I Have No Patience for the Lactose Intolerant!


And neither does the Washington City Paper, which reports on the recent DC protests against the banning raw milk and related dairy products. Raw milk cannot legally be sold because the government says it poses super-duper health risks. As you may recall, in late April, the feds staged an armed raid on an Amish farmer who provided DC-area folks with the prohibited stuff. An armed raid against an Amish farmer! What was he going to do, throw the mantle he handcrafted for the bone-soothing Heat Surge portable fireplace at them?

The WCP quotes Reason contributor and Keep Food Legal jefe Baylen Linnekin on the question of raw food. Linnekin drops some wisdom as casually as an Atkin's Diet deep in the throes of ketosis:

Raw milk fans say plenty of other potentially dangerous raw stuff is available for sale—like, say, uncooked meat. "The idea that raw food is some sort of quirky thing for foodies and maniacs is silly," says Baylen Linnekin, executive director of Keep Food Legal. "There's no one in America who hasn't bought a dozen eggs, an oyster, or a steak. We're all raw food consumers."

Doesn't the FDA, who was in on the raid, having something better to do with its time? Can't it be keeping cancer drugs off the market or helping its former head to get over his dumpster-diving problems?

Whole story here.

Reason.tv on a California Raw Food Raid: