Ominous Enviro News Updates


There might be more fresh oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico; meanwhile, the Feds are reportedly gagging marine biologists from releasing info on dolphin deaths possibly related to last year's spill:

The gag order was contained in an agency letter informing outside scientists that its review of the dolphin die-off, classified as an "unusual mortality event (UME)," had been folded into a federal criminal investigation launched last summer into the oil spill.

"Because of the seriousness of the legal case, no data or findings may be released, presented or discussed outside the UME investigative team without prior approval," the letter, obtained by Reuters, stated.

On problems associated with industrial civiliation's other main way of powering itself, Fukushima iodine-131 release levels have reached 73 percent of Chernobyl, and cesium-137 release levels 60 per cent of Chernobyl, with the ongoing situation "still very unpredictable," says Japan's prime minister.