Atlas Shrugged Movie Theater Update

While my Reason magazine feature from our May issue on the Atlas movie--which due to the necessities of print production schedules was written and went to press many weeks ago--discussed the producers' then-current 11-city debut plan for the movie on April 15, the movie will in fact be opening on at least 277 screens in at least 42 states and the District of Columbia. A complete list of theaters playing Atlas, many of the theaters with advanced "buy tickets" links.

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  • Brian Sorgatz||

    I hope the movie reaches Humboldt County pretty soon. I hope it whenever I see anti-GM-food propaganda in the health food supermarkets.

  • Kristen||

    I checked last week and it looks like it's playing at the massive Super-Duper Plex near my house.

  • ||

    In last week's Hollywood Reporter, there was a two page article--very positive--about the marketing for this film and how the filmmakers were relying on the Tea Party screenings to spread the word.

    Hope they pull it off.

  • Darwin||

    Who cares? Its a lousy movie taken from a lousy book written by a hypocrite.

  • Barack Obama||

    But enough about me.

  • Scruffy Nerd Herder||

    It must be Monday, there's a new troll here.

  • GroundTruth||

    That Rand was in the end a hypocrite does not diminish the value of "Atlas Shrugged" as a parable for our time.

  • Fiscal Meth||

    I'm not going to launch into an unsolicited explanation of Rand's views on taking advantage of programs funded by dollars taken from you by force. You can look it up if you want. She wasn't a hypocrite. You may disagree with her views on that, but she didn't disagree with herself and her actions didn't disagree with her philosophy.

  • ||

    The number of screens has increased dramatically in just the last week or so. It better not suck.

  • ||

    Haha I love it! It's gonna play in Berkeley! LOL!

    Somebody pls go YouTube the opening street demonstrations.

  • Jozef||

    Looks like they're having trouble sorting the states in alphabetical order.

  • air ma pas cher||

    thank you

  • ||

    Itz coming to Pittsburgh. Wahoo!

  • Old Bull Lee||

    Too bad the theaters listed in my state are posted no-firearms places.

  • ||

    I was worried, but Atlas Shrugged is playing at every movie theater near me, and I'm in the cinema-saturated Chicago suburbs. The big web sites like Fandango are pretending the movie doesn't exist!

  • prolefeed||

    I got my ticket off Fandango this am. The movie wasn't listed there yesterday, so I think they only show movies within 5 days or so of their opening date.

  • ||

    Hey Matt,

    Which suburb do you live in? I'm in Bartlett.

  • ||

    I've got my tickets. 7:20pm Movie Tavern on West 7th in Fort Worth. A group of us are going- we will be drinking and discussing at some local bar afterwards. All are welcome unless they are planning to rob a few drunk libertarians.

  • prolefeed||

    The local libertarian group in Hawaii is catching the 7:20 showing at the Dole Cannery Theaters near the Iwilei CursedCo -- having dessert afterwards.

    All are welcome with us, too, with the "NIOF" proviso Spencer noted above, which seems kind of redundant with an Atlas Shrugged movie-going crowd.

  • Hank||

    7:20 on Friday in Hawaii... Isn't that like November 8th here on the mainland?

  • prolefeed||

    Not sure what you meant by that, unless you were talking about the time zone diff.

  • ||

    allllmost considering making the drive over from Frisco to join you folks.

  • Hank||

    But will there be titties?

  • Union Leech||


  • prolefeed||

    It wasn't playing in Hawaii, but I emailed the local theater about wanting to see it and how I thought there was enough market demand for it to be profitable, and a couple days later they opened up a single screen in downtown Honolulu.

    Dunno if I was the only one, but if it isn't showing near you, try emailing a similar request.

  • ||

    It wsn't showing in Albany, NY according to the website a week ago when I sent my request to Regal to have it on one Capital Area screen and we got it. I'm sure I wasn't the only one but it feels good to make an impact.

    Now back to thinking everything is hopeless.

  • DRM||

    Gah. None anywhere near El Paso.

  • Alec||

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