Radley Balko Nominated for Columnist of the Year


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The Week has come out with its 8th annual Opinion Awards–"the only awards recognizing and celebrating the nation's best opinion writing"–and I'm pleased to exclusively reveal that Radley Balko was selected as one of seven finalists for Columnist of the Year. He's up against Ross Douthat, Michelle Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Nicholas Kristof, Peggy Noonan, and Tim Rutten. Read Radley's Reason archive here, and make sure to follow him when he re-starts his column later this month at The Huffington Post.

Beloved former Reasoner and current Slater David Weigel is also a nominee, for Blogger of the Year, where he'll be duking it out with Tyler Cowen, Digby, Reihan Salam, Greg Sargent, John Sides, Andrew Sullivan, and Matthew Yglesias. Read Weigel's Reason archive here, including his account of attending the 2008 awards ceremony.