War Powers Act

Toothless Congress Gripes About Lawless War


We're gonna go through them like crap through a goose.

The House of Representatives has approved a non-binding resolution questioning President Obama's unilateral attack on Libya. 

The vote was made in accordance with Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which allows Congress to give the president a good talking-to when he starts an illegal war. The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan reports

The resolutions were non-binding, and only one of them passed, but taken together, roughly three-quarters of the House voted to put Mr. Obama on notice that he must explain himself or else face future consequences, possibly including having funds for the war cut off.

"He has a chance to get this right. If he doesn't, Congress will exercise its constitutional authority and make it right," said House Speaker John A. Boehner, the Ohio Republican who wrote the resolution that passed, 268-145, and sets a two-week deadline for the president to deliver the information the House is seeking.

Minutes after approving Mr. Boehner's measure, the House defeated an even more strongly-worded resolution offered by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Ohio Democrat, that would have insisted the president begin a withdrawal of troops.

Most lawmakers said that was too rash at this point, and said they wanted to give Mr. Obama time to comply. Some also said immediate withdrawal would leave U.S. allies in the lurch.

Boehner's measure, which the White House calls "unnecessary and unhelpful," gives the president 14 days to provide a report explaining his failure to seek congressional approval. It also seeks some potentially interesting data on the status of Libya's civil war, the (non)performance of regional allies, and the role of international Islamists in the opposition. 

Politico says the resolution has little chance of passing the Senate.

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  1. It’s a sad day for conservatism when a mystical socialist gnome like Kucinich is more keen to hold his own man’s feet to the fire than the limp-dick “loyal opposition”.

    1. Also, +100 for alt-text.

      1. Thirty years from now, when you’re sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee, and he asks you, “What did you do in the great Libyan whatever-it-was?” You won’t have to say, “Well, I shoveled shit on Hit and Run.”

        1. lulz

          Also, sorry for my recent absences on Team Stossel. NBA playoffs, and I’m a Dallas man.

          1. Meh. My internets were cutting out last night anyway so I only survived up until Rangel. We’ll have to regroup and redouble our efforts, though. The work is too damned important.

    2. Although more Republicans voted for his than did Democrats.

      1. Suddenly John Thacker is interested in the vote counts instead of procedureal moves, who controls the chamber, or whatever when more Dems vote the right way than GOPers! Imagine that…

        1. Those grapes are pretty sour, eh?

        2. Oh no, I’ll clearly admit that the Republican leadership changed the schedule and hastily came up with this toothless alternative in order to head off Kucinich’s resolution, which would have otherwise pass. It was definitely a procedural move to head off the bill, and it’s annoying.

          I was just noting that more Republicans defied their leadership to vote for Kucinich’s bill anyway than Democrats defied their leadership to vote for it. And certainly a higher percentage than Senate Democrats defied their party on the PATRIOT Act bill.

          1. I do wonder how the whipping would have gone if enough Democrats had decided to support Kucinich’s resolution. (Dems claimed that they didn’t whip on this one.) I suspect that Boehner would have whipped up enough votes to keep Kucinich’s from passing, though.

          2. *readily admit

            that one’s free of charge.

            1. Fair enough, wylie.

        3. The Republican leadership wanted Kucinich’s bill to fail barely, and then when they noticed it would pass, hastily rescheduled the vote and decided to come up with this carefully calibrated resolution in order to pull votes away, and had a big caucus meeting to try to sway votes.

          The leadership succeeded enough to keep the backbenchers from running the show, as they intended.

          I’m still surprised it got a higher percentage of GOP votes than Dem votes, though.

          Note also that the House actually let Kucinich’s resolution come to the floor, unlike the Senate where amendments didn’t even get a vote.

          Also note that this bill has a deadline of two weeks away, not four years. If the PATRIOT Act extension had been two weeks or two months to prepare more debate, reports, and amendments, that would have been a different matter than a four year extension.

        4. I would have loved it if the whips had messed up and actually had a free vote on Wednesday.

      2. Although more Republicans voted for his than did Democrats.

        Good; maybe next time one of them will have a testicle drop, and might even propose the bloody thing instead of letting a socialist do it.

    3. That is the best comment ever. I love the comments on this site. Th
      ey are the best part!

  2. Fucking assert yourself, Congress. Tell the president that he doesn’t have the votes to declare war, he’s acting unconstitutionally, and he needs to withdraw. If he doesn’t, funding will be withdrawn and a bill of impeachment drawn up.

    The main reason we’re in this statist mess is that they branches simply refuse to defend their prerogatives. If they would do so, the intended checks on power would actually work.

    1. Uh, but then they would have shone light on all the wars, and they can’t have that. This is merely TEAM RED needling TEAM BLUE, even though it is the correct thing to do in this case.

      Let’s say, and I hope this never comes to pass, that we are still in Libya in 2012 and a GOP President wins and gets sworn in. You think a GOP house would pass this resolution again?


      1. Agreed. But while they’re in opposition, I’d like them to oppose. I’d also like Congress of any party mix to oppose the president on principle, but that’s not happening.

        1. The parties aren’t in opposition. They’re just two cliques with the same goals, who snipe at each other but would never be so gauche as to really get in the way of their common goals.

          1. Not at the top. Fools down the food chain think there is a real difference.

            It’s a scam. And the scammers are fighting over the right to collect their winnings. That’s really it.

            1. Now you’re getting it, ProL. Just keep following the logic to its conclusion about government.

              1. I don’t think your way is possible. Not until we breed/build our successors, anyway.

          2. This reminds me of a story my dad once told me about wrestlers before there was a WWE or a hulk hogan (Think Harley Race). My dad was a janitor at Memorial Hall. They’d come to Memorial Hall in Joplin and do a great show for the audience. The wrestlers would snarl at each other. They’d come in like they hated each other. Pretend to beat the shit out of each other, then stalk out, one at a time. One would leave stage left, the other stage right. But they ended up at the same dressing room. And when my dad went back to clean. All the wrestlers were sitting next to each other drinking beet laughing at the antics that they pulled off that evening.

            1. In his autobiography, comic David Brenner told of two rival Philly discount stores located side by side on the same block. After decades of back-and-forth price wars and attack ads, the two stores closed. People discovered the stores shared secret passageways; they’d been in cahoots the whole time.

              1. I think they just moved to DC.

        2. “I’d also like Congress of any party mix to oppose the president on principle,…”

          Opposing the president because you think he is wrong is principled, opposing the president for the mere sake of opposing the president is the opposite of principled, it is the definition of Team Red vs. Team Blue BS. The problem here is that many GOP honestly don’t think there’s much the Congress should do in situations like this as well as a large number of Dems have disavowed the War Powers Act in deed by their lack of opposition. This was an area where the DEms supposedly had an ideological difference to the GOP and are showing that they did not really mean it.

          1. Well, I suppose they ought to find some principles. Let’s just put it all on the table: Limited government, including limits and checks on war-making power, are more important to our society than the ability to quickly jump into conflict.

    2. And then draw up articles of impeachment!

      1. We need a good impeachment (and conviction, which is unpossible in this partisany world) on Constitutional grounds. Shake things up.

        1. Sometimes fear is the best motivator.

          1. That’s right. The government needs to fear the people, too. We should do something crazy, just to freak them out.

            1. Uh, I’m gonna turn on the faucet outside, and LEAVE it on, and flood the world! The world will feel the wrath of PROFESSOR CHAOS!!

              General Disarray, turn on the faucet!

              1. I’m removing mattress tags!

                1. I’m putting clear bottles in the colored bottle recycler! But not vice-versa because that would be racist.

                  1. I’m having erections that last more than four hours. . .without consulting my physician!

                    1. You’ll put your eye out, kid.

    3. I think the order should be draw up a bill of impeachment first, then send a memo saying if he promptly withdraws troops, then maybe they’ll not vote to impeach.

      But that would require them to grow a pair … and start empeaching purt near everyone in the federal government in all three branches.

      1. Even Kucinich said that there was no way he was in support of impeachment– even while arguing that President Obama was, in his mind, committing an impeachable offense.

        1. Like I said, they need to get some principles. If you think an official is acting unconstitutionally, it is your fucking duty to see that he’s removed from power. Hard stop, no exceptions due to misplaced loyalty to a party, rather that to your country and to the Constitution you swore to uphold.

          1. tell that to Johnny and the Supremes. They seem to be having a great deal of difficult distinguishing ‘constitutional’ from ‘policy I support’.

            1. Statism is so ingrained in our political culture that it would take years to root out, even if we were trying. And even if we did get it out, we’d have to use that eternal vigilance thingee.

  3. roughly three-quarters of the House voted to put Mr. Obama on notice that he must explain himself or else face future consequences, possibly including having funds for the war cut off


    As if Congress would even take a piss without asking the President’s permission first.

    1. How did we get to this wimpy state?

      1. I don’t know, but I bet if Michael Bay did a remake of Patton, they’d find some gumption.

        1. With car chases, more explosions, and some young love interest for the Big P?

        2. Don’t. Fucking. Give. Him. Ideas. Asshole.

          1. Using Coppola’s script, too.

        3. If Michael Bay did a remake of Patton, the Germans would be 90 feet tall and made of plastic.

          And they would be the most interesting and realistic characters in the movie.

          1. Before I knew who or what Bay was, I watched The Island. I like Sean Bean, and it sounded interesting. It mostly sucked, but I was wondering how crappy the director had to be to wreck an interesting premise.

        4. Shia LeBoef as Patton though?


            1. Megan Fox as Omar Bradley.

              1. Nicolas Cage as Erwin Rommel.

                1. And as his twin brother, Edwin Rommel, who fights with the Allies.

      2. The “professional courtesy” state. Say nasty things at election time, but for heaven’s sake don’t actually stand in the way of anothers’ power grab during regular business.

        1. It’s all a bunch of crap. Both parties know they’ll keep sitting at the table, just on a rotating basis, regardless of what they do. So they’ll do anything at all to ensure that the power of government continues to grow.

  4. What a bunch of bullshit grandstanding.

    Just before Memorial Day, congress voted to give the president (and any future president) unchecked power to wage war… anytime, anywhere and for any reason.

    I actually wrote my republican congressman and asked him what the hell he was thinking when he voted against the amendment.

  5. So if the watered-down resolution can’t pass the Senate, why not pass Kucinich’s “more radical” one? It would accomplish the same thing more assertively.

    1. The watered down one doesn’t even go to the Senate, it’s not a concurrent resolution.

  6. “”Toothless Congress Gripes About Lawless War””

    Good one.

  7. With the Senate in the way, it was going to be toothless regardless of which resolution passed.

    1. Not necessarily. The House controls the purse strings. If it wanted to go nuclear on this, it could. Naturally, it will go supine.

      Why bother voting for an opposition party if they’re going to roll over on everything important? Hear me, GOP? Might as well vote Democrat for all the different it’s making.

      1. Why do you vote at all? Aren’t you admitting it’s pointless?

        1. No. It’s damned close, though.

          1. Explain to me how your vote isn’t pointless. Seriously. I’m curious as to how you could think that.

            1. Well, it sometimes slows the increase of the temperature of the water I’m sitting in. For a brief time.

              Besides, it sometimes does make a difference on a state and local scale (acknowledging, of course, the tiny difference one vote makes).

              1. Your vote slows nothing. It is statistically insignificant. If you want to vote for a third party to give the finger to TEAMS RED and BLUE, ok, but it’s not changing anything; it’s just giving them the finger. Which I can understand.

                I prefer to give them the finger by refusing to participate in their scam.

            2. Personally, I can’t think of any other way to let the (R) & (D) assholes know how much they suck. (I seldom vote in races w/o a 3d party). If you don’t vote, they assume you don’t care about anything in politics.

              1. That articulates part of my position as well. I think going totally catatonic only encourages them more. Not that my piddling votes or opinions is slowing down Leviathan any.

                1. If you don’t vote, they assume you don’t care about anything in politics.

                  They don’t care if you care or not. And note all the handwringing when voter participation is really low. The more you vote, the more validation you give to their system.

                  Imagine an election and no one showed up to vote. Their fucking heads would explode. They need the votes to be legitimate. Why would you help them?

                  1. Your nonvote doesn’t matter, either.

                    I’m feeling positively Sartre-like in futility.

                    1. In the words of Jean-Paul Sartre, “au revoir, gopher.”

                    2. “Man is condemned to be free.”

                  2. Epi, did you ever read Seeing by Jos? Saramago?

                    1. Epi, voting is masturbating. Fun for a couple minutes but you feel pathetic afterwards. It relieves tension for a couple minutes and that’s it.

                      Go ‘way! Votin’!

                    2. You feel pathetic after masturbating? I think you’re doing it wrong.

  8. House defeated an even more strongly-worded resolution offered by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Ohio Democrat, that would have insisted the president begin a withdrawal of troops.

    Which said: “we really really really really mean it this time.”

  9. Politico says the resolution has little chance of passing the Senate.


    1. That was just delightful.

  10. As I said on another thread, I suggest that, in the Roman fashion, the President be granted the cognomen “Lybianus” and henceforth be known as

    Barack Hussein Obama Lybianus.

    [Assuming the US wins, of course.)

    1. And I said in that thread that Africanus Novus would be better, to go with the old Roman province Libya is located in–Africa Nova.

      1. Oh, I just looked. My Latin is apparently racist. Sorry, I can’t help it. I’m from the South.

        1. “Pro Libertate Australis”

          1. Guess so.

            1. Sometimes I feel like I should learn some latin….but then I just go do some Java/C# instead. What has latin ever done that is fun, aside from a few jokes here on H&R?

              1. Having worked in both Latin and Java, Latin is more fun.

                Latin helps for lots of British novels and movies, including Monty Python, Terry Pratchett, etc.

              2. Latin’s awesome. When I take my rightful place as your God Emperor, you’ll learn then.

                1. Yeah.

                  How is that “legitimate successor to the Ceasars” thing coming Pro Libertate Augustus?

                  1. I prefer illegitimate successor.

                    Fucking Caesar helped kill one republic and set the precedent for doing it to ours.

                2. En la Florida, espanol es util mas.

    2. Okay, I can avoid the mention of Africa. The old name for much of the area was Regio Tripolitania. So Obama Tripolitanius is available.

      1. Let me be clear….

        Tripolitania delenda est.

    3. Will his victory arch contain predator drones and hellfire missiles?

      As a bonus, if Petraeus enters into the election fray somehow he can be David Petraeus Iraquianus Afganianus (using the latin country list here).

      1. Will his victory arch contain predator drones and hellfire missiles?

        Dunno. But it is going to be hard to find four unicorns to draw his chariot down Pennsylvania Avenue.

        1. Didn’t I mention the NIH grant i got to engineer real Unicorns? I LOVE this administration.

      2. Iraquianus? Please. That’s Mesopotamia. Not sure how to Latinize that.

        1. Well, I call dibs on Biggus Dickus.

        2. Obama Parthia?

    4. Since our “allies'” power is generally only secure in Cyrenaica, why not “Barack Hussein Obama Cyrenaicus”?

  11. “…the role of international Islamists in the opposition.”

    Just for the record, the role of international Islamists in the opposition–in cooperation with the United States–is probably a good thing.

    As Nicolas Pelham wrote recently in the NYRB, “The risks of al-Qaeda gaining a foothold on the Mediterranean coast stem not from the rebels winning, but rather from their defeat”


    Everybody who’s interested in Libya owes it to themselves to read that piece in its entirety.

    If they’re gonna defund the Libyan War, they shouldn’t do it on that basis.

    1. “So it was a surprise to find its townspeople so jubilant about American policy toward Libya. Even those with a jihadi pedigree expressed their support. In a small alleyway near the town’s main bank, Sufian bin Qumu, a former Guant?namo Bay detainee, nursed his Kalashnikov, hailed the United States as a protector of the weak, and pronounced the US-led bombardment “a gift from God.”

      Islamists among those cheering us on? It doesn’t surprise me that politicians can’t tell victory from defeat–but in the real world?

      Former Guantanamo detainees cheering us on should be called what it is…


      1. The islamists loved us during the late 70’s and early 80’s when we helped them defeat the soviets. It doesn’t last long, its a temporary alliance of convenience, and they well discard us as useful idiots turned enemies as soon as it suits their interests. You sir are too naive to play the realpolitik game.

        1. Didn’t read the whole piece, did you?

          The biggest threat to Al Qaeda and movements like it is the inclusion of the people of Libya at the policy making table.

          The Al Qaeda, et. al. argument has always been that people power movements will never work–the more such movements work, the less is Al Qaeda’s, et. al, influence.

          “The risks of al-Qaeda gaining a foothold on the Mediterranean coast stem not from the rebels winning, but rather from their defeat.”

          That’s the last line in the piece. …and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

          1. How have they made that argument? Bin Laden was nothing but supportive of the recent upsurge against Arab tyrants

            1. Yeah, everybody wants to be on the side of the ummah now…

              For good, pragmatic reasons.

              …everybody except the most vicious tyrants in the Muslim world, from Libya to Saudi Arabia to Syria and Iran.

              I was a realist for a long time. I guess I still am! It’s the reality that’s changed.

  12. I hope Congress grows some courage and passes a stronger resolution against the Libyan was in a couple of weeks.

  13. Some also said immediate withdrawal would leave U.S. allies in the lurch.

    That would send a clear signal that other nations should not join a US president in an undeclared war.

    1. Why shouldn’t the people of other countries be just as disappointed in the US President as Americans are?

      1. That’s right–share the pain.

    2. Some also said immediate withdrawal would leave U.S. allies in the lurch.

      Fuck, they can’t handle half of the fucking Libyan military? Do we really need allies if they’re this weak?

      1. I’m listening to a Modern Scholar CD that says we actually are an empire, very similar to the empire the Roman Republic had before the imperial period. The lecturer calls it an “empire of trust”, as opposed to an empire of conquest or an empire of commerce.

        The lecturer actually makes a pretty compelling case–Rome did it with alliances, didn’t really engage in wars of conquest, didn’t view itself as an empire, often got called in to help (then would leave), etc.

        Of course, that all started to change in the late Republic, when they began to realize they did have an empire. Also, they got tired of the Greeks and their constant sniping and internecine fighting, and eventually occupied the region on a permanent basis. Interestingly, there are some striking parallels between Rome/Greece and the U.S./Europe, though the warfare within Europe has ceased for the time being.

        1. Also, they got tired of the Greeks and their constant sniping and internecine fighting

          Whew, so I’m not the only one.

          1. The rest of the world breathed a sigh of relief when Rome imposed peace on the region.

  14. Congress will exercise its constitutional authority

    You’re a funny guy, Boner.

  15. Pussies. Vote to on whether or not to authorize force, and move on. Non of this “non-binding” shit.

  16. Shake things up.

    But- but- but- Shirley, we cannot expect the Supreme Ruler of this land to be haunted by the spectre of repercussions when he acts! It’s crazy to even suggest he might be expected to be subject to consequences. That crap’s for civilians.

    1. I should’ve worked harder to install the Censor. The Censor wouldn’t put up with this shit.

  17. What they should do is call Timmay, and say, “Secretary Geithner, we’ve got some great news; you know how we talked about not spending so much money all then time?”

  18. Why shouldn’t the people of other countries be just as disappointed in the US President as Americans are?

    But I thought the Queen found him to be remarkably articulate.

    And clean.

    1. He did the most entertaining dances for our amusement.

  19. Obama cannot be impeached. If congress tries, Bama’s supporters would riot to the point that martial law would be declared. Then Obama declares himself El Presidente For Life.

    1. (because it would be too dangerous to hold elections with those crazy TEAMsters still running amok.)

    2. I dunno, I think that the military is probably not a fan of the socialist left, and seems to have more of a constitutionalist bent than the general public, outside of the starry politicosphere.

      It seems more likely that any attempt in that direction would either provoke a civil war or an outright military coup. Although even more likely is that Hillary and her supporters overthrow Obama and return things to a slightly more authoritarian version of normal, but no one gives her shit about it because it avoided a constitutional crisis and didn’t shift the partisan balance of power much.

      1. So, going out with a fizzle instead of a bang. Sounds about right, I retract my prediction.

  20. You pathetic weenies — I am the Commander-In-Chief.

  21. Anyway, after the two weeks are up and President Obama has ignored this, I fully hope someone in the House introduces something with more teeth at that point. This resolution explicitly affirm that the House has not given approval to the mission, which then under the War Powers Resolution makes resolutions like Kucinich’s privileged. (Which means members can force a vote on them.)

  22. They all want me there in Asia and Africa to promote my values at the end of a drone. I still have plenty of loot in the US Treasury to finance my adventures.

  23. This country lost something when we stopped invading countries where the liquor flows and are teeming with hot prositutes .

    1. The Vietnam war “created” Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, Miss Saigon (yes, I’m turning in my heterosexual card), etc. Twenty years from now, will we make movies about sitting in the middle of a desert infested with goats for months while digging ditches only to have a roadside bomb blow off the protagonist’s right pinkie toe?


      1. Twenty years from now? Didn’t they already make The Hurt Locker?

  24. The resolution also explicitly does use the power of the purse to forbid ground troops (except to rescue a pilot in imminent danger), the same thing as the DoD funding bill amendment which passed did.

  25. For the last time, people, democracy doesn’t work!

    I will now return to hoping that Congress dithers over the debt ceiling long enough to get Moody’s to downgrade us. That is all.

    1. The downgrade is coming, no matter what is done about the debt ceiling.

      1. It’s going to take dramatic steps to change that, and we don’t have the cojones to take those steps.

        1. I think Americans have the cojones.

          I just don’t think Congress does.

          1. I’d love not to take responsibility for them, but they are elected officials.

            1. I didn’t elect a single one of them.

          2. Eh, that’s optimistic. The polls aren’t really so favorable, on either the debt or Libya.

            In polls, majority sentiment reflects almost exactly the same thing as what the elected officials do. People say that they want to address the problem, but shy away from any of the real problems. Independents as a whole are actually the worst.

  26. It seems more likely that any attempt in that direction would either provoke a civil war or an outright military coup.

    “The President reportedly complained of a minor stomach ailment some time after dinner. A short time after that, he was found slumped over his desk in the residential portion of the White House. He was rushed to Bethesda Naval Hospital, where every effort was made to determine the cause of the illness and to stem its rapid progress, but those efforts were not successful. The Oath of Office was administered by the Chief Justice, who was summoned to the White House.

    “And now, back to Cheerleader Dance-off!

  27. gives the president 14 days to provide a report explaining his failure to seek congressional approval

    14 days?! Surely that’s a typo! 14 hours, tops.

    1. Oh, they will keep giving me extensions.

  28. …the House voted to put Mr. Obama on notice that he must explain himself or else face future consequences, possibly specifically including having funds for the war cut off impeachment.

    That’s how it would read if the jackasses in the house had any integrity and/or balls.

  29. THE WESTERN APPLE ORCHARD ? The Bad Apple Tree!

    [The Bad Apple Tree]

    Now, some see a few bad apples as the problem from a tree, but we feel that what seems as only a few rotten apples point to a larger problem. A tree had been planted long ago in the virgin lands of the Western Hemisphere an orchard developed, the tree was called the tree of liberty, but over the years that tree feel victim to bad soil and water, and began to produce bad apples. Now, those apples began to fall and rolled very far from the tree and began to produce other tree’s that in turn produced bad fruit and that is what has happened. The [USA] United States of American was that tree, but it fell victim to the river stream of corporate interests, corruption, greed, and special interests groups in particular [AIPAC/AZC] the American Israeli Political Action Committee / American Zionist Committee, that tree turned from the [USA] to the American – Israeli Military Industrial Complex – The [EMPIRE] and it produced the bad fruit the leaders that have been put into place into the national world orchards of the [21st] Century. Its not about this bad apple leader or that bad apple leader any longer, you can keep picking bad fruit or remove one puppet leader from the tree or leadership only to have it replaced by yet another bad apple leader as it is growing from a bad tree, the [EMPIRE].

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    1. Your new meds seem to be an improvement, Hercule.

      1. This new, less frenetic format makes me long for his early period.

  30. So one fourth of our elected representatives wouldn’t even verbally chastise him a little for breaking the law and committing the nation to war on his whim?

    1. The ones who voted Nay on both were basically the Democratic leadership. Not surprising that the Republican leadership would be more into verbally chastising the President a little.

  31. People have mentioned the Roman empire here, the real power did not rest with Senate, but nor did it rest with the emperor. The power belonged to the preatorian guard, who would easily depose an Emperor who they lost favour with.

    While things are not as bad as the Roman empire once was, however if one had to think if a US president decided to withdraw all troops from foreign countries, what would happen ? Clearly it would not be allowed to happen, the President would probably be assassinated, or some sex scandal would be exposed.

    1. We need another sex scandal. We’ll miss John Edwards 🙁

      1. You should have waited ’til after the election…

        1. Well, maybe not. You could have been assassinated after the election…

    2. The power belonged to the preatorian guard, who would easily depose an Emperor who they lost favour with.

      Who are the Praetorian Guard of the US? The Secret Service? The FBI? The CIA? The NSA? The DoD?

    3. I was making a comparison to the later Republic, not the Empire. Before, incidentally, the civil wars that led to the imperial system.

  32. Alternate Headline:

    “Ball-less Congress Tugs Useless Appendage.”

  33. One of the reasons Boehner cited for urging support of the toothless resoultion over Kucinich’s was that we owe it to our NATO allies who have stuck with us over the past ten years.

    Now if that ain’t an argument against multi-lateralism, entangling alliances and foriegn adventurism I dunno what would be…”We have to fight this war for our allies who fought our last war for us, who did so because we fought the last war for them, because they fought our last war…etc., etc.”

    1. Oh, absolutely. But it’s the same argument that DoD and Secretary Gates offered. The military didn’t want to go into Libya (and made that clear before we went in), but they don’t want to pull out, and they especially don’t want to do so on Congress’s terms.

    2. I guess it wouldn’t be as bad if we just FINISH AND GET OUT OF the last wars they fought with us (iraq, afghanistan) before we start fighting a new war with them. And another thing, Boehner has got to go. He is a cock sucking pussy ass.

      1. Remember Obama campaigned on “Saving or Creating,” not “Finishing and Getting Out.”

  34. —————-…the House voted to put Mr. Obama on notice that he must explain himself or else face future consequences—————-

    Bed without supper?

    Make Obama watch as Joe Biden holds Michelle by the hair and fucks her senseless doggy-style?

  35. The ambitious Obama War Machine will not be deterred by anti-war sentiment or lack of funds…


  36. I have many opportunities for the military in Iran, North Korea and CHINA????

  37. North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Is Libya in the North Atlantic? Is Pakistan?

    1. Well, at one point Atlanta was in the NFC West, so maybe they haven’t done a realignment yet.

  38. lol, they are all pit bulls with no teeth lol.


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