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Mitch McConnell Comes Out Against Rand Paul's Gun Amendment


A senior GOP staffer tells me that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has come out against a PATRIOT Act amendment proposed by Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) that would rescind the ability of intelligence agencies to access the firearm records of American gun owners. According to the staffer, McConnell is also encouraging other GOP senators to oppose Paul's amendment. 

The amendment, one of eight Paul authored, "clarifies that the authority to obtain info under the USA PATRIOT Act does not include authority to obtain certain firearm records."

The amendment has the support of Gun Owners of America, but few in the Senate. 

Paul's office emailed reporters on Tuesday to say that the gun amendment was "causing problems and holding up further amendments and votes." 

Campaign for Liberty is apparently hearing the same thing about McConnell. With Wyden's secret law amendment withdrawn, it appears McConnell and Reid are doing their best to eliminate obstacles to reauthorization before today's vote. 

UPDATE: Paul is using his Facebook page to encourage supporters to call McConnell and Minority Whip Jon Kyl about the gun amendment. 

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  1. Go die in a fire Mitch. Looking at gun records does nothing to protect the country.

    1. How many types of records do?

    2. My thought was “Rot in hell, motherfucker.” Either one works.

    3. I’m Jennifer Lopez. I NEED TACOS TO LIVE!

    4. But TEH MILISHA!!!11!!one!!

      We all know that anyone who owns a gun is a terrorist just waiting to attack our government and sink us in another (racist) civil war.

      How else can we catch domestic terrorists if we can’t access gun records (without a warrant)?

  2. It’s been bugging me – who is it that McConnell looks like? Finally figured it out:

    Tippy the Turtle

      1. Grab him by his neck waddle and shake him till he cries.

    1. He looks like a mule-faced braying Jackass

  3. McConnell is such a loathesome turd.

  4. Kentucky gives with one hand, and wipes its ass with the other.

    1. So wait, which one of you and robc are the wiped ass? I’m going with…you.

      1. I wipe my own ass, thankyouverymuch. And I swirl.

        1. Better that than the old in-and-out.

  5. Boy, everyone sure loves that law, don’t they?

  6. A brilliant move by Rand Paul. Maybe now some conservatives will start to see the Patriot Act for what it is — an unconscionable assault on our freedom — and remember that unchecked government power is a far greater danger than any band of terrorists.

    1. This was quite a genius maneuver on his part.

      Just to clarify on the article, it doesn’t remove the authority to attain such records, it just reinstates judicial oversight and would require a warrant to access the records.

  7. They already saw that. Why do you think they passed it?

  8. Is it Post Congressfucks Who Look Like Penises Day? I thought that was in June.

  9. Moron McConnell is up for reelection 2012. Pissing off gun owners is a nice way to get a primary challenge, dumbass.

    Bet he wanted to keep this secret.

  10. Say what you will about Rand’s deviation from the pure faith, but the man is a rabblerouser.

    1. Sen. Rand Paul’s service in the Senate so far has been near the upper bound of what I hoped for.

      1. Agreed. Just when I’d lost all faith, the man has surpassed. This is beautiful; he knows he’s going to be defeated, and did it anyway, just to flush Bitch McConnell out into open as the statist fuck he is. I don’t even live in KY, and I may contribute to Rand’s re-election.

        1. Highlighting the bullshit-as-usual alone is worth a term in the Senate. Wish there was more of that.

  11. “causing problems and holding up further amendments and votes.”

    Sounds like a feature not a bug.

  12. “If the senator from Kentucky refuses to relent,” Reid said earlier Wednesday, “that would increase the risk of a retaliatory terrorist strike against the homeland and hamper our ability to deal a truly fatal blow to al-Qaida.”

    That’s some piss-poor trolling, Harry.

    Also, for lolz, go to the Huffington Post article on this and count how many posts are a variation on “OMG I agrees with Rand Paul on something WFT”. I lost count around 8.

    1. The Patriot Act does nothing significant to increase our security. The fact is, we have vulnerabilities as an open society. We also have immense intelligence resources and military power. Which we had in 2001, too.

      1. “”We also have immense intelligence resources””

        Data collection and data mining has come a long way since 2001. The ability to get transactional data by any financial institution upon request is new. Also new is the definition that makes everything including a Pizza Hut a financial institution.

        1. Too much noise in that financial data, and it was available before when investigating suspects.

    2. Yeah, and as soon as we deal a “fatal blow” to this mostly imaginary enemy, then we can have our liberties back, right Harry?

  13. Short memo to McConnell: Being pro-gun-control in Kentucky costs you votes.

    1. I can’t wait to go to an NRA local and ask them what they think about this.

  14. There should be NO government records of firearm owners.

    1. How else will they know who merits a dynamic SWAT entry to serve a warrant?

      1. Is it dynamic or kinetic?

    2. They’ll just look at the records, they won’t keep any copies.

  15. Damn, that guy’s face looks stupid.

  16. Moron McConnell is up for reelection 2012. Pissing off gun owners is a nice way to get a primary challenge, dumbass.

    He also, if I recall correctly, did his damnedest to keep Rand Paul out of the Senate, by actively campaigning for the other guy (a former prosecutor, right?- who would certainly not be obstructing the Surveillance State).

    SIUYA, Mitch.

  17. A commenter on Paul’s Facebook page:

    Just spoke with Senator Kyl’s office: “Senator Kyl believes that the Constitution already has enough protection for gun owners and will not be supporting Senator Paul’s ammendment.”


  18. “enough protection”?

    I think he meant, “too much”.

  19. Maybe they’ll just put everybody who owns a gun on the no-fly list. That’ll make the country safer.

  20. Geez, I can’t even get through on the phone to McConnell’s or Kyl’s offices. I guess a lot of folks are making their views known!

  21. If i can’t buy a rifle or shotgun without Government permission then liberty is not affirmed.

  22. The government needs this power so when there’s another hurricane or other natural disaster, and police are skipping town, they’ll know whose guns to steal.

  23. Does anyone find it curious that Rand’s facebook page is no longer working?

    1. I can see it. What do you mean by not working?

  24. You know who else kept records on gun owners?

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