “taliban” to be forever known as “Ruttening the Thread”

  18. “Reason Wriiters”?

  19. The very concept of cutting back on spending is foreign to the union backed legislators. It is against every fiber of their being. So, the only choice to balance the budget is to tax more. The rich can afford it. And by rich, they mean anyone making more than $50k.

    1. Of course, eventually they’ll have no one left to tax but those same union members, and will achieve the perfect state of ouroboros.

  20. And yet another sign that there’s no governing failure in Democrat-dominated California that will not be blamed on Republicans until the last GOPer swims across the Colorado River.

    The Dems tried the same thing nationally when they held total power, you’ll remember. Republican obstructionism was the only thing holding back our utopian future.

  21. Hey, shrike… come back when you get done worshiping at the Altar of St. Maynard.

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