Michael Moynihan's Reason Exit Interview: Now with Vice mag, he dishes on Libya, Sweden, & more


Former Reason senior editor and producer Michael C. Moynihan is now working at Vice magazine, the New York-based media outlet that covers the seamier side of art, culture, and politics.

Shortly before he left Reason and Washington, D.C., Moynihan, who joined Reason in 2007, sat down for an exit interview with Nick Gillespie to talk about his favorite video and print contributions to Reason (go here for his archive) and what he plans to be doing at his new perch.

About 11 minutes. Shot and edited by Meredith Bragg.

Go to for downloadable versions and subscribe to's YouTube channel to receive automatic notifications when new material goes live.

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  1. So, is Mangu-Ward the Yoko of Reason?

  2. Moynihan’s out the door now, too? But who’s going to name-drop Sweden now?

    But seriously, you’re aces. Best of luck at Vice.

    1. Moynihan is a total asshole.Unlike some others, he will be missed.

      With Balko and now Moynihan gone the Reason bench is getting kinda shallow.
      KM-W seems to be on light duty following her confinement. Can we look forward to some new talent soon?

      1. With the first selection of the 2011 Libertarian Blog Draft, “Hit & Run” selected Capito McPoorhater from Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, Alabama!

        1. McPoorhater’s strengths include advocating reducing spending across the board, voting for Barr in ’08, and the arm strength and precision on the long-ball. His cons are that he’s a hipster douche, he’s prose is sloppy, and he’s unfamiliar with playing under center in the Pro offense.

          1. he’s prose is sloppy

            More so than yours?

            1. Damn comment section doesn’t allow for fucking post-submission edits. But good catch.

        2. I’ve actually spent a bit of time in the Greater Hanceville Metropolitan Statistical Area (Cullman to be exact). I remembered some ghastly, yet cool, modernist building on the WCC campus. It appears to be gone now. Google Images did bring up some Miss WCC pics as it is a feeder pageant for the Miss Alabama contest. They have some fine pussy at that school.

          1. I’m in the Shoals area. My brother attends Wallace State’s radiology program.

            1. You mean the Quad Cities?

              1. I’m from Cherokee. The Shoals encompasses all of Lauderdale and Colbert counties. The Quad Cities refers solely to Florence, Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, and Shefffield.

                1. Ah, just west of the Colbert Steam Plant.
                  I know it well.

        3. Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, Alabama

          Reason is recruiting on EWTN’s turf now? Not that I’m complaining, but Mother Angelica doesn’t take losing out on top talent well. She’s Sicilian, you know.

      2. Riggs is coming back, yes?

      3. “confinement”?

  3. So who’s the ratfucker you’re going to hire to cover the 2012 campaign?

  4. wait, moynihan is gone? I thought I saw a post by him in the last week.

  5. wait, moynihan is gone? I thought I saw a post by him in the last week.

    1. why the fuck do the squirrels love me so?

      1. Because you love them so. In the biblical sense, of course, you disgusting furry. And the fact that you like to yell out “yiffy” is just the icing on the evil, horrible cake.

        1. the bible uses the term “know”

        2. “yiffy”??! Must be a caucasian thing.

          1. Don’t pretend you don’t know the term. Your denials just make it all the clearer.

            1. C’mon guys, really? Let’s be serious.

        3. “Love” doesn’t have a biblical sense. You’re thinking of “know”.

          I’d invite you to next week’s Bible study to shore up your knowledge but you’d probably eat all our Baked Lays.

          1. Impossible, Chris. First, if I touch a bible, my hands explode into flame. Secondly, if I touch Baked Lays, my hands explode into flame.

            1. Completely unrelated to my last comment… but Baked Lays also tend to cause anal leakage.

              1. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

  6. Godspeed, MCM. Enjoyed your work.

  7. Sad day.

    He was the best writer at Reason, hands down.

    1. awful on, though. That was the Jacket’s domain.

      1. I take it back, where he caught the rush fan in the whole ayn rand bit at the Rally to Restore Sanity was pure gold.

    2. And a great speaker. ” “Blah…blah…blah you know, blah blah…blah you know, blah blah…blah you know.”

  8. Unlike Reason H&R , Vice features Pin-up Girls!

      1. I was trying to highlight the downside of the gig and you went and ruined it.

        1. Humnah! Humnah! Humnah!

  9. I’ve always loved the Do’s and Dont’s. The rest of Vice is hit-and-miss. However, the videos of their trips to North Korea and Libera are amazing.

    1. Do’s and Dont’s? The feature where they arbitrarily classify hipsters into two groups?

  10. Good luck with the new gig MM, I’ve enjoyed your stuff. I remember feeling glad that you didn’t buy any of the “reformed al-qaeda” stuff in Libya. It would’ve been a big disappointment to see a Reason editor fall for such typical propaganda from a tyrannical psychopath, such the way the idiots at the NYT and others did.

    No go smack some sense in to them hipsters.

  11. Best of luck Mike. Hope you kick ass and take names at Vice.

    Also glad to hear about your book. It sounds like it will answer a lot of questions I have in regards to some of your writing hear at reason.

    Looking forward to it.

  12. Moynihan’s gone?


  13. Just like the heartbreak of knowing there would be no Beatles reunion after Lennon’s assasination, I now must face the fact that The Reason Talk Show is really gone.

    Wait… could Ringo be Nick’s sidekick?!

    1. No. Duplication of hair is not permitted.

      I miss the talk show too, but I think Nick’s litcrit superpowers resulted in constant upstaging.

      Mr. Moynihan, you were the hawttest here. Follow you anywhere. Yes homo.

  14. Moynihan did some fine-ass writing. I will definitely miss having him around. Hopefully Reason will link to some of his work at Vice from time to time.

  15. I just watched his interview on VBS. Vice is my 3rd favorite magazine. Unless Gillespie goes to Cracked I might have to bump Vice up in the rank.…..-people–2

  16. I just watched his interview on VBStv. Unless Gillespie goes to Cracked I will have to move Vice up on my list of favorite Mags

  17. Michael sure dressed up for the interview.

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  19. Vice mag looks to cool for me to read.

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    1. What happened to OUR bamboo flooring industry?

  21. Sorry to see him go.

  22. What the hell are you guys doing with all that illicit Koch money, then? Nick, stop smoking joints rolled with $100 bills and start paying your writers!

  23. Reason and Vice, my two favorite magazines of all time. They needed a Satanist over at Vice anyways, good luck, will keep reading both zines.

  24. And here I thought that Reason was the media outlet that covers the seamier side of art, culture, and politics.

  25. Sorry to see him go, he was one of my favs.

    OK, now to the question no one seems to be asking. What the hell happened to his eyebrows?

    1. Second tuesday of every month, Michael becomes “Lola”, queen of the Rhumba-line. Duh.

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