Moralizing Against McDonald's

The clownish antics of nanny state busybodies


Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, we can turn our attention to another remorseless enemy who for years has sown death and destruction among blameless innocents. I refer, of course, to Ronald McDonald.

The McDonald's mascot may qualify as one of the more annoying characters on the planet. But to his credit, he doesn't compound his unappealing personality by bossing you around. In that respect, he is far less objectionable than the people who make a fetish of finding him objectionable.

Last week, they took out ads in several newspapers blaming the clown for childhood obesity and demanding that McDonald's "stop marketing junk food to kids." The signers range from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an anti-meat group that the American Medical Association has accused of "perverting medical science," to alternative-healing huckster Andrew Weil.

The general rule of critics is that McDonald's can do nothing right. Some years ago, they insisted that the company get rid of the beef tallow in which it cooked French fries. It did so, in favor of a supposedly healthier oil containing trans fats. A few years later, the activists demanded that it abandon trans fats, which it soon did.

How much credit did it get for those changes? Not much. The class of people who detested McDonald's went right on detesting it.

These ads are part of a larger campaign against everything McDonald's represents. Were the company to retire Ronald McDonald, its enemies would step up their calls for an end to Happy Meals. Get rid of Happy Meals, and they would demand that McDonald's thoroughly revamp its menu to incorporate their superior notions of nutrition.

Ultimately, the only way to please the critics is to become something unrecognizable. Or, better yet, disappear from the planet. New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman, who is to sanctimony what Saudi Arabia is to oil, believes "anything that discourages people from eating at McDonald's could be seen as wonderful."

Wonderful, that is, to enlightened souls who avoid it at all costs. But it's clear that McDonald's comes much closer to what paying consumers actually want than what its detractors prefer. It has 32,000 restaurants, serving 64 million people a day. Last year, it had revenues of $24 billion, more than the gross domestic product of some countries.

The food moralists imagine that McDonald's marketing magic renders its targets helpless to resist. Ronald McDonald might as well be rounding up kids at gunpoint and forcing them to choke down burgers and fries.

But children young enough to be seduced by Ronald McDonald or Happy Meals rarely visit restaurants without parents. These adults are free agents experienced at saying "no" to protect the interests of their sometimes ungrateful offspring.

Parents who dislike McDonald's sales tactics have a wealth of dining alternatives. And anyone who wants a low-fat, low-calorie meal can easily find it underneath the Golden Arches: Health magazine ranks McDonald's among the 10 healthiest fast-food restaurants.

It may be argued that many parents are too weak or ignorant to make sound decisions about the food their kids eat. If so, McDonald's and its unstoppable brainwashing machine could vanish tomorrow without making the slightest difference in obesity or other diet-related ailments.

People don't like cheap, tasty, high-calorie fare because McDonald's offers it. McDonald's offers it because people like it. In McDonald's absence, patrons would seek it out at other fast-food places, sit-down establishments, or grocery stores.

We live in an age of inexpensive, abundant food carefully designed to please the mass palate. Most of us, recalling the scarcity, dietary monotony, and starvation that afflicted our ancestors for hundreds of millennia, count that as progress. But those determined to save human beings from their own alleged folly see it as catastrophic.

What is apparent is that the militant enemies of fast food would like it treated as a public health menace along the lines of tobacco. They want broad measures to restrict, discourage, and punish the companies that sell it.

Ronald McDonald is merely a convenient symbol. Their true target is a capitalist economy that gives companies far too much latitude in appealing to customers and allows government far too little control over our food choices.

The idea of using government power to dictate what we eat will strike many Americans as a gross intrusion on personal freedom. But McDonald's enemies? They're lovin' it.


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  1. “may qualify as one of the more annoying characters on the planet.”

    He isn’t that high on the list. The Burger King king scares the hell out of me though.

    1. For a while, Mr. Thmoas, those were my favorite commercials.

      Also dressed up as him for some Halloween bacchanal.

      1. Ok, I liked the commercials, also.

        But the king is still creepy.

    2. Never seen the Marden’s lady?

      1. Shoulda bought it
        When I saw it
        At Mardens !

        1. Deeeeeya!

          1. Paul LePage, tea party governor of Maine, was the general manager of Mardens…that’s some real world experience you don’t get at , oh, say…Harvard.

            (bet he likes tractor pulls, too)

            1. Funny on the drive to work today I saw a new protest sticker. A picture of the state with 61% emblazoned over it. (I was one of the 39%)
              I doubt that if the fat lady had been elected with less than a majority that they would have complained.


    3. Is that your normal handle, or are we just talking about fast food?

  2. I make a point of eating McDonald fries for their environmental benefits. Potatoes produce more calories per acre than wheat does. Switching from bread to fries allows me to get my caloric intake for the meal with less impact on the land.

    1. Careful what you mention there, they might want to covert the wheat buns to potato buns.

      1. Potato bread is delicious!

        1. And it’s mostly wheat flour anyway.


        2. “Potato bread is delicious!”
          Therefore the government should require it!

        3. Potato Bread???
          Haven’t you Heathens heard about Spudnuts?
          One of my first jobs after I arrived in Sleepytown to attend college was the weekend overnight shift at this great donut shop!

  3. We must protect People? from their own bad decisions!

    Just don’t ban my caramel-mocha-cocoa-lattes. ‘Cause I need those. But that’s different; I’m CHOOSING that lifestyle, not having it forced down my throat by an evil corporation?!

    1. Great point.

  4. Mickey Deez needs to focus on catering to customers and not critics.

    1. The critics probably are customers. They just want the government to force them to end their addiction.

  5. The funny thing is that other than the most hardcore leftists, all those people who criticize MacDonalds, secretly go out an eat at MacDonalds anyway. Its like those anit-Porn crusaders who secretly have huge porn collections themselves.

    1. “Its like those anit-Porn crusaders who secretly have huge porn collections themselves.”

      And we know what the Navy SEALs do to those people…

      1. Two shots and a saltwater bath!

    2. Only in your fevered mind. I go to McDonalds when I’m on the road – I don’t see hardcore leftists there, I usually see poor people, teenagers, and families with young children. Hardcore leftists probably can’t afford McDonald’s high prices.

      1. How do you identify the poor people?

        1. I want to know how Vanya identifies people as “not hardcore leftists”. I know some, and I can confirm that hardcore leftists don’t always wear MoveOn t-shirts and carry International ANSWER protest signs. To identify them, I recommend loudly saying, “Wasn’t Ronald Reagan great?” The hardcore leftists will immediately erupt in rage. Be careful if you do this at McDonald’s, though; you may be sprayed with spittle and bits of chewed-up Big Mac during the yelling.

      2. Did they look like you? You were eating there as well? Maybe those other “travelers” aren’t hypocritical self-loathing uncle Tom’s like you!

        1. Hypocritical based on what? The same logic that “NotSure” uses? Must be fun living in your universe.

    3. How many terabytes is considered “huge” these days?

  6. First they came for the McDonald’s,
    and I didn’t speak out because I don’t eat at McDonald’s

    Then they skipped a couple steps and came for the Jews,
    well, mostly just the foreskin

  7. I find it objectionable that Ronald (in the photo) is praying to an imaginary god, which, in my opinion, causes more harm to children than Happy Meals. The end.

    1. I thought he was washing his hands after using the toilet, as all employees are of course required to do.

      1. Maybe he found blood in his stool and is seeking imaginary help instead of consulting a competent physician.

        1. Maybe he found blood in his stool and is seeking imaginary help instead of consulting a competent physician.

          Imaginary help is all he can afford ever since corporate ‘bought’ a HC waver

          1. poor guy can’t even afford to buy an ‘i’

        2. Maybe you’re just retarded.

          1. Theist,

            definitely, you are a coward

      2. He’s rubbing his hands together at the 1/3 of 9-month olds he has made obese!…..eight.html
        Hold it… 9-month-old don’t eat McDonald’s yet.
        Still, look where gluttony and sloth will get you! (Ignore this fact if it doesn’t fit your crusade.)

        1. Fits nicely with my narrative. It’s all parents fault. If you don’t have time to raise your children properly, don’t have them.

          1. Or abort them retroactively.

          2. OK, great. Are you trying to say the 9-month-old isn’t getting enough exercise because we drive too much? Or are you trying to say he’s influenced to eat too much by Happy Meal toys?
            Sloth or gluttony? Absurd concepts for a child who isn’t walking or talking yet.

  8. Hey look….it’s Mark Morford!

  9. McDonald’s offers choices. The Ronald McDonald House is an excellent choice for McDonald’s to give back to the community. Let’s discuss that!

    1. Good point. RMHC provide millions of free dollars to families with sick kids so they can be with their child and pay for treatment. If McDonald’s wasn’t so big and popular (and if its patrons weren’t generous), the charity wouldn’t be able to provide the support it does.

      I know many people who think charities like this are just corporate white-washing over the smear of evul manipulayshuns of teh peepul. But it is an example of private charity doing a service to people who otherwise have few resources to take care of expensive problems by themselves.

      1. The government could do the same thing twice as well if we just gave it the chance. And no kids would get diabetes in the process.

        1. Homie….time to see the doc about that carotid blockage….it’s compromising your mental acuity.

        2. Fuck you, Hobie, and your state-loving bullshit.

        3. You say the government “could” do this twice as well, so why don’t they go ahead and do it and put TRMH out of business?

        4. Is this a spoof?

    2. “Giving back” implies that you have taken something, that you are paying restitution. A merchant who provides goods and services to the public in a voluntary and mutually beneficial transaction is not guilty of a crime. He shouldn’t have to apologize for his success. Why should he “give” more than he already has given? “Giving back” is an implicit and destructive acknowledgement of the odious morality of altruism. Businesses that participate in the “giving back” charade are providing ammunition to their enemies and sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

      1. Giving back can also mean that you are grateful to live in a society that allows you to come up with a concept, market and produce that concept and become fantastically successful. No need for guilt or restitution in that scenario.

        1. a society that allows you

          I see. It’s a protection racket. Society “allows” you a few freedoms, and you are so grateful for those gifts that are not theirs to give that you must “give back” some of your wealth, to show appreciation for their generosity in “allowing” you to make a living, and to mitigate the evil of your success.

          1. I think he meant “allows” in a more passive sense rather than a rule making sense. I.e. society is such that businesses can succeed and prosper.

            1. Isn’t that what we pay taxes for? I am confused by this. If we have to pay taxes for the services (roads etc) that the government provides (more taxes for more success) why do we then have to be grateful for it as well? Are you grateful that starbucks made a coffee that you paid for? Do you show gratitude to the mechanic that fixes your care for cost+fair profit? Why should companies and people be grateful for “recieving” services we are told we must pay for?

              1. Yes. People who aren’t assholes can be grateful for things, even when it is just people doing their jobs and things being the way they ought to be. Why shouldn’t you be grateful that Starbucks employees are there to make coffee for you (if you like that sort of thing)?

                1. You can be grateful that they are courteous, give you an extra napkin, or jerk you off under the table while you drink it, but you shouldn’t be grateful that they make you the coffee. They aren’t doing it to be be nice, they are doing it to make money. It is trade not charity, you dolt.

                2. And before you make a straw man argument about being an asshole – just because I am not grateful they do their job does not mean that I am rude or any less courteous than you are. There is a difference between being polite and being nice because you are grateful.

                  1. You aren’t an asshole because you are not grateful to the person at Starbucks. You are an asshole because you leap to conclusions about people after misunderstanding what they are trying to say and call people dolts based on very little knowledge or evidence. When there are two ways to interpret something that another person writes, try going with the most favorable interpretation instead of the least.

              2. To clarify a bit, I am not saying that anyone or any company is obliged to be grateful for anything. Nor am I suggesting that society allows businesses to do well by means of services provided by government (society is not government. Society exists in spite of government). I am saying that the fact that society exists makes it possible to have a business and engage in commerce with people. Business owners might believe that voluntarily engaging in some sorts of charitable activities can do some good in the world and help maintain the sort of environment in which they succeeded.

                It is possible to be libertarian and not be a fucking asshole.

                1. You are confusing charity with repayment or “giving back”. I am not arguing against charity, only that in this case (RMcDF) it is not out of gratitude or shouldn’t be. If someone says it is, then THEY DON”T KNOW WHAT THE FUCKING WORD MEANS!!!! Pick up a dictionary. you don’t need to be a lit major to use words correctly. Jesus-Fucking Christ on a stick.

                  1. All I am saying is that it is not unreasonable or irrational for a business to feel some gratitude toward its customers and by extension, to society in general. Perhaps it is just a cynical marketing ploy, who knows. Maybe every time anyone says “thank you for your business” they are totally full of shit.

                    I agree with you that “giving back” implies some sort of debt and I agree that no such debt exists. I wouldn’t use those words to describe what RMDH does. But I was talking about gratitude and I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that a business might be grateful for its customers. Nor that customers might be grateful that a business that they use exists.

                  2. Uhhhh yeah Tansfaafl I don’t think Jesus-Fucking Christ on a stick is in the dictionary…you flipping knob…

                2. gratitude (??r?t??tju?d)

                  ? n
                  a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation, as for gifts or favours

                  1. “as for gifts or favors” does not imply that gratitude can only be felt when there have been gifts or favors granted.

                    1. No, you can “feel” whatever the fuck you want, but that isn’t the correct definition. You can “feel” dry when you jump in the pool, but that just makes you stupid.

                    2. I am usually grateful to the person who makes me coffee at Starbucks, and I express that gratitude by saying “thank you” to them. I recognize they are being paid — the gratitude is for their good attitude, for doing a job well, which is almost invariably the case.

                      In a sense, then, I am grateful that the Starbucks corporation, in trying to make money, selects employees who will treat their customers with a pleasant attitude. I am thus grateful for capitalism.

                    3. But why do you go to Starbucks and not to some shack where the coffee tastes like a cow’s taint? I am guessing that if Starbuck’s tasted bad or didn’t have your specific type, that you would not still go there. Therefore, you don’t go there out of gratitude. You go there because they provide a product you enjoy for a price you find acceptable.

                      But let me be clear, this is not to say you shouldn’t be grateful the person is courteous, or they give you an extra muffin, or it is on your way to work (location). Those are separate from trading your money for a service. Even if you are grateful that their quality is good, you would go elsewhere if another place made it better for the same price.

                      And while I get your “I am grateful capitalism works”, that is like saying that you are grateful gravity keeps you from flying into space. It can’t work any other way. So you might as well be grateful that the sky is blue, water is wet, and we don’t have 30 flippers sticking our of our heads. Gratitude by definition should be reserved for favor or gifts (and the such). The word you are looking for is appreciation. You can appreciate that something is how it is, you arent grateful for it. Two different concepts. Related, but different. I just can’t stand that people want to change words to mean what they want rather than just finding the correct word. There are thousands of them, we don’t need to redefine or constantly invent new ones just because most of us are lazy or stupid (not you specifically, just us english speakers as whol.

                    4. Lmao…you turn it into a English lesson…you really must be bored or a teacher…it is a free world and you do not own the English language..and you spelt whole wrong..idiot…

                    5. No, an idiot is someone who uses words to mean things that they don’t mean. That is stupid and/or ignorant, much like yourself. I typed a few words incorrectly, I didn’t pretend they meant something they didn’t. Typing is a learned skill, not an indication of intelligence. Although, I do find that people who use ellipses endlessly instead of actual punctuation tend to lack much of the latter. Maybe if you got yourself passed grade 4, you could understand that language affects everything. Try reading a newspaper that doesn’t have Lindsey Lohan on the cover and you might understand that feeling something does not make it true. In fact, it is that kind of ignorance and stupidity that allows politicians like Obama, bush, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi,Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich, etc etc to get elected and strip away our rights and freedoms.

                      One of the most effective tools they wield is language. They use words like “economic justice” rather than “redistribution”; “profit” instead of “earnings”; “kinetic action” instead of “illegal war”. People believe it and don’t give it a second thought because it “feels” better than the reality.

                      So, yeah, I think language is important. Unfortunately, ignorant asslings like yourself are too thick to scratch the surface and prove just how overlooked and important the use of language is.

          2. You may not be a theist, but you sure do worship that chip on your shoulder.

        2. How, exactly, does society ‘allow’ me to come up with a concept? Is their some rein on my thought processes that only ‘society’ can alleviate?

          1. Is their some rein on my thought processes that only ‘society’ can alleviate?

            Soon, baby.

      2. If you feel that profit is theft, then of course these evil profit seekers have something to “give back”.
        They’re supposed to “give back” through taxation. That is the purpose of taxation you know. To force the evil rich to “give back” to their communities. But the evil rich do not pay their fair share. We know this because they are rich. If they paid their fair share then they wouldn’t be rich. Therefor they are duty bound to “give back” by other means, since they obviously cheated on their taxes.

        1. Correct. If you are successful, then you have stolen from society. Happily, society has created handy Indulgences that they will sell to you, providing protection from hell and a garun-teed ticket to heaven.

          1. Even if society is better off as a result of your success, you are still an evil person.
            Let’s say you got rich by inventing some labor saving device that allowed people to better their lives by having more time to do other things.
            Because of this everyone wanted that device to better their lives, and you making a tidy profit from every transaction became filthy rich.
            This makes you evil, and you are now in debt to society for having the gall to improve their lives.

            1. Now you’re just repeating yourself.
              We’re watching you.

      3. “Giving back” implies that you have taken something, that you are paying restitution.

        No, it doesn’t. It just as easily applies to cases where you have been given something voluntarily. Direct your feigned outrage elsewhere.

        1. “It just as easily applies to cases where you have been given something voluntarily. Direct your feigned outrage elsewhere.”

          That’s no better. It still implies that you have benefited from someone to which you are returning the boon. I know it is semantics, but it illustrates the anti-capitalist sentiment that permeates our society. It should just be “giving to the community” or “giving to society” the addition of the word “back” denotes a return of a favor or gift and promotes the feeling that a person or company has not earned something without assistance from “society” or “government”.

          If a company really wants to “give back” to a community that helped them, they just have to have a sale for their loyal customers.

          1. Tanstaafl….your a flipping moron…just so you know…really you are either delusional..yeah look that up in your dictionary or you really believe the Bullshit your feeding yourself trying to feed others…get a life you weirdo..

            1. Explain how I am delusional, please. You only insulted, you did not refute or actually make any point at all. Typically, the insults come along with a point of contention. Otherwise, you just look like someone who has a lot of penned up aggression from not getting laid. Also, you may want to try and use big-boy punctuation, such as periods and commas. Come on, now, you know what a period is – it’s the reason your Mom has to clean the blood out of your undies once a month.

      4. Congratulation on finishing you first read-through of “Atlas Shrugged”

  10. If you don’t like McDonald’s food, then don’t eat it.

    1. No NO NO!

      If you don’t like McDonald’s food then nobody should be able to eat it!

      People are too stupid to make the choice to eat something else, so that choice must be made for them.

      That is the purpose of government. To make people free by taking away choices.

      Only when you are completely free from choice, and every aspect of your life is controlled by someone else, will you be truly free.

      1. That is the purpose of government. To make people free by taking away choices.

        I just came. In my own mouth.

  11. I object to Ronald McDonald for a plain and simple reason: he is a clown. Enough said.

    Hubby and I were on a road trip on Friday and didn’t want to stop at a sit-down place, so we opted for a drive-thru. Our options were BK, McD’s, or DDs (there is a dearth of variety on most interstate rest stops in PA/NY). We stopped at McD. I got a salad with some grilled chicken and full-fat blue cheese dressing. It was tasty – not something I would eat everyday, but good enough eat-while-driving fare.

    Part of what makes choices “healthy” or not is dependent upon your definition of healthy. I don’t think fat is the enemy; excessive sugar and starch is. I also don’t like lots of food additives likes gums and stabilizers, so I prepare 97% of my meals from scratch (I make kick-butt mayo). Some of the PCRM folks would be aghast at the way I take a healthy head of cabbage and smother it in egg yolk mayo and buttermilk dressing, and then serve it atop a burger fried in bacon grease and onions.

    For that 3% of the time when we need/want to eat out, I just look for protein, veg, and fat and kick the sugar out as much as possible. I was tempted to get a quarter pounder with cheese and fries, but, miracle of miracles, I was able to exercise some self-control and eat what I knew was better (in relative terms) for me. This is not rocket science.

    1. Bravo Madam!
      Got a recipe for that Kick-Butt Mayo?

      1. Sure Nomic:

        3 egg yolks
        generous pinch salt
        1 tsp. mustard (prepared or dry, either works, I prefer dry)
        1 T cider vinegar
        1.5 – 2 cups pressed safflower oil (or mix 1/2 and 1/2 with olive oil)

        Warm a 4-cup glass or metal bowl by filling with hot water; empty it after a few minutes and dry completely. Place egg yolk in warm bowl and whisk quickly and continuously for about 2 minutes, until thick and light yellow. Add salt, mustard, and vinegar and whisk again until well combined. Now your yolks are prepared to accept the oil.

        Here is the tricky part: pour 2 cups of oil (you might not need it all) into a liquid measuring cup with a pour lip. Start beating the yolk mixture and add the oil a DROP AT A TIME (the key to mayo is patience). As you add the oil, the yolks will thicken into a beautiful light yellow paste the consistency of pudding. After about 1/3 cup of oil has been absorbed, you can begin adding more oil about a tablespoon at a time until enough has been incorporated to make a very thick emulsion. Et voila! Mayonnaise. Keeps in fridge for about 2 weeks, unless you mix in 1T of whey (strained from yogurt cheese if you make it) and it will keep for months.

        For the coleslaw, whisk together:
        1 cup mayo
        1/2 – 1 cup cultured buttermilk (depending on how thick you want your dressing)
        1 T cider vinegar
        1 tsp. celery seed
        salt and pepper to taste

        Shred 1/2 head of cabbage, 1 large carrot, and 1/2 tart apple. Pour dressing over veg, mix well, and let sit up for an hour or so to make sure flavors blend. Eat and die happy.

        1. I don’t use homemade mayo because it breaks when I make sandwiches for my lunch the night before.
          Lunch time comes around and I’ve got bread with a smear of oil and egg yolks on it.
          Hellmann’s? all the way!

          1. If it’s breaking up, you’re making it incorrectly. Sounds like the yolks are not thick enough before adding the oil, and/or too much oil was added too soon.

            Damn really need to get that food blog started – we surely need one.

            1. It doesn’t break in its container, or if I take it to work and make sandwiches at lunch time. It only breaks if I make the sandwiches ahead of time.

              1. Alton Brown makes his in a blender in exactly 30 minutes and it never breaks. But fuck that scene. Store-brand for me. Hellman’s (Best Foods? west of the Rockies) is for suckers.

                1. Mayo is pus. I don’t know how you white folks eat that shit.

                  Best road food ever: the deep fried bean burritos at Taco Time. You have to drive with the windows open for hours, though no problem on a motorcycle.

                  I wish we had them down here in Texas.

                  1. Taco Time is the SHIZZZZZZZZ.

                  2. If pus tasted like mayonnaise, and I was confident that it would not make me sick, I would happily spread it on my sandwich.

                    You mayonnaise haters are the weirdos, sorry.

                    1. Mayo is gross, and it is NOT a matter of personal taste; if you like it, you are fucking wrong and I hope you die from some particularly painful VD.


                      But seriously mayo is nasty.

                  3. No; black folks like tartar sauce. On fish fries no less. Now that stuff really LOOKS like pus. With chunks in it.

            2. dukes mayo is the best

              1. +1. Also… the south will rise again.

  12. People have a fetish for government control but you want to ban government control and therefore their fetishes.

    Why is Reason against orgasms?

    1. This is my Freudian way of saying that I cannot achieve orgasms.

    2. People have a fetish for government control but you want to ban government control and therefore their fetishes.

      Why is Reason against orgasms?

      Because ironically, Reason is into orgasm control/denial.

      Always consensual, of course.

      1. something hot about that-concupiscence

  13. True freedom means freedom from choice.

    It’s so unfair that there are unhealthy choices out there. What’s a person to do?

    It would be so much better if there were no unhealthy choices.
    Then everyone would be free to order anything they want without having to worry about getting something unhealthy.

    We need the government to dictate to the restaurants what they may serve, then we will be free from unhealthy food.

    Totalitarianism is the path to true freedom!

    1. Totalitarianism is the path to true freedom!

      Think I just found my re-election campaign slogan, come November ’12.

      CALL ME, baby.

  14. These nannies focus on McDonalds because McDonalds is everywhere. Are they going to go protest every independent diner who uses too much butter or fat when they cook?
    Maybe they should visit a country that doesn’t have McDonalds, nor much of an industrial “big food” base.
    Head on down to Cuba and try the local fare. Get out of the tourist hotels, and eat what the locals eat. The food nannies would be begging for a Big Mac. I’d rather live in a society where we have to concern ourselves with turning down the calories, instead of a “people’s utopia” where everyone is malnurished.

    1. And of course your typical beloved, mom and pop diner serves far larger portions of food that is certainly no more healthy than McD’s.

    2. Fortunately, Somalia is PACKED with McDonalds.

      Libertopian Parafuckindise.

      1. That’s spooftacular!

    3. Are they going to go protest every independent diner who uses too much butter or fat when they cook?

      No, they’ll just pass a law.

  15. Push a Leftie hard enough on the subject and he will start talking about how there should be some nebulous “lets consult everybody” mechanism for setting the prices and availability of goods and services. This, of course, is the marketplace, which tends to put the lie to the Leftie’s fondly held belief that what the Common Man REALLY wants is what the Lefties think would be good for him. Naturally they hate it.

    I admit that I would eat a whole lot more McDonald’s food if they threw in the towel and adopted a “F*ck you, we’re fast food” attitude.

    Hey, does anybody remember when the cigarette companies took out newspaper ads and predicted that if we allowed the anti-smokers to corner them that McDonalds would be next? Remember how funny the mainstream media thought that was?

    1. Told ya so.

    2. “F*ck you, we’re fast food” attitude.

      That’s what they really should do.

      Who decided that every restaurant needs to fulfill everyone’s complete nutritional needs? It’s a greasy hamburger place. People go there for greasy hamburgers.

      1. Right. And people go to S. Broad St., in Philly for tranny prostitutes.

        1. I though you sounded familiar!

          1. Keep walkin’, sailor.

    3. How long ago was that?

      And of course, McD’s hasn’t been cornered by a longshot.

    4. I admit that I would eat a whole lot more McDonald’s food if they threw in the towel and adopted a “F*ck you, we’re fast food” attitude.

      You mean like Carl’s Jr?

  16. I blame the Hamburgler for the recent rise in thefts.

    And as far as obesity, I would blame the Grimace, not RM.

    Mayor McCheese is to blame for all of the political corruption.

    Blame the rise in gang activity on the French Fry Gobblins.

    1. who/what is responsible for teen pregnancy? 😉

      1. Thats a stupid question, everyone knows that Ronald is not only a pedophile clown, but loves the teens as well.

      2. That curly red hair drives little girls into a sexual frenzy making them aware of their sexuality at younger age than normal.

      3. Birdie the Early Bird.

        Everyone in McDonaldland has taken a run at her.

        1. I heard they don’t sell it because they want more customers

        2. I’d hit that

          1. talk about standing behind by your man 🙂

            1. I’d hit that

              Was a response to:

              Everyone in McDonaldland has taken a run at her.

              (Damned threaded comments)

    2. Note: Frecnh Fried Goblins not to be confused with Goblin Girls

  17. Since we’re talking about mass murder (and Ronald McDonald is second only to Mao in that regard), I read on another thread that there’s going to be another Holocaust, but this time with Muslims! And guess who’s going to do it? The Japanese? Nope. The Chinese? Uh-uh. The Russians? Don’t be stupid. The Turks? Now you’re being mendacious. It’s The Europeans! Because they’re experts at it. You read it here first, maybe second.

    1. The Europeans will kill all the Muslims?
      So what you’re saying is that there will be a mass suicide in Europe?

    2. Why would the Europeans want to massacre the Muslims, when they got the IMF to enslave them? Who the fuck do you think is leading the charge against Qaddafi, and why?…..ntral-bank

      1. Why would the Europeans want to massacre the Muslims?

        Joke , my dear

        While Europe’s non-Muslim population will shrink by 3.5% by 2015, Europe’s Muslim population will almost double by that year.

        Ergo, suicide

        1. I actually have read on the why previously and IIRC, the reasoning was to avoid US financial aid getting into the hands of the present government, and fueling their campaign against the rebels and their people.

          Either that, or the Jews did it. This is a joke, Mr. Whipple 😉

  18. The real issue with McDonalds and Wal*Mart is the influence they have on the food producers, simply because of the volume purchases they make. Because of them, the food we see in our supermarkets / grocery stores is bulk grown in meat factories, animal warehouses etc. See the movie Food.INC – it’s not fake. The other major issue is the farm and fuel subsidies from the government – which really needs to stop across the board. If both can be accomplished, we will still have only made a small dent in the food issues in the country.

    1. What are you saying, the US should ban exclusivity contracts?

      The way you eliminate tax subsidies, is by eliminating business taxes.

    2. There endless alternatives for those with money. For those struggling with money, having cheap food is the best thing one can have. In many poor countries, food essentially is where peoples entire budget goes to, which leaves people in hole very hard to escape from. Cheap food is a heaven send for all.

      1. McDonald’s is no longer cheap. Every time I take my kids there I’m shocked how much we end up spending. Calorie for calorie I think you get a better fast food deal by buying burritos, or even going to Subway. McDonald’s real advantage is that it’s very fast and convenient. Especially if you’re in a car – the food is packaged in a way that makes it easy to eat on the road, or even driving, without making a mess. Try that with a burrito or a sub. If America ever stops driving cars, McDonalds will lose a tremendous amount of market share.

        1. It depends on what you choose to eat. Two burgers and a drink from the dollar menu will run you like three bucks and change, and will keep you satisfied until the next regular meal. Their featured items are a lot more expensive than you’d think (have you seen their prices in airports?!?!), but you can still eat their cheap. A boon when dealing with college students or privates.

        2. As long as you avoid buying drinks it’s still relatively cheap. Every place is more expensive than it used to be thanks to our idiotic ethanol policy.

        3. Besides being fast, convenient and easy to eat on the road, another reason McD’s is popular is because the food is consistent. Every Big Mac tastes the same, every time, every where. Consumers enjoy the “predictibility” of the McDonalds experience. It’s really quite an excellent business model (which of course infuriates the Left).

          1. If they’re so damn consistent, how come they don’t have bacon cheeseburgers where I live?

    3. Do you realize they move so much food because there are 300+ million people who kinda like to eat in this nation? Do you propose that without McDonalds and Walmart we’d get our food from 0.1 acre gardens in peoples back yards? Chickens roosting on the roof? Goats mowing the lawn? Trade you a pig for a pair of shoes? Are you really an idiot or do you just play one in forums?

      1. That’s what they want. Michael Pollan has stated he wants food to cost more. Yeah, that’s really great for poor people, we already have poor people in other countries staging protests due to the high price of grains thanks to our government interference promoting ethanol, among other things.

        1. “Yeah, that’s really great for poor people”

          To make an omelet you have to break a few eggs, and to make a utopia you have to rid the world of the undesirables (keep that second part on the DL)

    4. Doug, I really don’t care what you think of food production in the USA. Most citizens eat the flesh of animals that have been killed one way or another.
      Why don’t u enlighten us about “the food issues” our nation faces.

    5. I saw food inc. If you take away the government support and government-created barriers to entry, the free market will take care of the problem. Cartels are unstable, especially without government support.

  19. Fast Food joints are the reason America is FAT.

    1. No, I’m pretty sure Americans overeating and never exercising is the reason America is FAT.

      But the thought of accepting some personal responsibility probably gives you the shakes until you go beat off to an old tax return.

  20. Their true target is a capitalist economy that gives companies far too much latitude in appealing to customers and allows government far too little control over our food choices.


  21. This is a country of fucking idiots.

    1. just regular idiots, mostly.

  22. The AMA accused someone of perverting medical science? That’s rich, but totally predictable.

  23. I hated McDonald’s characters as a kid. I didn’t eat there because they had a fucking clown. And the happy meal toys usually sucked.

    I still eat at McDonald’s for the same reasons I did then. The food is consistent and they are expected to meet the company’s national standards, as opposed to Sam’s Dive Ass Cafe that meets the county’s minimum health standards by bribing the inspector.

  24. But children young enough to be seduced by Ronald McDonald or Happy Meals rarely visit restaurants without parents. These adults are free agents experienced at saying “no” to protect the interests of their sometimes ungrateful offspring.

    Not all of them are experienced at saying “no”, but hey, that’s their fucking problem.

  25. Aren’t these the same people who said a single egg would kill you? Oh wait, then it was just the egg yolk…then it was just the egg white, then the only good part was the shell, now you can eat 3 a week but the fourth one will turn you’re hair green and cause your nostril hairs to inflame…

    Now that I think of it, maybe that was our inept government that was positive that different parts of the egg were different levels of deadly and changed the rules every few months. Last I heard they had decided argyle socks were cancer causing and had to be replaced with striped socks…that was before the polka dot lobby got to them though.

  26. I have been eating at Mickey D’s since the burgers were 15 cents and fries were a dime.
    I still eat there on occasion because I LIKE IT!
    Even before The Arches started selling Cafe Frappes and Floozies the regular mud was and still is great!
    Someone (AARP?) needs to investigate the scandalous pricing of the Senior Coffee. My recent drive from the midwest to LA and back reveals that the same size cup brings $.25 to $.95 at different locations for no apparent reason.
    Not that it matters. I usually throw the change from the tendered $ in the Luv Bucket for the Kids House.

    1. Do you wear an onion on your belt?

      1. It was the custom at the time!

  27. I had only eaten at McDdonalds a couple of (drunken) times in my life when I discovered a couple of years ago that for $2 (incl tax) I can get an excellent coffee AND a bran muffin.
    Five minutes in a drive-through rather than having to make coffee and cook cereal myself? That’s easily worth $2 to me.

  28. I do not believe that the government should tell us what to eat. But it is a shame that many people will never sample any food except that which has been reduced to a replicable formula.
    This is not an elitist screed, but a regret that the variety of regional cuisine has fallen victim to the requirements of a national chain.

  29. This has to be one of the funniest forums I have ever read….people have way to much time on their hands…and I throughly enjoyed my McDonalds dinner tonight..yum yum..Kids are not obese from a image..they are obese from laziness and eating junk all the time…All these overzealous critics just like to point fingers….parents make kids fat not Mcdonalds…and have a great Mcfuckin’ night..

    1. Ditto Nic, I eat at Mickey’s 2X/week. Kids are fat for the same reason adults are fat, they eat too often. It’s less about food content than eating intervals.

      Humans ate on longer intervals for a million years before agriculture was invented, and they were healthier! See book “Alternate Day Diet” for more info.

      I’ve lost almost 20 lbs since starting intermittent fasting 2 months ago (on Fast Day, you eat no more than 20% of Eat Day cals), and my bench strength has gone from 3X 275 to 12X 275, at age 47!

      On Eat Days, I eat my fill…sometimes 3000 calories. Kids would probably have to cut less drastically, maybe down to 40% of calories from their Eat Day, but research isnt in yet on kid fasting, so it’s a bit early to try anything radical with them.

      So fuck Michelle Obama’s Nazi Final Solution, she and Beyonce can hip hop their bubble asses off a fuckin cliff!

      1. Actually there is plenty of evidence food content is important.

  30. This just in:

    Obama’s SS just found Snap, Crackle, and Pop, Tony the Tiger, and the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, hiding in the Hershey factory. They were lined up and machine gunned them to death without a trial on Michelle Obama’s orders. Then the Hershey Factory was torched to the ground. The War on Tasty Food has just turned hot. Hide your sweets and your fat kids! The Nanny Stormtroopers are coming!

    1. Good times that was awesome Wulfy

  31. Mcdonalds and other fast food joints like it are destroying people’s health for profits. Really, the case should be handled like any other company that is caught cutting corners to save profits at all of our expense. I don’t quite understand the “nannystate” critique. Do you call the government nannys for making sure there isn’t medical waste or infectious microbes in your food and water supply?

    1. The problem is drawing the line. Following the logic that McD’s is ruining people’s health, we need to ban possibly 40-60% of retail food in America, in addition to grocery stores that sell doughnuts/cake/cookies, and any place that dispenses alcohol.

      Do you call the government nannys for making sure there isn’t medical waste or infectious microbes in your food and water supply?

      Do you not see a difference between medical waste and Happy Meals?

    2. No one is forcing anyone to buy their food.

      Why is it called nannystate? Because certain government agents want to tell you how often you can eat treats and snacks, and even try to force you to eat them only on their schedule by taking options away from you.

      It is certainly healthier to eat those things only once in awhile, but that’s your parents job to teach you how to eat while growing up, not the government’s job to take choices away from me just because you cannot control yourself.

      1. “Mcdonalds and other fast food joints like it are destroying people’s health for profits.”
        Really? So every person in America is forced to purchase and consume food from fast food joints only? No one in America eats food from grocery stores, or farmer’s markets, or even grows their own food?
        You bet there are some really fat folks in America. The access to cheap, plentiful food will do that to a society. There are also a lot of starving folks around the world. The absense of plentiful food will do that. I prefer a society dealing with too much food, than dealing with starvation.

        1. “I prefer a society dealing with too much food, than dealing with starvation.”

          Well said, but this argument seems to fall on deaf ears. Smart people I know that are libertarian on almost all other issues, just don’t see the logic in this and complain endlessly that we have too much fast food. They don’t want to outlaw it, but they act like it is a scourge that needs to be cleansed. Personally, I think it comes from their own struggles with resisting sugary and fat foods and/or a resentment of fat people.

  32. I am going to buy thousands of burgers and keep them frozen. They will be my only lifeline when the U.S gov eventually bans MDs’ food.

    Maybe I will sell them. Nothing seems better than selling black market burgers for a massive profit. Oh, and naturally I’ll have to kill people to defend my business.

  33. McDonald’s also is responsible for the increase in transparency and accountability and also humane treatment of animals in slaughterhouses. As the largest buyer, they could demand changes from meatpacking companies.

    It is notable that customers pressure McDonald’s to do that, but don’t pressure McDonald’s to demand supplier changes for the horrible conditions meatpackers work in.

    1. “It is notable that customers pressure McDonald’s to do that, but don’t pressure McDonald’s to demand supplier changes for the horrible conditions meatpackers work in.”

      Agree, especially in regards to humane treatment of animals. Unlike people who choose to eat the bad food, the cattle and chickens don’t have any say in the matter. It is ridiculous, but not surprising, that nanny-staters worry about someone who chooses to eat badly, but lack any concern that the animals are treated humanely or the low-wage workers have a good work environment.

  34. Cancer and heart disease are no.1 and no.2 killers of Americans. Fast food is a public health menace far GREATER than tobacco. I’m all in favor of people being allowed to be stupid, wrong, and killing themselves however they want to, but as it happens your food choices affect me directly. What about factory farming representing over 50% of greenhouse gases? Some of us would prefer to have some air left to breathe, not to mention some water and land not being used to fatten cattle for the rest of you to eat yourself to death. No need to abolish anything. Just eliminate subsidies, require accountability, and beef will cost the $50 a pound it actually costs. (conservative estimate)

  35. Re: This cliche about “giving back.”

    In the olden days, many people directed their gratitude toward God, from Whom all blessings originally flow. If the Good Lord gives us means, and opportunity, and makes fruitful our travail, we thank Him, and see our prosperity as an opportunity to BE LIKE GOD, and bless others out of the surplus that overflows our cup.
    Funny how the godless government thinks all blessings flow from THEM!

  36. Ronald McDonald isnt annoying, he is scary though.

  37. I have known idiots who believe that they themselves are not responsible for purchases that they make after seeing an advertisement. One moron in particular complained that he was overwhelmed with debt because he and his wife bought new cars every two years (or more often) and that this was the fault of automakers engaging in advertising. At the suggestion that people should be able to make their own spending decisions he became furious and refused to speak to me anymore.

    They’re morons. I don’t know why there continues to be an effort to get along with socialists. Socialists cannot be gotten along with, except by other socialists. Screw ’em all – they are enemies of individualism, enemies of freedom, and enemies of responsibility. They are the zealots of losing.

    Losers shouldn’t vote. I don’t exactly how to implement it, but a ban on moron-voting is certain requirement for a free society.

  38. Have you read “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Shlosser? Any thoughts on the book? This article misses the point by failing to address, with the exception of advertising, any of the primary grievances against the members of the industry, led by McDs, including, and not limited to, the quality and composition of the so-called ‘beef’ patties; the methods of factory production and slaughter of the cows–one million per day are slaughtered in america, according to Schlosser; the abhorrent conditions and treatment of the slaughterhouse workers, who are often undocumented; and the bacterias which pervade the meat and the resultant poisonings and deaths, often children. As an industry leader, McDs has, in the past, demanded and gotten higher standards from the beef industry; they have leverage to demand still better standards, and the status quo is abominable.

  39. The latest anti-mcdonald’s story:…..ord-shoes/

  40. own for childhood obesity and demanding that McDonald’s “stop marketing junk food to kids.” The signers range from th

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