Reason at Fox Biz: Cavanaugh, Napolitano Talk Muni Outsourcing


As noted in the recent Reason TV video The City that Outsourced Everything, the city of Sandy Springs, Georgia has figured out a way to run parks, fix potholes and not run up long-term debt. Speaking with Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch from a city where they can't fix potholes or even privatize golf carts at seven (7) publicly owned golf courses, Reason senior editor Tim Cavanaugh discusses how it was done: 


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  1. Sounds to me like the dude might just be onto something.


  2. A Reason contributor on a Freedom Watch? Now there’s a shocker.

    When is Reason going to quit riding the Judge’s coat tails, and get their own damn show.

  3. I see the Tim Cavanaugh fashion-experiments continue.

    Is it just me? Have I gotten old and no longer am in tune with what’s widely considered ‘cool’…or even Normal anymore? or is the black shirt thing now de rigeur among Reason staff, as part of some corporate attempt to harmonize their presentation to the media…?


    … or does Tim’s colorblind significant other dress him? I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

    … like how it was raining today. That was Matt’s explanation. Understandable, and funny. Maybe Fox likes making libertarians look ‘different’.

    Perhaps The Jacket reinforces its vital essence by sucking out Cool from non-host entities in its presence, and long-term exposure can sometimes cause bursts of fashion-tourettes.

    Radley would appear to be immune.

  4. Tim, ignore the remarks. The jacket is wong for the season, and shirt.

    Wearing a black shirt and grey tie makes the jacket look ‘dirty’.

    1. Tim’s exercising his freedom to wear whatever colors he wants to the fullest extent. A true libertarian!

  5. Nice. Most states have lots of unincorporated areas that could be converted into new municipalities that could compete with ‘legacy cities’ for residents.

  6. When I saw the title I thought it was able outsourcing sfmuni (the bus system of San Francisco). Now wouldn’t it be nice to privatize that beast.

    Even parts of the police department could be privatized. For example, handing out of parking tickets, dispatch, etc.

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