Jan Brewer Eats Scorpions for Breakfast


Or so the title of her forthcoming book would suggest

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has agreed to write a memoir to be published this fall, publishing house HarperCollins said on its website.

The 208-page book will be entitled "Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America's Border."

Brewer spokesman Matthew Benson declined Monday to comment on what he referred to as "the book," saying it isn't part of Brewer's official duties.

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  1. Insta-remainder.

  2. good thing brewer (a senior) didnt get stung since she cut state medicare coverage & instituted death panels. oops my bad, she’s got gumint insurance

  3. It’s a cookbook!

  4. Now they’re taking private donations to build a fence and the money’s pouring in. Personally, I don’t know what the fuss is about the wall.

    We do need to secure our border. It’s a joke the way people can just smuggle anything they want in. We need a border with very high walls and very open doors so we know who’s coming and what they’re bringing.

    *This is not an anti-immigration rant. We also need an open immigration policy.

    1. We do need to secure our border. It’s a joke the way people can just smuggle anything they want in. We need a border with very high walls and very open doors

      Because the trade in Cuban cigars and Thai child-prostitutes on our streetcorners has gotten out of control. The price of cocaine has dropped to nothing and rare-species of Lemur are regularly exchanged in broad daylight for the organs of foreign peasants. And don’t get me started on the @#$!% Canadians.

      Seriously though… One can be anywhere on the spectrum of ‘how important is our border security’… and still be conscious of the reality that *there’s really not a problem*. As in, we don’t need fucking ramparts or walls or a bigger DHS to ensure that the Evildoers don’t blow up Dirty Bombs in Topeka every day.

      The equation of ‘border security’ with actual ‘security’ is specious and retarded. The idea that our country is and has been somehow incredibly vulnerable and at risk *for lack of big walls running 2000 miles between us and Mexico* is so fucking betwettingly stupid and laughable that its hard to fully respect how popular this particular piece of conventional wisdom actually is. I sincerely miss the Cold War sometimes. At least then the hyteria and irrational fear had some reasonable excuse.

      We have no walls and medium-sized doors at the moment, and you know what? Most things and people still come right in the front fucking door. What’s hilarious is that its easier for a nigerian terrorist on DHS watchlists to fly around the US unmolested than it is to smoke Cuban cigars. And that has nothing to do with walls (or lack thereof), and everything to do with how fucking stupid the government runs things.

  5. Start off each day with a nutritious bowl of scorpions.
    They’ll rock you like a hurricane!

  6. Border security is imperative, Israel itself has been dealing with the problems of Africans invading their country seeking a better life. Israel is a welfare state, they cannot afford it, so they are deporting as many illegals as they catch.

    In America we also have the issue of Mexicans that come here, refuse to learn English, and demand special accomodation in public schools. I don’t demand that my future kids be taught pro-American history lessons in Mexico, yet the Mexicans do demand pro-Mexican or taxpayer funded Chicano studies in our public schools.

    This is unacceptable.


    1. Israel itself has been dealing with the problems of Africans invading their country seeking a better life

      hmmm…. sounds familiar… Oh, right. Because the jews themselves ‘escaped africa’ (and the bondage of Pharoh) to find a better life in the Promised Land for the Chosen People… then, few thousand years later, upon Reconquista of said dirt-plot, started telling jews all over the world, “Hey! We’re the promised land for the chosen people! COME ON DOWN!! Git it while its hot!!! Free land! Free citizenship!”…

      Of course, later, well, maybe *some* jews are maybe just a leeetle more jewish than others*…

      See, if you don’t start clamping down on those borders at the outset, everything eventually goes to shit and you’ve got Shaka Zulu claiming he’s as Kosher as Rebbe Tietelbaum. Why they even let in the @#*& Israelites in the first place is a good question.

      I think the Iroquois, Apache, etc. have also had longstanding regrets regarding their historically lax approach to immigration.

      Really, never let little things like context disturb a xenophobic bubble-world. TEH BORDERS IS UNSECURE! TERRORISMSS FROM CANADIA! THE BROWN PEOPLE LEPERS BE TAKIN THE JOBSES AND DRAININ TEH WELFARE! Ahh, that feels better.

  7. Gilmore win.

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