Some Lessons Learned From Operation Geronimo


Ron Hart in the Orange County Register:

Among other lessons learned, we need to rethink giving $3.4 billion a year to slippery and untrustworthy governments like Pakistan's.

Osama's crib was less than a mile from Pakistan's equivalent of West Point. He was protected by Pakistani officials for the same reason Elvis was protected by the Memphis police: he was a celeb and a big tipper.

…the Obama doctrine must be, as far as I can tell, that it is OK to bust into a terrorist's home and kill him, but we just cannot waterboard him to get information that can avert future attacks. Interesting how the logic works. It is the same logic applied to being pro-abortion and anti-death penalty, or vice-versa for the GOP.

More, including a link to forty (count 'em) Osama cartoons, here.