Reasoners on the Tube: Len Gilroy on Freedom Watch, Talking Snoozing Air Traffic Controllers


Leonard Gilroy, Director of Government Reform at Reason Foundation, appeared on Fox Business' Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano to discuss the recent case in which an air traffic supervisor fell asleep in his tower. Gilroy says that the problem is lack of accountability, a byproduct of a government-run FAA. Air date: March 24, 2011.

Approximately 4 minutes. 

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And for a workable alternative to the current air-traffic control system, watch "Your Flight Has Been Delayed—And It's Washington's Fault!":

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  1. That’s not the most flattering image one can come up with. He looks like a scared Nicolas Sarkozy.

    1. Napolitano looks like a fucking ape. Why are right wingers invariably painful to look at?

      1. And the lefties are any better? You like seeing Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Chuckie Schumer?

        1. Or, worst of all, Henry Waxman.

          1. To be fair, Waxman is half pig.

      2. Mirror mirror on the wall, why is Edward the ugliest of them all?

      3. The pet yorkie barked.

        1. Hey, I resemble that remark !

  2. Shouldn’t the ATC just get fired, or at least suspended? The excuse was he was tired after working four night shifts in a row. Big damn deal. Welcome to life.

    1. Re: Joe M,

      Welcome to life.

      Government and Unions are meant to shield one from life. Don’t you see???

  3. [On] the recent case in which an air traffic supervisor fell asleep in his tower[,] Gilroy says that the problem is lack of accountability, a byproduct of a government-run FAA.

    I thought the problem was a lack of sleep…

  4. Mexican wrestler battles topless vampires in ‘lost’ film…..lost-film/

    1. I love El Santo movies. They’re absolutely nonsensical and utterly batshit insane……but man they’re so much FUN!

  5. Oh Beaker, why did you leave Muppet Labs to go work for the Kochs?

    Was it something I said? Something I did? Please call me, we can work something out.

    I miss you.

    Dr. BunHoney

    P.S. Those elocution experiments really paid off. So….you’re welcome.

    1. Perfect.

  6. Fuck public airports and government control of the air travel industry.

  7. Where’s the chick in the short red skirt?

    Oh, and I guess nobody ever falls asleep in the private sector, except for, you know, that Chinatown bus driver, where, you know, nine people were killed! Whatever you want to say about our government-controlled air travel, it’s safe.

    1. Yeah, you are right but the bus company is going to get its ass sued off. Now if a plane had crashed at Reagan, would the feds get sued or would it be the airline company ?

  8. I find it kind of funny that this incompetent air traffic controller works at Reagan airport.

  9. Okay. I like Nav Canada but simply giving one company a monopoly on ATC doesn’t seem like capitalism.

    I’ve done almost all my flying in Canada. I wonder if any usa pilots have recently:

    1. done an NDB approach

    2. flown IFR in uncontrolled airspace. I do this often with no separation provided by ATC. If you look at our LO charts its all of the green parts on the map. Which means I am often put in a 20 minute hold when I trying to get in an airport because its one airplane in and one out.

    3. Last time I shot a WAAS approach was in wichita kansas. haven’t seen any up in Canada but maybe there are some.

    We still have delays here. Yesterday I saw air canada jazz sit on the ramp after pushback waiting for a flow time in to calgary.

    so a controller fell asleep in a tower. remember those two Northwest pilots that fell asleep? They were a private company weren’t they before Delta bought them out?

  10. I definitely think that controller should be disciplined hard – or get the sack. The truth is that the media understands so little about how aviation actually works that they think the world will end if an airplane lands at a field with no controller. This is just not so. There are hundreds of airports where the tower closes at certain times, usually at night.

    If DCA really gets that few operations at night, I’m not at all sure why they even need one tower controller, much less another one.

    1. It’s truly laughable, the ignorance of the media, when it comes to aviation. Many airports are uncontrolled 24/7. There was no danger here.

      No need for a controller at night, really. No reason the gov’t should be doing air traffic control. Even Canada’s air traffic control is private.

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