If You Like Eating What You Want, Check Out "Keep Food Legal"


Reason contributor Baylen Linnekin is heading up a new nonprofit devoted the libertarian principle of "culinary freedom."

Here's an excerpt from Keep Food Legal's mission statement:

We believe that every American should have the right to grow, raise, produce, buy, sell, cook, and eat the foods of their own choosing, including everything from raw milk to trans fats, hemp to soda, and foie gras to Four Loko. We also support ending agricultural subsidies, which distort the market and help lead to problems like obesity and environmental degradation. We do not and will not advocate in favor of any particular dietary choices, nor in favor of any political party, ideology, or candidate.

More here.

Note: I'm on the board of directors of KFL. Go here for a full list.

Check out Linnekin's recent Reason story on the underground lobster-roll economy in New York. And watch him discuss a cooking competition called the "Duckathalon" which features the "Testicle Festival":