Peter Beinart Laments That We're Not Sufficiently Moved by Rep. Weiner's Suffering


Suffering for his art

Peter Beinart, who I'm debating tomorrow in New York City (details here, including FREE BOOZE), thinks the junk-obsessed, cape-and-tights rehab Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-New York), should not resign. In fact, the crotch-grabbing locker-room self-portaiteur deserves our empathy:

We love to see the powerful humiliated because it proves that they were no better than us to begin with. Yet we simultaneously imagine that because they're powerful and famous, they don't need the empathy that we'd desire were we in their stead. Instead of being moved by their suffering, we revel in it. […]

Columnists and talk show hosts who obsess over trivialities such as Weinergate should be called out by their peers. And politicians asked about their consensual sex lives by journalists should say that they will answer on condition that the reporters and their editors answer the same questions about theirs. I hope Anthony Weiner figures out his private life; but even more, I hope he survives in public life. Someone needs to stand up to the media mobs that are making American politics both vicious and small. If he has the courage to do so, maybe others will follow.

The tip of Al Qaeda's sword

While I'm touched by Beinart's concern for the powerful versus the lowly "mobs," my empathy-meter just cannot survive this: In the course of relentlessly lying about his recklessly juvenile activities, Weiner hypothesized, with an unforgiveable alarmism matched only by an unlimited self-regard, that "maybe it will turn out that this is the point of Al Qaeda's sword." He also reportedly had the fool-me-twice gall to tell supporters that this was all part of yet another alleged "vast right-wing conspiracy."

I'm with Gene Healy on this: "Not only are political sex scandals great fun, they serve an important social purpose. They remind us that we should think twice before we cede more power to these clowns." And as for Beinart's complaint about obsessing "over trivialities," Healy again cut to the quick: "[H]ere on earth, Weinergate's mainly crowding out more coverage of Sarah Palin's bus tour." Which has since been supplanted by Sarah Palin's boring e-mails.

I'd be happy if the typical politician's approach to his family/personal life was "none of your business." Here at Reason we have long cheered those lonely few politicians who have allowed their spouses to be non-political. But most politicians do make their family lives our business, by campaigning on them, threatening to give their spouses quasi-official duties, and/or invoking family values for various restrictions on our liberty. Of all those who cross that line, surely the ones deserving the least amount of empathy are those who do their tawdry business on company time, in the workplace, and then go out and sanctimoniously lie their faces off about it.

NEXT: Is ObamaCare's Medicare Cost Control Board Unconstitutional?

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  1. "I hope he survives in public life. Someone needs to stand up to the media mobs that are making American politics both vicious and small."

    We have that man, and his name is Vitter!

    1. but is he credentialed?

      1. Is my name ironic or what!

        Take my wiener. Please!

        Is this thing on?

        1. Example of irony:
          You really understand what "ironic" means".
          Another example:
          "maybe it will turn out that this is the point of Al Qaeda's sword."

    2. Would that be Vitter the Shitter?

  2. Really, how much empathy should we waste on people whose suffering is directly caused by their own bad (and often hypocritical) behavior?

    1. Not having any experience with taking stupidly juvenile pictures of myself in various states of undress and sending them to women while being married, I have zero empathy. It is beyond the stupidity I can imagine myself doing for a thrill.

      1. Weiner is a mentally retarded sociopath.

        Lying is as automatic and life-sustaining for him as breathing is. That's the sociopath part.

        The contents of his messages prove the mental retardation.

        Figures that someone as low-functioning as Beinart wants someone like that to rule him.

    2. "Really, how much empathy should we waste on people whose suffering is directly caused by their own bad (and often hypocritical) behavior?"

      Depends, are the on team A or team B?

  3. I'll stop caring about their private lives right after they stop f-ing with mine.

    1. That sounds reasonable.

      1. Allah is displeased with your reason.

        1. Any religion that is about pleasing the whims of god that acts like a petulant brat is no master religion. Submission doesn't sell well in the 21st century.

        2. Sorry I don't drink.

    2. Thank you for pithily summarizing my attitude. I'll be using that.

    3. Your private life is of public concern.

      1. Externalities.....duh!

    4. When are you going to learn that it doesn't matter what you do, or don't do, it's all activity and therefore subject to the Commerce Clause?

      Your masters, however, deserve privacy, even as they transmit their penises and vaginas across the TUBES.

    5. private lives

      Just the stuff that causes no harm to others, right?

    6. The private life is dead. History killed it.

  4. Everyone's discussing whether Weiner's tribulations are just right or overly harsh. In doing so, they're leaving out an option that is conspicuous in its absence. When it comes to the case of Anthony Weiner, why has no one brought up the possibility of capital punishment.

    Capital punishment is clearly constitutional; indeed, "capital crimes" are mentioned in the Constitution. Furthermore, Weiner's case is extremely high-profile. Therefore, we can hypothesize an extremely strong deterrent effect. How many minors will not have to be sexually harrassed/assaulted by lewd texts if Anthony Weiner gets the death penalty and all the other perverts get the message?

    Did we mention that Weiner was "sexting" with minors? Everyone knows that no punishment is too harsh for those who prey on children. With the revelation of Weiner's cybersexual rendez-vous with a 17-year-old, we can confidently say that Anthony Weiner is nothing if not a child predator. Finally, many people think that important people can always evade punishment in America. Nothing short of Anthony Weiner's charred corpse will prove to them that America is truly the land of equal justice.

    America was founded, built, and perfected on the idea of moral integrity. Today our core virtue of moral integrity is under threat by Anthony Weiner. If America is going to save her moral integrity, she only has one option: execute Anthony Weiner.

    1. ....for teh childrenz...

      1. So we should fry some Weiner for the kids?

    2. I've only followed the Weiner scandal via Reason, but how did Weiners weiner go public? Did one of those teenagers release it to the media?

      1. As I understand it, his account was hacked, possibly by a terrorist organization whose initials are A Q.

        In the interest of national security, I must say no more.

        1. Apothecary Quarterly? I admit some of their views can be considered fringe, but I would hardly call them terrorist.

          1. "Admiral's Quarters" - Navy Seal wannabes who washed out. Very scary...

            1. You and mr simple just remember--especially while you're being waterboarded--that you didn't hear it from me.

      2. No: Weiner is so mentally retarded that he publicly tweeted shit he meant to send privately to a college girl who looks like Snooki.

        1. I wouldn't fuck Snooki with Weiner's dick

          1. I would

        2. So my earlier suspicions have won out.

          He literally doesn't realize that when the data leaves his phone, he's no longer in control of it.

          And we elect these people to run the country.

  5. I hope Weiner hangs in there; this flagrant self-destruction is fucking awesome. I strongly suspect that the only point we're seeing is that of the iceberg's tip.

    If Edwards cut a sex tape, there's no way that this hyper-narcissist didn't.

    1. Might not want to post about Weiner with the words "point" and "tip" in there.

      1. Yeah JW, you might get an unwelcome tweet from a certain congressman.

      2. only a credentialed professional could make that salient observation.

      3. Or "hanging".

      4. "maybe it will turn out that this is the point of Al Qaeda's sword."

        Uh, I saw Weiner's weiner, and I don't think its a sword, or a knife, even a pen knife....more like a thimble...

        I will say, it must be HARD, standing ERECTLY...or ERECTLY standing, before the press, and discussing where you put your own weiner, causing embarrassment to Weiner.

        My view is that Weiner has done more for freedom of speech, dirty, snickering speech - the best kind, since the ruling in storm squiters II. I say we should not pull our Weiner out of congress, but leave him in deep as a reminder of what a hard weiner can do to educate the average citizen about congressional affairs...

        1. Haven't you heard? Wiener is no longer firm. Weiner shriveled up after being left out in the cold.

    2. Dumbass should resign, because it's obvious there's more fun to come.

  6. A little refresher Matt: http://grammar.quickanddirtyti.....-whom.aspx

    1. Well, yeah, that's all good for extremely formal contexts.

      Elsewhere, though (like blog posts, for example) native English speakers usually reserve "whom" for prepositional objects, and even then only when it directly follows its preposition, as in "with whom I'm debating tomorrow in New York city."

      When the pronoun is a verbal object at the beginning of a clause, however, as in Matt's "who I'm debating tomorrow in New York City," most Americans think "whom" sounds hoity-toity. In fact, the "with whom" construction sounds a little precious, as well.

      1. However, the phrase "FREE BOOZE" is always correct.

    2. Fuck "whom". The only reason to use it ever is to refer to classic art or literature where it's part of the title, e.g. "For Whom the Bell Tolls". You know, the Metallica song.

      Other than that whom is about as relevant as "thee" and "thou", and just shouldn't be used at all.

      1. Sez whom?

      2. Sayeth Thou!

  7. How did Weiner vote on the Federal Sex Offender Registry?

    1. He followed everyone on it.

  8. Anthony Weiner, something else we can blame on Chuck Schumer.

    1. As if we needed moar...

      1. Anthony Weiner: Chuckie Schumers Mini Me!

  9. Is Beinart's point that people who don't lie and cheat often cheer when liars and cheaters get caught? He's right. We like to see them punished b/c it implies that we made the proper & smarter choice. When liars and cheaters succeed, it makes me feel like a sucker for telling the truth.

    If Wiener were honest, he'd never have risen to political prominence. Honesty has aborted the careers of many, many Americans. Think of all the rejected authors whose mountain-climbing memoirs could have been published had they just lied about meeting Nepalese villagers, all the obscure/ignored bloggers who could have gained wide readership by falsely claiming to be Syrian gay girls, or all those who could get books onto Oprah's list by claiming to have miraculously recovered from being hard-core junkies. Think of all the preachers who get rich and laid claiming to hear the voice of God. It's a good racket, sure, but there's a price to pay.

    1. It was mentioned before when discussing this topic that the highest correlation with rates of cheating is income. I think there is an implied causation in that correlation, but its not the one that everyone thinks.

      High income does not lead to cheating.
      Being a lying, cheating fuck leads to high income. The rent seekers, the govt handout lobbiers, the captains of the corrupt industry/government corporatism racket, they all make their money as stolen loot from the taxpayer and they don't mind cheating and fucking anyone and everyone in their path in order to do so.

      1. I think its that having a high income leads to more opportunities to cheat, personally.

        I think your average poor guy would bang as many chicks as your average rich guy. Its more that women willing to bang married men are more likely to bang a rich guy than a poor guy.

        1. "I am a marvelous housekeeper: Every time I leave a man I keep his house. "

        2. You got it, R C. Among all us primates, higher status correlates with more mating opportunities. There seems to be a feedback loop: high testosterone levels stimulate a male's drive for dominance, and competing successfully for dominance raises his testosterone levels.

          1. Cheating (successfully) on stuff like SATs, income taxes, job applications, political campaigns, inflated personal biographies, sucking up to the boss, internet dating profiles, deceptive media interviews, etc. tends to increase a an unimpressive man's opportunity to mate with women.

          2. Women do it, too, apparently.

            NPR ran a story about this on Friday.

        3. Not quite. It's that having a high income or some other position of power tweaks your brain so you start to think your god's gift to the world and that you're untouchable.

          The stupid swiftly follows.

    2. Honesty has aborted the careers of many, many Americans...

      Very well put, Tommy. I shall savor this idea above all others today.

  10. Someone needs to stand up to the media mobs that are making American politics both vicious and small.

    Hey, you fucking media mobs! You're making American politics neither sufficiently vicious nor small enough!

    1. +1
      I really want to see a politico break down in tears or go on a profanity laced tirade after being hounded by some reporter.

  11. Does anyone have a link to the prior Beinart columns where he talks about how vile the media reaction to Bill O'Rielly phone sex conversations is or the one where he talks about how we need to empathize with Larry Craig and really feel his pain?

    I mean, clearly, this is just Beinart being a consistent and proud defender of sexual taboos and not some sadly predictable TEAM BLUE!1! defense, he's too principled for that.

  12. It's fascinating to see a guy whose mind is trapped in Middle School.

    Really? A picture of yourself in a towel grabbing your dick? Not gay enough you take those pictures of YOURSELF, but you send them to other people? Fucking gay. And gross.

    NTTAWW...wait, yes this is...

    The schadenfreude from all this is so totally wonderful, it leaves me with a warm, contended feeling. Tasty, delicious schadenfreude.

    Also - WEINER! lulZ!

    1. Remember, my state Sens are Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow, both of whom are as flashy as tan paint drying, and with the collectiv(ist) intelligence of a star mole.

      The Rep for my district is Mike Rogers (Team Red), who's mildly more intelligent, somewhat less statist, but no less a creature of Warshington.

      At least WEINER!!! (lulz) is entertaining, and does strike me as having more intelligence than a slug (although he decided to use it for Evil Purposes 🙁 ).

      1. Almanian, my good man, you don't have it as bad as I do. I have Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein representing me in the capital, along with that vile insidious rat Henry Waxman. Weiner might make for some great lulz, but if Barbara Boxer were to ever reveal that massive throbbing rod that she's packing, all of us would feel so small and insignificant.

        And don't get me started on the effect that Feinstein's supermassive black hole hiding underneath the granny panties would have.... it's event horizon would single-handedly suck up the entire beltway media and spit it out via wormhole somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy.

        1. Dear God in Heaven?....

          "I once lamented having no shoes, until I met a man who was represented by Boxer, Feinstein, Waxman, et al..."

          But this is a little like the "eat your Lima beans cause there are starving children in India!" My reps STILL suck - yours suck more. And kids in India don't like Lima beans, either - you can't fool me, mom and dad!!

            1. I HATED that shit as a kid...

        2. Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar and Keith Ellison.

          1. Ok, that's pretty rancid.

        3. I've got Boxer, Feinstein, and... Pelosi.

          1. I think Waxman and Pelosi are a wash. I'd take the cooler bay area climate, bridges, and topography in exchange. Although I'd really hate having all the obnoxious Giants fans around me.

          2. (Rand) Paul, McConnell, Yarmuth.

            Not too bad, comparatively.

          3. Boxer, Feinstein, and this blob of humanity.

            1. Ah, the failed house-flipper.

          4. Feinstein, Boxer, ......Maxine Motherfucking Waters.

        4. Frank Lautenberg, Robert Menendez and Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr.

        5. I thought I had it bad with Hutchison, Cornyn & McCaul. Never mind!

        6. I love this game!

          Webb (didn't see where he came out on Libyan kinetics, but he's not sticking around long enough to do teribly horrendous damage.)

          Warner (stoopit & himbo-ish)

          But my personal favorite is my Rep, James Pee Moran. He loves to beat up kids and take personal loans from dudes who have business before Congress and escaped unscathed.

        7. Babs Mikulski (ack!), Cardin and Donna Edwards (who is mostly unknown, but still prime TEAM BLUE scum).

      2. Ha! I feel positively privileged.

        I've got Eric Cantor, Jim Webb and Mark Warner.

      3. Hello, fellow Michigander.

        1. Hola, fellow Mittenite.

          HEY! I just figured out where "Mitt" Romney's dad got that fucked up name for his kid! WEIRD!!

      4. Kerry, Brown, and "Time To Get A Little Bloody Out There" Capuano.

      5. Also, fuck all of you


        For the win loss. Although all the water is epic...

        1. I can grant you that. At least I live in an area where I need the GDP of Madagascar in order to buy a decent home south of Victory Blvd and where the weather is either too cold for the natives or suffocatingly hot with broad levels of unhealthful air quality..

      6. I am represented by a giant douche and a shit sandwich. I live in Illinois. Oh, and a shitty douche in congress.

  13. Down south, we always called 'em wienies. This makes it that much funnier for us.

    1. Down South...does Cincy count as "down south" now?

      🙂 (I'm being ironically 1992 now)

  14. The personal life of a person working double shifts and struggling to get by is none of my business. If this guy wants to keep his personal life private, he can get out of politics.

  15. He also has problems with vehicle regulations.

    Hangings too good for him.

  16. Weinergate can be solved in the future by electing more women.

    "Women run for office to do something, and men run for office to be somebody," was how Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, put it to Stolberg. "Women run because there is some public issue that they care about, some change they want to make, some issue that is a priority for them, and men tend to run for office because they see this as a career path."

    1. See, this is all because we gave 'em the right to vote back in the day.


    2. Right. Palin for President.

    3. I can't wait for the Pelosi sexting scandal to break.

      1. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. I'm thinking this has good potential for a SugarFree story.

        1. I'm still too scarred from the one where some congresstard or other politico was fucking an open wound on a constituent in front of a heering crowd of loons to read any more of NutraSweet's stuff for awhile...

      3. At least once a week, Nancy telexes me a mimeograph of her snatch.

    4. Women run for office to do something

      I would vote for someone (man, woman, dog) who ran on a platform of doing absolutely nothing in government. Even the purely self-interested career pols can be contained if they are convinced that a particular move would be bad for their life-long ambition to rule over the citizenry and suck at the government teat.

      It's the people on a mission, the ones who want to "do something", the true believers who leave the most carnage in their wake as they drag the rest of us kicking and screaming into their utopian fantasies.

    5. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Sheila Jackson Lee.

    6. Thanks now I came across this gem.

      Men, You're About To Feel The Weiner Effect.

      At the end of the day (and Anthony's Weiner aside), that's what trust is- recognizing that the person in whom you've placed your trust isn't an indecipherable member of a homogenous group of liars, that the person is an individual who is telling you the truth and who won't ever advise a porn star on how to "aw shucks" her way through a press conference. Worrying that everyone is lying to you at all times is a pretty crappy way to go through life.

      Then there are the comments.

      Uh, if white men felt shame, history would look a lot different. These dudes don't even seem to feel shame when it's their own damn selves involved.

      and this.

      Not really. All men are liars and arseholes. It happens.

      Some of us grow out of it eventually to become worthwhile human beings. Others don't, and just try to fake it. Apparently Weiner is in the second category.

      I suppose part of my indifference might be that I'm Australian, not American, and we don't seem to have the same type of infidelity issues in our politicians it appears (although I have no idea why that might be).

      bonus points for the hammer and sickle avatar.

    7. everything in the whole world can be solved by more women. At least the Mormons think so.

      Personally I find one wife at a time is all I can take.

      1. You know who else said, "Though the law allows more, I only take one wife?"

        1. Sergeant Major Tambul?

        2. Waylon Jennings?

        3. Me?

        4. The black dude in Sahara.

    8. Debbie Walsh is, to say the least, simple-minded.

    9. Strange, the first time I read that I saw:

      "Women run for office to do something, and men run for office to do somebody,"

      I like my version better.

  17. Every time that we can take down a politician, Red blue or Green, we should not only do it, but revel in it. I'm not upset about the pictures. The aftermath was just glorious though.

  18. even more, I hope he survives in public life.

    Because, as we all know, in a state with a population I'm too lazy to even look up, THERE SIMPLY IS NOT ONE OTHER PERSON CAPABLE OF DOING THIS JOB AT THE SAME INTELLECTUALLY-IMPOVERISHED LEVEL AS THIS GUY.

    Eat shit and die, Bienart.

  19. My test for these types of scandals is: would I tolerate the same behavior from someone who worked for me? In this case, would I let an employee twitter his dick from my office space? Nope.

    And since these guys actually do work for us, it's a pretty good test.

    1. Yeah, I've been running that one past a couple people who don't see this as such a big deal (snicker).

      I have yet to get a good answer. It works better if you know some of their male co-workers, and use their names. "So, if Mike were to be twittering pictures of his junk to lots of women, and was sending private messages to high school girls, and everybody knew it, you would totally keep sending him to client meetings?"

      1. Considering the amount of tweets and pics that Weiner has been sending I would have three problems if I was his private employer:

        1. It's a company phone-what part of "this phone will be used for business purposes and emergencies ONLY" do you not understand?

        2. The obvious "our clients will choose to do business with someone other than a company who employs a known pervert who flirts with underage girls"


        As everyone here who works in private industries knows, a guy like this would be gone in a heartbeat if it was discovered that he was using his company phone to send dick tweets. Less than a heartbeat, actually.

        1. I...uh...didn't know that provision was in there. I guess I ...uh...didn't see it when I skimmed the law, and one told me. Yeah.

          What? Did you expect me to read the whole thing or something?

          Are you serious?

      2. I would if I wanted to undermine his company....

        Weiner exposes (LOL - REALLY and TRULY I did not think of that pun when I began writing!!!) the not so hidden (that was intended) assholiness that occurs in Congress. If he leaves, we will have to put up with insufferable "the system works, the system can police itself, it has been restored to a place of honor and altruism"

        My view is that it is better to see it as a place where the members are so pompous that they think random women want to get pictures of their weenies, and the unsolicited weenie distribution laws are unenforced...

        1. "Weiner exposes (LOL - REALLY and TRULY I did not think of that pun when I began writing!!!) the not so hidden (that was intended) assholiness that occurs in Congress."

          Look, Kennedy killed a girl and was lionized by leftist misogynists. Granted, Kennedy was in the Senate, but Weiner's got serious work to do to top literally killing someone.

          1. The girls were getting younger. If not for those damn wingnut stalkers warning them off before the scandal broke Weiner was on track to molest a Girl Scout troop before 2012 was over.

    2. The whole thing shows an appalling lack of judgment, especially for a public figure. I leave aside the immortality and other lapses for the moment.

      1. I leave aside the immortality [...]

        Wieners - There can be only one!

        1. Shit, not another circumcision thread.

        2. Oops. I definitely leave that aside.

  20. But what does John think?

    1. John thinks whatever his Koch/RNC/Fox News masters tell him to think.

      1. Ahem.

      2. John is a conservative, and the Kochs are he does not think what the Kochs tells him to think.

  21. I can't wait for the Pelosi sexting scandal to break.

    Break your vidscreen, you mean.

  22. did Lincoln telegraph tintypes of his scrote?

    did Washington sit for portraits of his taint?

    1. Mary Todd: No.

      Martha: Yes, we all did.

  23. Imagine if he were a first-time candidate, not a veteran congressional firebrand sticking it to the evil Rovian Bushbots that progressives swoon over.

    Would those same progressives have elected such a lying weasel?

    1. "not a veteran congressional firebrand sticking it to the evil Rovian Bushbots that progressives swoon over."

      I saw footage of that meltdown. He's a hysteric to boot. They guy's been soaking in too much estrogen, and is reduced to screeching like an hysterical middle-aged woman.

  24. Weiner is a dumbass, but what he does with his juvenile sex fantasies is of little interest to me, what chaps my ass more is his undying fealty to Israel, if the Dems redistrict his ass out of office, I say good riddance.

    1. But we must love and adore Israel.

      [wipes away tear]

      1. I do love and adore Israel. What's your beef, Jew-hater? You like planes flying into buildings? Terrorism? Radical Islam?

        By the way, Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. In fact, it's a LIBERAL democracy where gays can serve in the army, march in g-pride parades, and even adopt kids.

        So I rather stand with Israel than with a bunch of Arab baboons.

        1. You like planes flying into buildings?
          Doesn't everyone?

          You bet!

          Radical Islam?
          I love radical Islam!


  25. ..."powerful", What? He's a Congressman from a district soon to be eliminated. He makes $150k in NYC. Hardly a ruler of the world.

    1. Yeah, and as we saw over the weekend, he has to hand-carry his own dirty clothes to the dry cleaner and stop at the ATM to get himself some cash.

      It occurred to me that his little outing was just another calculated event, to give him the opportunity to look like a mensch - just another working stiff, being hassled by the media. He had to know they were out there waiting for him, but he went out there to run his errands anyway.

      1. just another working stiff

      2. Hey, the weiner-wife bolted overseas as soon as this hit. What's he supposed to do? Go commando?

      3. He's missing an opportunity to sell his dirty clothes on Ebay to lonely libbies.

  26. Finally, I hope everybody realizes this is all a big publicity stunt by Oscar Meyer.
    Start of hot dog season, and by sheer coincidence, a guy named Weiner gets his name plastered over all media incessantly, in a scandal so implausible it makes Marilyn living with John Kennedy in a bunker with Elvis below Graceland seem like hard reality... C'mon - a congressman, sends pictures of his pecker through the public airwaves, denies what is easily verified for more than a one alive could be that stupid. NOT POSSIBLE.
    You can't buy that kind of publicity.

    1. Barney Frank is next year's big scandal.


      Barney Franks is involved with Weiner? Who knew!?

      1. blockquote fail

  27. "it proves that they were no better than us to begin with.."

    Fuck you and your false equivalence, I am demonstrably better than at least this particular parasite, in that I earn my income through mutually beneficial relationships, have never broken my significant other's trust, and have never been complicit in the deaths of large numbers of civilians. If you judge morality based on the behavior of the "powerful," you're setting the bar way too low.

  28. Shit, I knew Wiener was a narcissist, but not of this magnitude. The dude is positively in obsessesive romantic love with himself.

    He's like, an Obama-degree narcissist.

    Except Obama doesn't appear to be in love with his own body like Wiener is - Obama is in love with his own public persona, not his pecs or his schween.

    1. Obama is in love with his own public persona, not his pecs or his schween.

      As far as we know....

    2. Obama is fat, Weiner is fit. That's the only difference.

    3. not of this magnitude

  29. I've gotta say that despite Weiner's personal shortcomings he at least was a champion of causes dear to my heart...

  30. I can't wait for all the glass hour repairs; it will turn around the economy singlehandedly

    1. *house* but, in truth, I love ther idea of glass hours

      1. glass hours are between 9pm Sunday and 3am Monday.

  31. I don't know if anyone has noticed yet, but this guy's name is a word for a penis! HA HA.

    1. Seems like a golden opportunity for witty punning.

      1. I don't get it. Anthony is a word for a penis? (I call mine Roscoe, but that's a name, not a mere word.)

  32. I hope Anthony Weiner figures out his private life; but even more, I hope he survives in public life. Someone needs to stand up to the media mobs that are making American politics both vicious and small.

    Aww, this is adorable. Juice Box Petey playing an adult.

  33. Republican Larry Craig was supposedly seeking consensual sex in that airport restroom. Do I need to ask whether Beinart was empathetic then? Or does the empathy only kick in when far-left liberals get caught?

    1. Hell, Mark Foley wasn't even asking for that much and he got drummed out.

  34. "Republican Larry Craig was supposedly seeking consensual sex in that airport restroom. Do I need to ask whether Beinart was empathetic then?"

    Beinart must be homophobic.

  35. Also, WEINER!!!




    1. MEMBER of Congress. Weiner's member. Weiner is a member, and has a member.

      We need to keep Weiner's member in congress so we can keep on talking about congress's members, and by congress's members, I mean congress's penises. And the fact that all congressmen, with or without dicks, are dicks.

  36. Say, does anyone else remember when the progressives were all telling us "The personal is political"?

    Whatever happened to that?

    1. That ended the day that Bill Clinton got sued for sexual harassment by Paula Jones. Along with what had previously been two other articles of progressive faith:(1) that women "never lie" about harassment, and (2) that even suggesting that a harrassment accuser is mistaken in her allegations (let alone making them up) is "blaming the victim."

  37. Just FYI, Denver Mayor Elect lied about going to prostitutes then filed open records request to see if the cops got a picture of him leaving prostitutes.

    I love a real reality show or something.

    1. Licensing vehicles is so pedestrian.

  38. Someone needs to stand up to the media mobs that are making American politics both vicious and small.

    Ideally, a woman not versed in the ways of the big media centers. Perhaps one with a family being put through the wringer as well. A little public service on her resume would be ideal.

    Gosh, if only there were such a person being relentlessly hounded by the media . . . .

      1. It has been nice knowing you person-without-a-name.

        Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

  39. Repeat after me: "No controlling legal authority"

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