Bin Laden Was a Narcissistic, Beard-Dyeing Porn Fan (Also a Mass Murderer)


ABC News reports that the Navy SEALs who raided Osama bin Laden's house in Abbottabad, Pakistan, found a "huge" stash of pornography, including "electronically recorded videos," in a wooden box in his bedroom. Presumably this information is part of what former counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke calls "the U.S. government's effort to discredit him after his death so… he doesn't become a martyr in the eyes of the Arab youth." That effort also has included the release of outtakes from Bin Laden videos that show the terrorist mastermind flubbing his lines and huddling under a blanket while watching himself on TV. Another revelation from the outtakes: Bin Laden's beard was not really black.

Do our government's propaganda specialists know what they're doing? Maybe, but what can you say about a target audience that considers watching dirty movies or dyeing your beard a bigger offense than murdering thousands of people?