The Inevitable Weiner's Pulling Out Thread; Sorry It Took So Long to Get it Up, Etc.


Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) has finally decided to resign his position after an ignominious Twitter and nudie-pic scandal involving self-generated crotch shots sent to various women around teh Interweb.

Weiner resigns despite surveys of his New York City constituents suggesting that a majority (56 percent) want him to stay in office, doing the people's business.

So long, Rep. Weiner, we knew ye too well. Politicians have resigned over lesser signs of character signs and/or mental problems, and many others have stayed in office while presenting far more disturbing symptoms. In either case, it's never a sorry day when a politician steps down from power. Especially when that pol not only denied the charges but suggested that Islamic terrorists may have hacked his social media accounts to send around photos of what he admitted was his own junk. I think it was either Gertrude Stein or Yakov Smirnoff who said that not only is reality stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine.

All your Weiner jokes are belong to us in the comments thread.

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