Why Did It Take 10 Years to Get Osama bin Laden?


Some questions about the killing of Osama bin Laden:

Is any U.S. citizen not paid directly by the federal government going to review the video and audio records of the attack on the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan? (I ask this as a realistic request – that some mainstream media trustee or other reliable person be allowed to view the footage under DoD supervision. In my America the unedited video would already be up at dod.gov, but we don't live in my America.) 

If not, what are the reasons for continuing to keep this material classified, given that so many specifics (down to the claim that the special forces can say with confidence that bin Laden's wife was being used as a "human shield") have already been released? 

How important was President Obama's decision to apply more resources to the hunt for bin Laden to this outcome? (A story on Joint Special Operations Command in The Nation indicates that it was quite important, with one unnamed Special Ops source telling author Jeremy Scahill, "JSOC has been more empowered more under this administration than any other in recent history. No question.") 

How much longer can the mission in Iraq (not Afghanistan, which may get a second wind thanks to this plot turn) be justified, given that demonstrators in Mosul and other cities are demanding the United States leave according to its timetable? 

Given the popularity of this outcome, is it possible that the contradiction of liberal empire has been resolved, and that there is no longer any tension between maintaining an open society and maintaining a permanent military wing to assassinate and suppress challengers? 

Presuming the anger and denial stages of bin Laden supporters pass without a major successful terror attack, how long will it take the American people to strap on a pair and demand an end to TSA groping, TSA probing, and DHS bloat? (In fact, how long before it's safe to revisit the whole formation of the DHS and start the difficult process of dismantling this vast, incoherent, anti-republican, anti-democratic beast?) 

And the one question that's really burning me up: What crooked Pakistani Realtor convinced the western media that that compound is worth $1 million