Mitt Romney Likes the Defense Budget Just the Way It Is, Thanks


Holy Mitt!

Estimates suggest the United States could cut somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 trillion out of the defense budget over the next decade. But so what if there's a lot of waste in the defense budget? That doesn't mean we need to cut it! So says Mitt Romney, according to The Hill:

Romney said he would be open to redirecting spending within the Pentagon's budget to ensure that it's more efficiently allocated and to eliminate waste. But the overall budget won't face cuts.

"I'm not going to cut the defense budget," Romney said in a question-and-answer session on his Facebook page. 

The former Massachusetts governor acknowledged the defense budget contains "a lot of waste" and that "there's work that we have to do with the money that we have."

At this point, it's clear the former Bay State governor is not looking for small-government street cred: Last week, Romney gave a passionate defense of the Massachusetts health care overhaul that provided the model for ObamaCare.