The Subsidy Palin Makes Is the Subsidy Palin Takes


A movie? About me?!

In 2008, Sarah Palin, then the Governor of Alaska, signed into law a special tax credit for filmmakers operating in her state. The bill also allocated $350,000 to the Alaska Film Incentive Program. The intent, according to the Alaska Daily News, was to "bring movie-making back to Alaska." 

Who's benefiting from that tax subsidy now? According to The Tax Foundation, none other than Sarah Palin:

Small government crusader and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin's TLC reality show "Sarah Palin's Alaska" received a $1.2 million subsidy from the state of Alaska. The show spent $3.6 million on production in the state, meaning that Alaskan taxpayers covered a third of the cost of the show. The show will apparently not have a second season.

(Via Timothy Carney.)

Read Reason's Tim Cavanaugh on state-based film subsidies here. Read my take on the subsidized Battle: Los Angeles here

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  1. We have similar bullshit subsidies in Connecticut, and I don’t even want to know how many of my tax dollars were spent to give me the following dubious bragging rights: “Hey, remember the ‘corpses float downriver’ scene in the Tom Cruise War of the Worlds remake? He filmed that in the very same town where I lived at the time! Wheee!”

    1. To quote Lawrence Olivier in Marathon Man : Is it safe?

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          1. I know, right? They all fear me so much… me, a simple entertainer of children and the elderly.

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                2. Two words: propane torch.

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  2. Tax credit != subsidy
    Lost revenue != cost

    1. You Betcha

    2. Not necessarily.

      In general, I agree with you that the failure to tax an activity is not in and of itself a subsidy. But issuing a “tax credit” often goes beyond merely refraining from taxing.

      Often the credits in question end up vastly exceeding a particular firm’s own tax liability, so they end up selling the credit to another firm with a larger liability.

      Essentially that means that the state has written the credited firm a negotiable instrument.

      It’s pretty hard to not see that as a subsidy, even if it is invented out of whole cloth rather than coming from general revenues.

      1. News to me. I’ve never heard of an individual or a company being permitted to sell its unused tax credits to some other entity. Usually they can be carried forward to another year, but nothing more.

        1. Or carried backwards to a previous year.

    3. A targeted tax credit really does not seem to be any different from a subsidy, especially if it pays you when it exceeds the burden of the tax. If it doesn’t exceed the burden of the tax, they are more or less the exact same as well, since in the end it’s the same outcome whether the government hands me a check for $1000 now and I pay a full tax burden, or sets my taxes $1000 lower than another person making the same amount of money as I.

    4. Tax credit != subsidy
      Lost revenue != cost

      Technically true, but they have virtually the same effect. Losing your high-paying job is not an expense, but you’d be crazy to say it doesn’t negatively impact your financial situation in much the same way.

  3. See? That bridge went somewhere.

  4. I’m sure the folks at FoxNews will be asking her about this on her next appearance.

    Oh, and Peter. You guys were on a streak of 2 hot chicks in a row (*one was headless). You had to kill it with this pic. Thanks, asshole.

    1. I doubt that in 2008, Sarah Palin hatchede this as a plot to undrewrite some of the production costs of a TV show yet to be concieved. She didn’t hit the national scene until late August, 2008.

      1. I know, but still. There’s a lot of hypocrisy in what she did. Accepting film subsidies you created to fund a project is hardly what I’d call “Going Rogue.”

        It reminds me of the hypocrisy Michael Moore exhibits when he uses non-union techs for his films and sends post-production work overseas to avoid union scale.

        1. Still don’t see how it’s hypocrisy. Dumb policy, maybe, but not hypocrisy.

          She likes the idea of using tax credits to lure industry to the state. Then she brought industry to the state, using tax credits. Unless she’s come out against tax credits, or planned it all out in advance for personal gain (unlikely), there is nothing hypocritical about it.

        2. “”There’s a lot of hypocrisy in what she did.””

          As Gov of Alaska she said it was part of her job to bring federal tax dollars to her state.

          Hypocrisy would be her claiming non-interest in accepting your tax dollars.

  5. Do pornos get subsidized?

    1. Can’t really say, but there are other perks.

  6. I find that obviously photoshopped image of Palin offensive to women and western civilization as a whole!!!

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      1. Does this mean you will not be hiring me as your gigolo?

        Plus it is pretty easy to satisfy a women without the use of a cock…hard or soft.

      2. Sounds like someone is sexually ignorant. There is more than one way to skin a pussy cat.

        1. Rather has a hard time getting men to go down there.

          Rather, I suggest some shaving and perhaps dealing with that decade long yeast infection.

  7. So basically, you are implying that she signed a law that the Alaska legislature passed in order to benefit herslf two years later. If she can see two years into the future, I definitely want her to be President. Besides, it was The Learning Channel that received the subsidy. How many Alaskans did they employ during production? You are a real loon.

    1. I think the point is, ideologically she should be against subsidies, but freely takes advantage of them when convenient. Like me and prostitutes.

      1. and all those wingnut farmers in iowa

      2. “Should be?” She’s obviously not against tax breaks used to lure industries into the state. That might be disappointing to some, but it’s not hypocrisy.

        1. But since Alaska is one of the biggest gobblers at the federal spigot, they’re really not in a position to be granting anyone tax breaks, methinks.

          1. Why not? Does an Alaska tax credit increase federal spending? No.

            1. “Does an Alaska tax credit increase federal spending? No.”

              Really? You actually believe that? I’ll leave you to it; if you’re naive enough to think that the state will instead responsibly control it’s spending, rather than simply ask for more federal money to make up for what they lack, then we have nothing further to discuss.

              1. So you think that if Alaska raised taxes instead, the feds would stop sending them so much money?

                Who is the naive one here?

          2. The Federal Government owns like 90% of Alaska. What the government doesn’t own, it regulates the crap out of. It’s kinda of hard to blame Alaska for taking Federal tax dollars. Besides, those per capita subsidies are always calculated in a way to make the handout whores in NY feel like victims. How much of the financial sector bailouts ended up in NYC? Rent seeking NY turds. Always cooking the books.

        2. That is an impure thought.

      3. So Jim, you are saying Palin is a Ayn Rand Libertarian?

    2. Palin is a diabolical genius who planned this all years in advance. She foresaw that she would be selected as VP running mate while mayor of Wasilla before the 2nd Bush term, and unleashed a series of plans which included pretending to give birth to her daughter’s baby, framing her sister’s abusive ex-husband, and being the only person in history to ever use the term “blood libel” outside of a biblical context. Her plans within plans will soon come to fruitionand she will destroy the world.

      Also, she’s a stupid idiot who doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together.

  8. Missouri is thankfully in the middle of getting rid of this sop to the entertainment biz, with defenders of the tax credit bleating that it’s not really a subsidy and doesn’t really cost the state money, both of which are demonstrably false.

    What it comes down to is the Beautiful People in St. Louis wanting to rub elbows with show biz grandees.

    1. Beautiful people? In St. Louis? Surely you jest.

      1. Surely the Busch clan has enough money to, er, improve the bloodline.

  9. musnt listen to socialist p a l i n

    1. crack a window

      1. whoa – so palin’s a socialist crack ho?

        1. Are you a goblin, or just uneducated?

          1. Is there a difference?

            1. A sub-human goblin would know grammar and punctuation better than that.

  10. Lost revenue != cost

    There’s that.

    But “me != those crackers” supersedes all mere libertarianism.

    There’s a war on.

  11. Idiots in Cleveland are excited that The Avengers is going to be filmed here. I can’t fucking wait for the tax-subsidized traffic clusterfucks, personally.

    1. I remember when they were filming a movie here in p-burgh with Giovanni Ribisi in it and every ranch dressing slurping yinzer was creaming there jeans over it…


      I live in the neighborhood where they were shooting some scenes and one night I was on the way to work, in a big hurry, and while walk-running I plowed over Mr. Ribisi.

      He actually apologized to me when it was my fault, nice guy.

      1. 10th & Wolf? You are an old-timer, aren’t you!

        Don’t ask how much IMDB scouring I had to do to find that out.

        1. Yup, back when the ss was filled with punks, junkies, and wierdos. Long before the invasion of the douchebag college boyz.


          You could of asked which movie it was, I would have told you.

          1. Sorry, I have some trust issues. What’s with the comment dividers, anyway?

    2. no traffic clusterfucks….. HIGH SPEED RAILZ INZTEADS!!!1!!!1!!111!!!!

    3. That doesn’t bode well for The Avengers. The last superhero movie filmed here in Cleveland was Spider-Man 3…

  12. If it weren’t for the tax credits, they’d have filmed it in Toronto, and all the key grips in Alaska would have been shit out of luck.

  13. Wow, an actual pic of Palin herself, with her head on her own body. Or is that just another Photoshop?

  14. Small government crusader and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin’s TLC reality show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” received a $1.2 million subsidy from the state of Alaska. The show spent $3.6 million on production in the state, meaning that Alaskan taxpayers covered a third of the cost of the show. The show will apparently not have a second season.

    You know, watching that show, I thought to myself: What a nice rack this woman has. Then I saw her teenage girl in short shorts… and had dirty thoughts.

    So I am fine with the fact there won’t be a second season…

  15. I think we need subsidies for “Nailin’ Palin – Part II”

  16. So would if be easier to get all fifty governors not to seek federal money to subsidize a certain industry knowing that if they don’t take it, it will probably be spent in another state, or to get the federal government to stop budgeting money to be spent on certain industries in the first place? Shit she was acting in the interest of her state for crying out loud. And Suderman, before you appear on TV again, comb your hair and wipe that stupid grin off your face.

  17. The Palin threads don’t bring ’em in like they used to, eh Suderman.

    Maybe try something on Islam, Christianity, and their similarities; watch the comments pile up as everybody whips themselves into a Jesus based rage.

    1. Most disappointingly, Chony and their ilk are nowhere to be seen to admit that Reason pokes fun at conservoqueens too. Sigh.

      1. Yes, but to (shudder) be fair to Tony, there are usually people on here defending conservatives when they’re made fun of. There are some in this thread. Hell, there were even some defending that nutjob radio host from the story yesterday. When leftists are attacked, we don’t split, like we do when cons are attacked; the defense is left wholly up to Tony & MNG. Notice I did not say Shrike, because I don’t believe he adds anything to any conversation, bushpigs christfags somalia roads.

        1. I don’t know about that — quite a few non-liberal regulars have stuck up for Glen Greenwald, for instance.

    2. They wear funny hats?

    3. A Jesus based rage is the wholesome, Christian alternative to meth or PCP fueled rages.

      It’s the family friendly rage!

      1. There’s a radio station here locally that’s the christian station, and advertises itself on all the bumber stickers and billboards as family friendly. It’s 94.something, KLTY. That’s right, if you say it out loud, the family friendly christian radio network is “the clity”.

  18. TV and movie-makers may not have a significant tax liability in Alaska but can sell their credits at a discount to corporations that do. The tax revenue would have otherwise gone into state coffers.

    “We couldn’t steal it! Bwaaaaaaa!”

  19. Hey, wasn’t this chick the one Donderoooooooo was always masterbating too because she was the next True Libertarian?

  20. Picking nits…

    It’s the Anchorage Daily News not the Alaska Daily News.

  21. I think I resent the use of the word subsidy to describe a tax break.

    It is a left wing word implying that the money is not the business or individual in the first place.

    How is not stealing other people’s money a subsidy?

    Note: This in no way signifies my support of the practice of targeted tax breaks. I don’t like government choosing winners and losers and the use of this trick I feel is a violation of the 14 amendment. Taxing your enemies and giving tax breaks to your friends is not equal protection under the law….it is decidedly unequal.

    1. Here we go with the semantics again.

      The effect is the same as if you paid the taxes that everyone else has to and then got a check from the govt.

      1. Here we go with the semantics again.

        How you frame a discussion is important. You may not like…hell i don’t like it but is. I don’t like cancer either but that does not make it go away.

        Framing debates does effect policy. Calling an inheritance tax a “Death Tax” does change minds. Calling Obamacare a “government take over of health care” does change minds.

        The left does it the right does it…and as much as I hate it the statists are winning at least in part because they are better at it then we are.

        Semantics matter…hate them all you want but at least admit that they are important and need to be addressed and countered.

        1. Why are you countering semantics to defend a policy that you don’t agree with?

          1. Cuz i feel safe and among friends.

            I am simply trying to point out that using “subsidy” in this context does not help our cause.

            1. And you are right.

        2. The statists are winning because they control the state and the media, and because their positions accord with human intuition, unlike ours which require careful deduction. Not because of semantics.

        3. How you frame a discussion is important. You may not like…hell i don’t like it but is.

          Very true. Realizing that taxation is authorized by the Constitution and can not be theft is important too when framing the discussion.

          Subsidy? I’m not sure, but it is playing favorites by letting them avoid legal taxation that others must pay. Having said that, when it becomes the lords money, the lords can do what they will. Those in government are not fair.

  22. I’m going to defend Palin here. She was acting as a mercantilist in the interest of the state of Alaska back in 2008. That’s what governors are actually supposed to do.

    Palin only partially edited Sarah Palin’s Alaska. She was not responsible for the actual production, although she materially benefitted from the show. TLC and her Brit producer made all the heavy cash.

    The show will, in all likelihood, have beneficial spinoff effects in the areas of tourism and settlement by outsiders who want to bring their businesses to a relatively lightly regulated state. That’s one of the reasons she signed the bill in the first place, because she wanted to pimp AK to the rest of the US through film.

    That her producers and TLC benefitted is, in the end, irrelevant to the fact that what she did will probably benefit AK in the long run, especially since the state of California has yet to cease its war against small startup film producers and other kinds of small businessmen.

    If AK chooses to be “business-friendly” while California conducts a campaign against the Kulaks and Wreckers, destroying one of the seed corn industries that made that state THE once great center of film on this planet, why are we blaming Palin here?

  23. I don’t like targeted tax anything, whether credits or penalties. The tax code should not be a tool for social engineering.

    That said, once its in the code, you might as well take advantage of what you can.

    Taking tax bennies that are in the code while opposing them in principle is not hypocrisy in my book, any more than driving 55 mph or wearing a helment on a motorcycle is hypocrisy while opposing these particular laws.

    And is not to be confused with the hypocrisy of advocating for a change in the law, like higher taxes, while refusing to act in accordance with the law that you want, by, say, making voluntary contributions to the Treasury.

    1. That said, once its in the code, you might as well take advantage of what you can.

      If too many people take advantage, the government creates a new tax saving plan for their friends in business. It becomes a dog’s breakfast of regulations

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  25. There are 2 things of which I am certain:

    1) Sarah Palin will go away if the Left stops talking about her.
    2) Al Franken is not funny.

  26. Bring production back to Alaska?

    Ah, yes, the golden age of Anchorage.

  27. This is really not money you are giving someone since the tax break is a smaller percentage of the total tax of the money they earn. It adds nothing to the total earned before the taxes so it is not additional money. However, I hate the income tax for this reason which is that it is a way for the government to induce a behavior it wants by allowing to you keep more of what you already had. It seems like government manipulating society.

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  35. Madam Palin (I’m sure my Lady won’t demand me to call you Senator, and you are neather from tedpalpatinekennedy’$ de$kS) I know how much it is to “just create like with a magicwand” Teas, townhalls, hotairs, (gov$ith’$ite$ of spies/agent DIRECTION, LIKE RINOLIPHANT (false) FOXes: politico, designed to divide like now donaldtrumpoliphant$ WHO CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY COLOMBIA TRATADE IS IMPORTANT TO STOP TERROR STATES ALIED TO AYATOLAND, HAMMAS, BLACKPANTIES, ETC$, AND WHY DEFUNDING neolibtiCAL$ logistiK$&PURSUERS; THEY ALREADY HAVE: My e-mails have being interveined and closed to me (I’m ON T USA, NOT ON cuba!! or ma noriegaland), I HELPED to inform on war on terror, specially on agents$spies “stuffs” (expl: fiu castrocombo, dade police psyco had me on a “list of crazy indessired people” “where to procede to “help me by taking me back to ma noriega’s logistic “doctors” )
    Info like this helps to JAIL MANY CASTROAGENTS ON SOFla govs and anywhere, terror logistik$ will always go after anti-terror people, the head of the collumn, terror needs logistiK$ to exist, auuthorities, starting with dadepolice, (ATTNYGRAL,PARALEGALS,CITYPREDS, “my” castrocoyote “by” local laws, using gov tortured my sister, “A GIFT FOR A NEW “MUSLIM” “parapolitikal parafamily” ahsan, 7-11’s (changed) into mulslim wtf ay gtd way, paralegaland, won my sister over bho’s amy strategist brother crazy, even texted threats against my family, imitating some of my blogging, he tryed to kill her, “police helped by taking her away to ahsan, he got her easy again, same “owner” by “family” order”, muslim, haven’t see her since 2008, and ahsan with cameras and all prepared a drug/scenne, my sister and I passed that, but the family ordered by police to “just leave her to the new owner”, SHE’s his” you heard me RADIOPRINCES JOYCECALFLAN?, SHARIA LAW!! ALREADY!!, AGAINST FAMILY OF A TEAPARTY&TOWNHALL; PIONEER, A new activist, from a band of BLOGGERs, from different worlds than neolibtiK$ or rinoliphants, God oriented instead of DEMagog$, Tea MINDS IDEAS… THAT ALSO… BECOME TRUE!!, I DON’t want you Tealeaves or any movement being treated the same they do on soFla terror logistik santuary for being just opposed to bho’s&the; castrotedpalpatinekennedy 30 Ayers old nets, where anamontes, bho appointed komuni(broken)$tik$, c$arumenlogistiK$, or the castrocoyote army, gov warg$, na$gulblogger$, agents/mayors,gralattnys,politicians,commi$$ioneer$, rinoliphant$ or “just more than orK$ like (“my” LOURDEZMARTINEZ (singlename HELPED by judge jadira pedrasa, offc dominic, cptn noel, BUT ANY AUTHORITY WHO CAME TO “FOLLOW UP ME AND IGNORED THE AGENTS ARROUND ME EVEN WHEN casatrocoyote martinez’s “pastors” have being jailed MANY TIMES BY FBI, CIA, AND… RELESASSED BY LOCAL OR ACORN BHO AUUUTHORITIES!!, and comming against me or my sister or any who helpes me, FOR CASTRO GOV LOGISTICS “REVENGES” (and they insult saying: yes!, castro,ma noriega,chavez logistics, and as ted used to say: WTF AY GTD?) wao!, I “have” next pc A GANG newBLACK PANTER rapping as a MUSLIM CHANCTICS, one day… “the white men will pay… for not to be under sharia law… “sure” imbeciles, no longer “invisibles”…
    Any auuthority who kept just watching and did nothing on the castrocoyote megacrimes against me, my family, my wherever I go, the mayoral police protected and covered who tryed many times to paralegaly linch me, gunpointed after I (decades experienced oppositor to terror) “survived the level” or “step” “on the terror logistik$ “order”, all the forced labor (MY JOB AS ANTI-TERROR PROPAGANDIST&STRATEGIST; AD HONOREM) MANY TIMES TO CRIMES SELFDECLARED ON MY FACE AS TERROR PUNISHMENT AND STILL!! TO MY BLOODLINE FAMILY, a castrocoyote with decades o BAILEDOUT TRILLION$, NOT IRAQ WAR FEW BILLS SPENT on a n army of castrocoyote stepmothers? other orK$ owners of the family, JEFES, AUUTHORITIES…

  36. Madam Palin, my Eowin (means I win in Elvish), the magicwands don’t necerary need to be very articulated… I think neather clean… at war…
    remember we fight decades experienced terror logistik agent/spies used even to jail any “voices opposed on “legal doctor/police orders stablishments”, they “just” using govresources get anyone sick/killed in hospitals/police psyco punishment (my sister was also under this, they got worst on me after fiu castrogov miamidade authority psyco-recluiter/trainner/mayoral varez’s “recomendations”, gralauuutornity IGNORED IT TILL TODAY, they have sodomik$ on soFla, so “legal” sodomy santuary promoted, they study… “legalcrime”, “criminal… justice”, they talk like hiphop, they grow extra armies to join castrocoyotes based on jiphop rap etc. sodomy, “strong man”, “changed man”, from education, travesti, (I remember Albert the selfdeclared nazi school teacher paralegal gay-cheaptreacks to at list take me to a psycodoc I blogged, “what I am thinking”? of the rights to kill if can/jail any preds trying to rape any man?,
    why? because of, a pred who can rape a man… HAVE A BANQUET WITH LILGIRLS, WOMEN, etc… AAAAND: I ALSO THINK THEY JUSt KILL ThE lilgirl to not to be IDed!!
    an ad of “labor” oportunities… you know adoctrination comes along, “any” adoctrination from that fraudbox bho acuaman “powers” (because he’s not underwater, and everybody knows acuaman powers work only under water, specialy on the mortgage “$ea”, unforgetable on a rinoliphant/c$aruman land “managings”: “the prof even kicked me”… “I needed it”…

  37. ubsidy now? According to The

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