Kung Fu Fighting: Not Racist, Says Composer, Performer


If the birther stuff, recurring images of the Easter Bunny at the White House, and Jimmy Johnson doing ExTenze ads  wasn't enough to convince you that we've entered a Philip K. Dick novel, then read on, Macduff:

Simon Ledger said he was still in shock after he was reported to the police for singing the 1974 Number One to a packed bar on the Isle of Wight on Easter Sunday….

Bar manager Sean Ware, who had to give a statement to police, said: 'It's mind boggling. It was a very relaxed atmosphere in the bar with lots of families with children here.

'The CCTV showed a Chinese man making abusive gestures. Simon waved him away, but he returned.

'It seems clear that the man was  genuinely aggrieved about something, but this is just crazy. Simon often sings Kung Fu Fighting.'

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The UK Daily Mail tracked down the song's composer who said:

Carl Douglas described the decision to arrest Mr Ledger as 'political correctness gone mad' because the song was not racist. 

'The arrest is a little unbelievable because there's no racism in the song,' Douglas, who is now 68, said. 'It's very strange indeed.

Here's a performance by Douglas which is admittedly a little bit frightening, though done with expert timing:

As always, Matt Welch got to this story first and best, fasther than Hong Kong Phooey, and with a keytar beat.