Because Gov't Doesn't Have Enough to Do, It Must Raid Raw Milk Farms!


As readers of this site know, radical religious separatist Dan Allgyer—he's Amish, people!—is the latest casualty in the feds' war on raw milk. 

Reason contributing editor and San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carolyn Lochhead reports on the legal underpinning of the armed confiscation of Allgyer's Pennsylvania contraband dairy operation (including how federal law enforcement personnel took time out of their busy schedules to place orders and lure Allgyer's product across state lines to Maryland. Get ready for this: "Starting July 3, the [Food and Drug Administration] can confiscate any food at any farm that it deems unsafe or mislabeled."

Here's the conclusion of Lochhead's piece, which kind of puts the dread threat of raw milk in perspective:

Peggy Armstrong, a spokeswoman for the International Dairy Foods Association, cited a letter to Congress from her organization and the National Milk Producers Association saying that "while consumer choice is an important value, it should not pre-empt public health and well-being."

Throughout Europe, uncooked milk is the norm, dispensed in vending machines in Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia and the Netherlands. It is healthy, adherents say, because it contains fat that is not broken down by homogenization and is free of antibiotics and hormones, because cows are raised in small herds on pastures.

Nutritionist Sylvia Onusic, a raw milk devotee, said heating milk diminishes its taste.

"Raw milk is a potential hazardous food, but only in the United States, and I guess Canada, too," she said. (Raw milk is also banned in Australia and Scotland.) "It's a totally different food world here. Everything is sterilized and beaten into submission."

Per usual, we do Europe one better by beating not just the food but the farmers into submission! USA #1!

Check out the whole story here.

One needn't be a raw-milk zealot to get a cholesterol spike from such palpable wastes of time from law enforcement. Here's Reason contibutor and Keep Food Legal director Baylen Linnekin talking to Judge Napolitano about raw foods frenzy on Freedom Watch:

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  1. I agree. Bring on the EU style food regulations, inspections and product tracking procedures that make all this possible.

    1. oh they’re trying. the USDA meets with RFID tag manufacturers and cattle lobbyists all the time about regulations that should be written to protect public health.

      what we’ll eventually have is the worst of both worlds: all the regs and none of the niche products from small producers

      no raw milk lover would touch raw milk from a fecal farm.

  2. Wow thats really crazy when you think about it.


  3. Early/presumably hetero Kelly McGillis = hot

    1. Maybe the finest pair of titties ever to grace the big screen.

  4. What, no Vermeer?

    You disappoint, Nick.

  5. People should be able to buy or sell whatever they want to. That is all that needs to be said.

    But to preempt the dildos who inevitably show up and tell us how pasteurization saves lives, etc.: no one is saying that most milk shouldn’t be pasteurized. You can still go to the grocery store and buy all the pasteurized milk you want. What kind of milk other people want or choose to buy is none of your goddamn business.

  6. I doubt though that large corporate farms will be subject to the same type of abuse. Like all those chicken farms that let the salmonella laced eggs into supermarkets all over the country

    1. Right! The corporate farms get slapped with a fine and continue in business. Small farms get shut down and families lose their livelihoods. If government cared as much as they say they do, they would stop pushing people into unemployment.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent some SWAT teams to raid the Amish farms. 😛

  8. Use some Vermeer, Nick. Kelly might be hot, but she deceived the Amish herself by moving into a home under false pretenses to get material for her movie role. BOOOOOO!!!!!

  9. Also in Europe: More people get sick from raw milk. Get with science, this liquid doesn’t have the special properties they claim.

  10. And this farmer was warned to stop selling the milk into interstate commerce. If we should be upset about anybody wasting our time, we should be upset at him.

    Blaming the FDA is like blaming a cop for ticketing a shop-lifter. Maybe the farmer should have took the warning and quit.

    1. Your comparison is wrong. A shoplifter steals something he wants from an unwilling vendor. A raw milk consumer is purchasing a product he wants from a willing seller.
      It is reasoning like yours that leads to abuses like this.

  11. It really doesn’t matter if you think raw milk is good or bad. The real question is do we live in a free country or not. I am personally SICK of government! If what we want to do or eat does not put someone else at risk who is government to tell us we can’t?

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