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Here's your one-stop page for all of Reason's continuing coverage of the new movie Atlas Shrugged Part I, which was released on April 15.

On April 16, at Reason Foundation's annual Reason Weekend, Nick Gillespie interviewed producers John Aglialoro, Harmon Kaslow, and Mike Marvin, and actor Matthew Marsden (he plays James Taggart) live in front of about 100 people. They talked freely about the challenges of making the film on a tight budget and an even tighter deadline; how Rand's politics play in Hollywood (spoiler alert:poorly!); where the inspiration for the film came from; how the train and other memorable scenes were shot; and whether there's any truth to the rumors that Atlas Shrugged Part III will be a musical…

And then they answer audience questions…

About 40 minutes. goes behind the scenes of the making of Atlas Shrugged Part I and explores the lasting legacy of Ayn Rand's work in this 15-segment playlist.

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  1. Won’t watch this 40 minute video but did anyone ask about Ayn Rand’s hatred of conservative ideology?

    1. Yeah dude, she said that Libertarians were her “avowed adversaries”. So what’s your point? She’s a woman, she probably fell madly in love with some ludwig von miseseque economics student with a passion for polo and fine wine, then the bastard broke her heart.. Of course she’s going to take out her aggression on the political party he represented.

      Don’t give women too much credit, bro.

      1. Don’t confuse libertarians with conservatives – I don’t.

        1. Can a democrat be a conservative?

  2. I thought the movie was decent.

  3. That was interesting seeing the producers BTS. What I want to know is… how DID they pull the wool over the conservatives eyes in securing the film budget for the story which in actual fact supports individualists?

  4. The cinematography was pretty good, but I was surprised at how mediocre some of the acting was. At a few points, I was reminded of a community playhouse, where there’s always the one or two decent actors and the rest who do all right but occasionally flub a line.

    That said, the acting was good enough to be watchable, and the movie was worth seeing. Some of the dialogue was a bit wooden, but from what I understand that is a feature of the original. The heroic characters are not believable, but the villains seemed a bit too realistic for comfort.

    The actor who plays Dagny Taggart does quite well. I expect we’ll be seeing more of her.


    I blame the moochers who got in for free and the looters who ate all the popcorn without paying.

  6. Nobody else in this world thought the Atlas Shrugged movie was good.

    “Atlas Shrugged” Producer Scrapping Plans For Pt. 2 & 3, Blames Reviews

  7. The Free Market does Not support Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged movie?

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