____est Reaction to the Killing of Osama Bin Laden


Previous video reaction here.

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  1. Drudge says they are releasing the Humpty Dumpty’s photo

  2. I like this man. He is not paying attention to the previous eight times bin Laden was decaled dead. He knows that cats only have nine lives.

    1. When has the US government previously declared bin Laden dead? Links, please. (“We almost go him” doesn’t count.)

        1. LOL nice link to a site that tries to make the case Bin Laden was a CIA operative based on interviews with young Pakistanis relaying what other Pakistanis think. Rock-solid evidence right there.

  3. It’s raining men bullets

    1. Original Song Title:
      “It’s Raining Men”
      Original Performer:
      The Weather Girls

      Parody Song Title:
      “It’s Raining Death”
      Parody Written by:
      Immoral Liberal

      “Say ‘Good morning, Vietnam!'”
      “Good morning!”
      “Man, have we got news for you!”
      “Pay attention!”
      “Get ready, because if you’re tired of breathing, today is your day!”
      “All right!”

      The helicopter’s rising;
      The bombs are all set to blow.
      We’ve scrambled the jet fighters;
      The sky’s the place to go.
      ‘Cause this year, the umpteenth time,
      Our chief’s on crystal meth!
      When he calls us on his red phone,
      It’s gonna start raining death!

      It’s raining death! Allah screwed you!
      It’s raining death! Oh, man!
      We’ll have a blow-out; we’re gonna paint your town red.
      You might as well stay in bed!
      It’s raining death! Heaven hates you!
      It’s raining death! Gonna O-bomb ya!
      Bombs, drones, napalm heat,
      Cruise missiles; mission complete!

      Behold human nature;
      Pacifists are naive fools.
      War is never ending;
      The passion for strife never cools.
      Hussein got elected.
      They never realized
      The next time Muslims erupted,
      They would get Saddamized!

      It’s raining death! Holy Hannah!
      It’s raining death! Ye gods!
      It’s raining death! Heaven help ya!
      It’s raining death! Oy vey!

      I hear the war drums pounding again…!
      It’s starting again, it’s starting again!
      Cancel your plans; chances are you’re dead!
      Go home! Make out your will instead!

      Fie on human nature,
      Politicians, pundits too!
      Up yours, war protesters;
      And no more talk of peace from you!
      Violence solves problems;
      Pacifism’s a lie!
      We can only have our peace when
      We kill off the bad guy!

      It’s raining death, yeah!

      The lust for war is rising;
      Middle East is set to blow.
      Here come the world’s air forces,
      So look out down below!
      Who needs authorization?
      Peaceniks, don’t hold your breath;
      You won’t be shown on our TVs
      When the skies start raining death!

      It’s raining death! What’s it to ya?
      It’s raining death! Who cares?
      It’s raining death! You’re all losers!
      It’s raining death! You’re screwed!

      It’s raining death! Shut your cake hole!
      It’s raining death! Kneel down.
      It’s raining death! Tuck your head in.
      It’s raining death! Kiss off…

      1. I might go to church one of these Sundays just to use that “Allah screwed you” line.

  4. Beer, ATVs, flags, and guns…. it’s party time!

    1. Thank God we live in America.


    2. the only thing that is missing is fags!

      1. …and power tools

        1. And a fuckin’ mud pit for the tractor pull.

  5. Arafat-est?

  6. Most incompetent firearm handling

    1. Soooo happy I don’t live next to him.

      1. I get the feeling the neighbors all have the same preaffliction

      2. If I was a pot smoker it would be awesome.

        You know he has the sticky skunk.

  7. Tractor-pullest?

    1. Yeah. If this doesn’t feature a tractor-pull, it might as well be Canadians celebrating.

      1. winner

  8. Basest reaction…unless your base is left…in which case all your base are, uh, nevermind.

  9. Nice grass.

    1. my thought exactly
      Someone pours a lot of money into that field. Glad to see it’s getting some use.

    1. Maybe if those were blanks…

      1. Well then it would be the worthlessest, wouldn’t it, Mr. Safetyfag?

  10. This is why we laugh at you.

    1. Because we have an ironic sense of humor?

      1. Because we have an ironic sense of humor?

        You fucking hipster.

  11. He’s taken the classic Mid-East style celebration, and made it his own by adding a distinctly American flair. I like it.

    1. His celebration could really use a pipe bomb.

  12. Here is what I don’t understand. How do people in other countries see stuff like this and not go “you know we really probably shouldn’t fuck with those people”? Instead, they seem to constantly want to screw with us.

    1. A lot of them see us as an oppressor. You wouldn’t give up in standing up to an oppressor just because they beared down on others that stood up, so why should they?

      1. No they don’t. they are just assholes.

        1. it’s that simple.

      2. If they think we’ve beared down on them before, they’ve got a big surprise coming

        1. Top hat…check.

          Bear needs to get his moustache waxed and a cane and he could be the new libertarian mascot.

    2. This is the guy that volunteers for the infantry, and God bless him.

      1. This is the infantryman that is responsible for friendly fire, and God damn him.

    3. i looked up “intimidating” in the dictionary and a guy on a tractor firing in the air wasn’t one of the definitions. that might be it.

      1. Yeah, this is more “oh those red-necks *LOL*”.

        1. This is what freedom *actually looks like!!1!*

          Where else are you free to drive a 4-wheeler with no helmet and discharge a pistol into the air while waving a flag? Its the US or Somalia for that.

          1. Real freedom loving folk know that you can’t truly celebrate freedom anywhere near a road.

    4. Actually, most Americans can’t really appreciate just how terrifying and overwhelming our nation as a whole and culture in particular are to most people.

      Americans can and do literally anything they want whenever they want and this completely dumbfounds most other folks out there.

      A French description of this can be found here:…..n-soldier/

      The simple truth is Americans can and do frequently scare the crap out of most of the people out there.

      1. That was an interesting link, Tom. Thanks.

        In my experience, the British soldier’s view of American soldiers is almost the exact opposite of the French soldier’s. Most Brits that I’ve spoken to who have worked with our military in Iraq and Afghanistan view our soldiers as overly-soft, too used to comfort (e.g. the Brits are sweating it out in the desert, living like natives and eating subsistence rations, while the Americans have their portable generators to provide air conditioning and barbecues), and too dependent on our technology.

        1. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the British Iran caught a few years ago, and then released. Fat ass fuckers for Navy and Marine personnel.

        2. HM-I sometimes lurk on the message boards at the British Army Rumour Service ( and there’s plenty of anty-americanism to be seen. But there is also a lot of respect for American soldiers and an acknowledgement that the British fighting man’s view of himself vis-a-vis his American counterpart has been a little-“inflated” is probably as good a word as any other.

          Oh-and they are very envious of some of our technology-especially things like the availability of our air assets compared with their own.

          Don’t sweep with too broad a broom.

          1. Granted, I’m just speaking from my own anecdotal experience (plus a few glasses of whisky were imbibed in said “research”).

            Oh-and they are very envious of some of our technology.

            Well, some of “our” tech does come from BAE. 🙂

        3. I’ve known a few brit soldiers here and there…

          While I’m sure there’s some good natured ribbing on Americans relying on technology…..I’d be very surprised if the Brits didn’t have respect for the skill and ability of American forces.

      2. The simple truth is Americans can and do frequently scare the crap out of most of the people out there.

        And may it ever be so.

      3. In the late 90’s I spent a good deal of time working in Tokyo. After a couple months, the locals got used to me and regarded me as a tame american.

        I forget exactly what, but some random shooting in the US got some headlines and one of my co-workers asked me why we love our guns so much. And they way he asked made it clear that he thought that I was too sane to own guns myself.

        I don’t know what horrified him more, the fact that I owned 4 rifles myself, or the fact that one of those rifles was strictly for shooting squirrels.

        1. or the fact that one of those rifles was strictly for shooting squirrels.

          He wasn’t upset about your squirrel rifle…he was upset about the silence in regards to the use of the other 3.

          If a Japanese started talking crap to me about owning guns i would point out that not so long ago their Samari tyrant lords prevented commoners from owning them.

        2. You’ve only 1 squirrel gun?


    5. Instead, they seem to constantly want to screw with us.

      I believe the term is “blowback”.

      If we had a sensible foreign policy videos of this guy would effectively inform the world not fuck with us.

  13. Rule #4: Always be sure of your target and what’s behind it.

    This is the sort of stupid behavior that gives gun owners a bad name.

    1. This is the sort of stupid behavior that gives gun owners a bad name.

      I come to Hit’n’Run for the libertarian point of view, I stick around because nine out of ten commentators don’t indulge in finger wagging.

    2. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he used blanks or shotshells for the celebration.

  14. At New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal, one commuter says the beefed up security is welcome in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death.


    That settles it.

    1. We have spoken previously regarding the Port Authority…..tcontainer

      GILMORE|2.15.11 @ 4:01PM|#

      If by ‘beefing up security’ they can now stop people from peeing on the floor? Who cares about terrorism. Frankly you could blow that whole building up and I sincerely doubt either the building itself or the people inside would be greatly missed.


  15. Now that we have won we can withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq and Libia and the mideast in general, disband Homeland security and show exam inc, and save billions upon billons that is now spent on “defense”….

    Oh, killing OBL will only p*ss them off and create more terrorism and therefore we have to be on alert and spend more on defense and security. Somehow, that seems familiar…

    1. Good luck with that. When Democrats go to war it’s draft, baby, draft.

      That’s Obama’s plan if he gets reelected, which is why he must never get reelected.


    2. Afghanistan and Iraq and Libia [sic]

      Are you in 3rd grade?

  16. I can think of no better way to honor our fighting men and women on this occasion than a trip to WalMart.

    1. You’re no true ‘Murcan.

      1. I am more Ahmrikan than you are, you impertinent desi!

  17. Yosemite Sam-est?

  18. Behold the face of modern Christianity.

    1. Would that it were so…

  19. If al-Awlaki becomes the next head of al-Qaeda, then it is definitely time to start drilling in Anwar.

    1. …..crickets

  20. Darn American flag – always interfering with my sight picture…

  21. A pistol isn’t that unsafe to shoot more or less straight up. Terminal velocity and all that. A narrower and heavier rifle round is going to be more dangerous.

    Still a bad idea. I wouldn’t do it, or make a video of it if I did.

    1. Ahh, fucknuts, didnt work. Trying again here

      1. I got a kick out of that. Nice juxtaposition of him and the tanks and Sousa.

  22. *Sigh* I really miss New Hampshire.


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