Chuck Colson Warns the Right: Ayn Rand Hated God


Chuck Colson points out to right-wingers enamored of either Ayn Rand or the new film based on her novel Atlas Shrugged that they need to condemn her three times and more:

He made a two minute video attacking Rand and her devotees, deriding Rand as an anti-Christian atheist. "Not only should you stay away from the film," Colson says, "you ought to stay away from anybody who wants to see the film, unless their interest is ironic." Colson warns that Rand's "patently anti-Christian ideas seem to be gaining steam" among conservatives, cautioning that her Objectivist philosophy is the "antithesis of Christianity" and that her followers are "undermining the Gospel"

Indeed they are! See my December 2009 Reason article on why the contemporary right might not be able to handle the radicalism of Rand.

See also my May issue feature on the making of Atlas Shrugged Part One, the movie.

It may of course be that the right has to make political cause with people who don't share its dominant religious beliefs, but that's not a lesson we should expect to hear from Colson.

And check out Chuckie's anti-Rand, pro-God video: