Reason Writers on The Alyona Show: Matt Welch Talks Lindsey Graham and Free Speech During Wartime


And also utters the memorable phrase "Governor whatshisface." Video is from last night:

NEXT: "Name one person who won or lost an election because they didn't get a budget resolution passed."

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  1. It is more than free speech and limiting to that issue is oversimplified. My angle:

  2. And also utters the memorable phrase “Governor whatshisface.”

    I first read that as “Governor Whistleface.” Which for some reason I like a lot better.

    1. How ’bout ‘Governor Asswhistle’?

  3. Republican expresses disdain for the constitution.

  4. Damn she’s hot. Mmmm mmmm mmmm.

    The chick hosting the show is pretty cute too.

    1. don’t be fooled. The camera takes about 40 lbs off of welchie.

  5. Since most of my life the US government has been involved in some sort of war I guess those who say we have no freedom of speech during wartime are saying I have never had the right during my lifetime. And I don’t have the right to say that the wars should stop.

  6. “Now the next ten lunatics are going to be doing this to get a call from the president.”

    Sign me up!

  7. It’s kind of wierd that anybody would conclude that a Florida preacher’s idea of performance art puts American troops in danger. It was the US government the put the troops in Afghanistan, not the preacher.

    And, WTF are the American troops supposed to be doing in Afghanistan anyway? The ostensible mission is to build a nation over there, which first requires that the Afghanis be civilized. If they can’t be behave when their mere sensibilities are offended by some guy 8000 miles away, what are the odds forming a nation-state in a geographic region occupied by clan-oriented tribal peoples of various languages and ethnic groups with an 8th century concept of the world?

    And, blasphemy and apostasy with respect to Islam are capital crimes in the Afghanistan under the regime installed by the US government. These certainly are not American values. Just what kind of nation-building is the US government trying to accomplish? Taliban-lite?

    Make no mistake: it is the US government — specifically bozos like Bush, McCain, Obama, Graham, Lieberman, etc. –that puts the troops in danger in places like Afghanistan. And it is the US government and its bozos that threaten to extinguish American values like freedom of speech over here.

    1. Just a question:
      Are we in a declared war?
      The novice might think so, what with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Labia (when will these gender wars end?), and bombling and killing and what not.
      But these aren’t actually declared wars are they?

      1. Some would say that committing an act of war is essentially a declaration of war, whether you wish to call it that or not.

  8. Wow! Alyona has nice gams as well.

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