Reason Morning Links: Looming Stalemate in Libya, Yemen's Government on Verge of Collapse, First U.S. Face Transplant


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  1. Anyone know when capitol l’s birthday is? I have a present for him.

    The Q Guide to The Golden Girls (Pop Culture Out There Guide)

    1. I wasn’t born. I was initiated from an egg of liberty deep within the seventh circle of the libertarian party headquarters.

      1. Dude, the jig’s up. We know you emerged full-grown from one of the primordial soups in the Monongahela.

        1. so that’s where yinzers come from!

          1. Yinzers are grown on giant petri dishes filled with ranch dressing.

            1. Don’t forget the steak fries on top.

      2. Well we could celebrate your growth-scraping day…

    1. So the article makes a big deal about her part in a bill that “would fire federal employees if they are “seriously delinquent” in paying their own federal taxes?”

      ….yet the delinquency was on state taxes. That doesn’t make it right; it just makes the article’s point about the attack ad gibberish.

      The much better point would be that she was a state auditor yet neglected her own state personal property taxes.

      1. She forgot to pay property taxes on a significant asset. Sure, it was “only” the state taxes, but what are the odds that this is the only such “oversight”?

        1. Nah, I hear ya – I just think the author of the article did a shitty job conflating the two premises. Saying you forgot to pay personal property taxes on a Nissan Sentra wouldn’t make it alright either.

          1. The real issue is property taxes in the first place. Fuck ’em, it’s like paying rent on shit you bought and paid for.

            1. Yeah. I actually can understand the weird libertarian sects that believe government should be funded through nothing but land taxes — land is the one thing that defines a government’s boundaries and power in defacto terms, moreso than people, or ideals, or laws, or anything like that.

              Taxing the stuff on the land is a little sketchier, and has some negative economic consequences. And taxing vehicles is ridiculous. May as well just tax all personal wealth. If they aren’t insuring it, they’ve got no fucking right.

  2. GOP Claim Regarding Obamacare and Union Favoritism Partly True at Best…..l?hpid=z10

    1. Wow that’s some strawman he took down there. Really showed that innuendo he inferred who’s boss. Looks like Obamacare might not disproportionately favor unions in the waiver area, guys, guess that kills all of our arguments against the law. Time to accept socialized medicine.

      1. We could also just narrowly define GOP to mean ‘those people who aren’t making this claim’ and then argue that the GOP isn’t making this claim at all.

        1. No TRUE Scotsman Republican made those claims!

          1. Excuse me?

            1. Sup.

  3. CREW sues for Arne Duncan documents
    …The documents are important because they could show the extent of involvement by Wall Street short sellers at the top levels of the agency in a bitter fight over strict new regulations of the for-profit education sector….

  4. Claire, Claire, What Are You Thinking?

    uri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill admitted Monday that she had failed to pay about $287,000 in back taxes and will sell a private plane that has created considerable controversy as she prepares to run for a second term in 2012.

    In the wake of a Politico report that had billed the government for her travel on the aircraft, she quickly reimbursed taxpayers for the trips, hoping to avoid a protracted political problem.
    But, it was then revealed that she had billed taxpayers for a purely political trip ? deepening her potential exposure on the issue.

    1. She was thinking about tax law the same way she thinks about the Constitution – rules are for the cattle and not for Progressives. If you’re the Progressive end result of all of human intellectual and moral Progress, how can you be limited by rules set by the less evolved?

      1. She was thinking about tax law the same way she thinks about the Constitution – rules are for the cattle and not for Progressives.

        I’ll give MNG credit for his lack of partisan commentary in his post. Where is Tony to defend this “coincidental” congressional oversight? At the Adult’s Table?

        1. The Adult’s Table – is that some kind of strip club/supper club with a permanent Thanksgiving Dinner theme?

          1. I still have two hours before lunch, you fucker. Now I’m starving.

            1. Something tells me one picture of you would destroy the notion that you’ve ever starved a single day in your life.

              1. If I wasn’t currently choking down a quart of butterscotch pudding, I’d kill you for that remark.

    2. It gets worse, MNG:…..paign.html

      More than six years ago, Claire McCaskill was embroiled in another fight over the political use of airplanes — except in that case, she was raising the issue against her opponent.

      During the crescendo of her primary challenge to Gov. Bob Holden in July 2004, then-state auditor McCaskill ran an ad showing an airplane circling around the outline of Missouri, slamming the governor for “taking over 300 taxpayer funded trips on the state airplane.”

      Yep… hypocrisy. Go figure.

  5. We have a goal in Libya besides more target practice?

    1. Isn’t showing the resoluteness of The Lightbringer enough?

      1. As long as Stormbringer doesn’t show up.


    2. Providing General Dynamics with some much needed revenue? 110 fired Tomahawks, that cost about $1 million each…

      1. How on earth are Tomahawk missiles still costing $1,000,000 a piece? That has been the advertised price of them for as long as I can remember. hasn’t some sort of economies of scale kicked in to drive their cost down?

        1. Monopoly over both supply and demand.

      2. More like $600,000 each. I suggest the bill be sent to the Commander and Thief and, if he doesn’t pay, garnish his salary and put a lien against his future income (book royalties, speaking engagements, basketball winnings, etc.)

    3. There is not even anyone in charge of what’s going on in Libya

      The UN authorized it but did not put anyone in charge. So any country in the world can fire up their bombers and attack in the name of protecting civilians

    4. Shock and awe?

    1. It’s too bad he appears to like working vacations. I had hoped that with all the golf and leisure travel The One would have less time to muck things up – seems I was mistaken.

    2. I wonder if they are planning to visit Michelle’s ancestral homeland, the Amazon River.

      1. I thought the Amazons lived on Paradise Island and spent all day sparring, hating men, and taking steam baths together.

      2. I thought that her ancestral home was Kashyyyk.

  6. German magazine posts photos of U.S. soldiers posting with dead Afghan civilians.

    Is this the hope or the change?

    1. considering lil w was in office at the time, its “mission accomplished” !

      1. George Bush was still President in 2009?

        The photos are among several hundred the Army has sought to keep under wraps as it prosecutes five members of the 5th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, for the alleged murders of three unarmed Afghan civilians last year. The photographs published by Der Spiegel were among those covered by a judicial protective order issued by a military judge, prohibiting their public release.…..story.html

        Do the liberal troll factories even try anymore before handing out talking points?

        1. Didn’t you hear? All wars are the fault of Republicans and they can all be traced back to the puppet W and his handler Cheney. It’s a fact! Now leave Britney ALOOOOOONE!

        2. One of the guys was named “Morlock”? Did they have pictures of him eating the bodies? Having eaten a couple of MREs I could understand his motivation.

          1. Three words will refute your comment: Peanutbutter and Jelly

            Of course, every other MRE will support your point…but that is irrelevant.

        3. But u see, these guys were recruited during the lil w yrs.

    2. Where is Joe to tell us they were acting on Joe Biden’s orders.

      1. To be fair to joe, a man that wears a toupee that bad is capable of anything. Anything.

        1. That makes me think about potential GOP nominee Donald Trump. In some sense I think he is an amalgam candidate. He has the (unaided) hair of Mitch Daniels, the attention whoring and intellect of Sarah Palin, the marital fidelity of Gingrich, the principles of Mitt Romney, all rolled into one.

          1. I don’t know why Trump would do that. The media will dig into every aspect of his life: the women, the shady real estate deals, the inevitable mafia connections (or, at least, contacts). A huge waste of money just to be hated by 40% of the country.

            1. Trump has literally never had a successful business in his life. God only knows the kind of shady deals he has been involved in. Only someone as stupid and as arrogant as him could think having a past like his subjected to the scrutiny of a presidential campaign is a good idea.

              1. Trump has literally never had a successful business in his life. God only knows the kind of shady deals he has been involved in.

                Sadly, that’s not widely seen as a disqualifier for public service?

              2. His TV show is successful.

                Of course, “Jersey Shore,” is, too. So I rank Trump as the intellectual and moral equal of such people as “Snooki” and “The Situation”.

                1. Also, as Abdul pointed out, a track record of dismal failure is not a hindrance. W didn’t exactly have a stellar CV…

                  1. He was not a terrible governor, and Ann Richards was pretty popular when W beat her to take the governorship.

              3. Stupid and arrogant: perfectly qualified.

              4. scrutiny of a Republican presidential campaign

                You missed a word John.

              5. Doesn’t “The Apprentice” count?

          2. it’s win-win-win-win… whew.

          3. I heard him fumble when Howard Stern asked him about vacuous women. Really dude? Even in context you didn’t know what that meant?

  7. U.S.-led forces near goal in Libya, but it’s not clear what happens next.

    I’m guessing what will happen is that the West will continue to impose a no fly zone indefinitely and the rebels will consolidate control of the eastern part of the country while Gadhafi remains in power in the west. It will be like what happened with the Kurds in Iraq after Gulf War I.

    1. Like I’ve been saying, the lateness of the decision made for the worst of all possible worlds in some sense. There would have been many drawbacks to a no-fly zone even if established sooner, but it would at least have had the stated desired benefit of keeping the rebels big mo going.

    2. NATO will end up acting as an air force for inept rebels. As that becomes clear we will end up arming, training and feeding them too. Quagmire.

      1. Agree with Tim. The “rebels” are a freaking joke. We will have “trainers”, etc. in there before too long. What a disaster.

        1. I knew we were fucked when CNN started running the Milporn.

          1. “and in this video we see a million dollar Raytheon missile completely destroy a 65 year old soviet tank.”

            1. [THIS]

          2. Yeah. My first thought – I’ve seen this movie before and I don’t like how it ends. Actually it doesn’t end.

        2. The “rebels” are a freaking joke.

          They were doing pretty well with no help from us until Gidqulfe got his mercenaries organized.

          1. Gidqulfe

            This is perilously close to “gefilte.” Are you purposely trying to get some sort of secular fatwa?

    3. I think they’re just kind of hoping that Muammar will conveniently croak and his idiot sons will not be able to consolidate power.

      The best that can be said is that they have let events run away with them.

    1. David Weigel

      1. Who are you voting for in November? I’ve got the luxury of a guilt-free, zero-impact vote in the District of Columbia, which I would cast for Bob Barr if he was on the ballot. Since he’s not, I’m voting for Barack Obama, the only remaining candidate whom I trust not to run the country (further) into the ground with stupid and erratic decisions,…

      E-mails reveal Post reporter savaging conservatives, rooting for Democrats

      …Republicans? “Ratfucking [Obama] on every bill.” Palin? Tried to “ratfuck” a moderate Republican in a contentious primary in New York. Limbaugh? Used “ratfucking tactics” in urging Republican activists to vote for Hillary Clinton in open primaries after Obama had all but beat her for the Democratic nomination….

      …In the e-mails, Weigel appeared particularly invested in the President’s health care law, expressing undisguised scorn for moderate Democrats who seemed fearful about voting for it….

      1. If only David Weigel would write an article on The Golden Girls, then all my obsessions could become one.

      2. that is a lot of rat-fucking. What did the poor rats ever do?

      3. We can safely say that Weigel’s tastes do not run toward the ovis.

        He’s more of a murinae-type of guy.

    2. Of course, Weigel’s entirely right. If those who make and enforce the laws let you get away with it, it is, de facto, legal. (And I, unlike Althouse, think that that’s the point Weigel was trying to make.)

      1. She has reading comprehension problems. Though she is wonderful at flying off the handle.

  8. Jarred Loughner to get a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation.

    That’s a jarring development.

    Shouldn’t it be the rightwing media and Arizona gun laws forced to get the psychiatric evaluation? I really don’t see why Loughner’s minor role in things warrants this.

  9. Education Secretary’s Proposal to Limit NCAA Tournament Appearances to Schools Making Adequate Academic Progress…..l_opinions

    Here’s a list of teams that would have been barred under the proposal…..ent/72642/

    1. Notice that The OSU is nowhere to be seen on that list. The team actually had four members graduate Sunday — they had their own commencement at Quicken Loan Arena(while I was back at the Schott watching my oldest son graduate live.)
      Looks like he’s going to Indiana U. Law. They came through with the $$$. He reports that, sportswise, however, he’ll always be a Buckeye.

      1. Why are they having The Graduation during The March?

        1. Winter Quarter graduation, for students graduating a quarter early (my son) or a few quarters late (the bb players).

          1. Oh, I forgot that some of The schools do The quarter system.

    2. Hmm, I was going to say this is a stupid idea, but then I saw it would bar Syracuse. Now I’m torn.

  10. Morehead State, Alabama State

    What does Arne Duncan have against black colleges?

    1. Morehead State isn’t even close to being a black college.

    1. Are you referring to the students or the commenters at Jezebel?

      1. Six of one, half dozen of another.

    2. I’m surprised there isn’t a pill or something she can take to not die if she sees Snoopy.

    3. I honestly don’t get the people determined to mainstream this kid.

      Beyond a certain point, the impulse to provide accomodation just becomes a determination to play Russian Roulette.

      It’s as if there was a kid out there who would keel over dead if anyone else in the room farted. Sure, you could try the “accomodation” of trying to teach the other kids not to fart. If you’re an idiot, you could try that, that is. If you’re not an idiot, you’d realize that you’re creating a situation where one 6 year old can kill another as the result of a fairly trivial momentary lapse in responsibility. I don’t want my kid to have to assume that much responsibility at 6. I also don’t want him to have to be in the room the day some other kid farts and the allergy kid blows up like the blueberry girl from Willie Wonka and then dies. Because that’s what’s coming here.

  11. One of the richest counties in America, bedroom suburb for federal bureaucrats and hardcore Democratic is going all Scott Walker on their public sector unions.

    Guess everyone is running out of money now.

    1. Jeremy Gruber, 45, worked for 20 years as a Montgomery firefighter and paramedic, rescuing the trapped, dousing flames and transporting the injured. He had been planning to retire after 25 years. But when the opportunity came early, he jumped on it. “I got there right at the wire,” he said….

      Always entrepreneurial, he moonlighted with his wife selling defibrillators. After retirement, he bought an old firehouse in Silver Spring where he once worked to start a restaurant. He opened Fire Station 1 Restaurant and Brewing Co. last year with some investors, though his timing this time was not as good.”

      I ate there once. The food was fully mediocre, but it was offset by the smoking 20-year old hostess, who was very clearly completely commando and wearing essentially an art smock.

      1. The county was paying someone 45k a year to dump coins from buses and parking meters into a counting machine. and you wonder why they have a budget problem.

        1. C’mon now, think of the occupational hazards and dangerous working conditions the coin-dumpers have been liberated from by the righteous, totally not selfish-and-greedy union bosses!

          1. Think of the Triangle Fire, only with coin-dumpers. With no union, it could happen!

            1. Metal doesn’t burn so I am doubtful…

              1. It’s the irony that burns


    I love it Gadafi is a gold bug

    1. Spo, Quadafi doesn’t trust the Fed and he is resisting an unconstitutional use of force?

      Quadafi is Arabic for Ron Paul!

      1. Quadafi is Arabic for Ron Paul!

        I thought it was Arabic for Beckerhead.

        1. It’s Arabic for “G. Gordon Liddy”

  13. An Arizona judge on Monday ordered the suspect in the January shooting rampage in Tucson to undergo a mental evaluation

    Loughner’s lawyers…wanted assurances that the evaluation doesn’t expand into a review of their client’s sanity.

    They then stipulated that the doctor who does Loughner’s physical exam neither look at nor touch his body…

  14. It’s Very bad he appears to like working vacations. I had hoped that with all the golf and leisure travel The One would have less time to muck things up – seems I was mistaken.


    combining a jet pack with skis

    1. Jet pack applications know no boundaries…just like insanity!

  16. Difficult to hear the war by the information, which is undermining the peace thing

  17. F-15 goes down in Libya. Crew members safe. US claims it was a mechanical failure that brought down the plane, not enemy fire.

    1. Mechanical failure: when warplanes commit suicide, on the next Geraldo!

    2. I’m pretty sure that makes it worse.

  18. Chubby Chaser’s Delight; wherein you will learn the definition of “chub rub.”

    1. I was hoping for some better pics. Next time don’t get my hopes so high.

      1. James- Google “plumpers,”and you’ll have all the pics you want, and then some…

        1. Good choice, one formerly known as Prince.

          1. Yes, you and RockAction made a good case for the new handle. I like both the Simpsons and Repo Man references. Also, that symbol triggered the spam guard.

            1. Is that you, BP? Dammit, I like emailing you penguin porn.

              1. The Penguin is no more. Welcome to Otto, the Palindromic One!

            2. “Otto”

              I fucking hate palindromes.

    2. Skinny lips, killer lashes @LaComtesse promoted by LaComtesse Mon 21 Mar 2011 4:38 PM
      I invested in a corset over the weekend. I love how it disguises my love of sugary foods.

      Sure it does, sweetie.

      1. I invested in a corset over the weekend. I love how it disguises my love of sugary foods.

        And how it impedes inhalation and ,more importantly, exhalation. Reduction in CO2 emission. It’s a Green approved garment.

        1. What I can’t understand is how she trained a bunch of cats to lace up a corset.

          1. *guffaw*

      2. Its the powdered-sugar mustache that still gives it away.

  19. New from “Who Wants to Live Forever? Dr. Stephen Coles on the Secrets of the World’s Oldest People.”

    I can’t watch the video because I’m at work. At what point does Dr. Coles get his head slashed off by a claymore?

    1. There can be only one.

      1. I have something to say: it’s better to burn out than to fade away!

        1. Look back at the endless travesties of your life, and you’ll see me, always there waiting in the shadows. When friends and lovers are wiped from your sight, I’m there. When those you cherish die abruptly and for no reason, I’m there for you.

  20. We shouldn’t complain that the Obama administration has no clear goals for the new war on Libya. There’s an absolutely vital goal at stake, an important paradigm shift:

    A world where Obama can wear pseudo-military garb (like a bomber jacket) in public without provoking peals of derisive laughter.

    It will be a long slog (hence the name “Odyssey Dawn”) but hey, we’re Americans! We can do anything!

    1. I repeat myself:

      NATO will end up acting as an air force for an inept rebel army. As that becomes clear we will end up arming, training and feeding them too. Just give it time.
      And no, the Saudis and the Arab fucking league won’t pick up the tab.

      1. And at some point we will have Obama on TV telling us that training them properly will take time and we need to be patient.
        Further on the rebel’s may take Tripoli and then we will have to talk them out of massacring Quaddifi’s tribe.

        1. Exactly. Not only have they not figured out what they’ll do if the military effort fails; they haven’t figured out what they’ll do if it succeeds.

          1. The French and the British will have gone home long before that point, of course.

        2. It’s like you can see the future or something

    2. Don’t worry, the “training” phase will be Operation Odyssey Noon. Its like a whole new action.

      1. Ha, that’s good. Is that when Obama will land on an aircraft carrier?

        1. Nah. He’ll just go golfing in Malta.


    Mrs. Suderman on the one year aniversary of Obamacare. She points out the obvious that everything that was sais in favor of it at the time has turned out to be false or an outright lie.

    1. You are of course referring to the Republicans, correct?

    2. the new talking point will be that it doesn’t really start until 2014. that or they’ll go all in with the accountable care organizations as the miracle cure.

      1. I, and others smarter than me, have been breaking our teeth on ACOs for months, trying to figure out how they are supposed to work.

        The consensus: they can’t, really, as currently envisioned.

  22. I hope Hit & Run will post on the most important news today: It’s The Shat’s 80th birthday!

    1. How many space babes you think he’ll bone today? More or less than the number of words he manages to get out?

      1. Well, beyond the traditional Vulcan hip-meld with Orion Slave Girls, I’m not sure how he’ll commemorate the occasion.

        1. They should have a TV special with him and Hef.

        2. But how many Orion Slave Girls?

          1. One for each decade?

            1. 80 slave girls. And a chalice full of space Viagra. Blaze of glory, motherfucka!

              1. Kirk does not need Viagra, you blasphemous heathen!

                1. It’s for the girls, you nattering nabob of negativity–so they can keep up.

                  1. You don’t think he’ll choose his slave girls carefully enough?

                    1. No woman can handle The Shat. His cock is like a gas-powered anaconda.

                    2. These aren’t women. They are Orion slave girls.

                  2. It’s for the girls, you nattering nabob of negativity–so they can keep up.

                    There are laws for mashing up Drs. Zachary Smith and Leonard McCoy. It’s unnatural, you sicko.

                2. His needs are few: Saurian brandy, Orion Slave Girls, and a ship with warp drive, weapons, and a crew that will obey his orders like the Word of God.

                  1. Plus maybe a high-quality girdle…

                    1. Plus maybe a high-quality girdle…

                      And reinforced weaving for his toupee…to prevent embarrassment during those hair pulling throes of passion.

            2. …nice.

            3. Kirk does not need Viagra, you blasphemous heathen!

              But, it’s Romulan Viagra.

              Perhaps Yeoman Rand will stop by for a tug or 2 for old time’s sake.

              1. I dig the episode where Scotty cuts his brandy with Klingon nerve gas!

    2. And now Jet will be running through my head all day. Thanks, pal.

      1. Just use the “Shat!” replacement lyrics, and all will be well.

  23. Balko, say it isn’t so!
    HuffPo? Really?

    At least I can say their integrity will rise by 50% just by having you there.

  24. High-profile drug case prosecutor Schubert arrested on cocaine charge

    That’s funny enough, but here’s the punch line: Schubert was the prosecutor in the case of singer Bruno Mars, right, who faced drug charges in February, and Paris Hilton.

    It’s been a while: Hangar 18

    1. If drug charges is what it takes to get Bruno Mars to stop making his shitty music, I guess I’ll have to turn in my libertarian card.

      Some things are more important than principles.

      1. I don’t think his music is so bad. It does bug me that he looks like a black Eddie Haskell. I keep waiting for him to say something like, “Good morning Mrs. Cleaver, my that’s a LOVELY dress you’re wearing!”

        1. I hate doucherock. It should have died with Josh Mayer.

          1. “john” stupid typing

            1. Now there’s somebody I can’t stand. Whatever the fuck his name is.

            2. His music is douchey, but the lil motherfucker shore can play guitar.

              If he’d just stick to the Crossroads gigs w/Clapton from now on, all those concerts my wife DVR’ed would be forgiven…

              1. I really fucking hope the blues devil will come to collect soon. Fuck that guy.

                1. I gave my soul at the office

                2. Hey, he only does douchy music to bang hot chicks. Come on, you are telling me you wouldn’t sing “Your Body Is a Wonderland” if doing so allowed you to bang Jennifer Love Hewitt?

                  1. Absolutely, John. Some things cannot be justified even by the pinkest of pussies.

                    1. Say what? You sir, are no long my role model.

                    2. For example, Troy, Peter North has sucked dick and been buttfucked on camera. It doesn’t matter if that is what allowed him to bang thousands of chicks, he ought not to have done that.

                      Singing a doucherock song is at least as bad as sucking a thousand dicks.

                  2. I don’t question his motives, just the effects of his choices.

                    And I’m not really singling him out; doucherock is broadly defined as “music in the singer-songwriter genre produced by men for the near-exclusive consumption by women.”

                    1. Oh, fuck – Jason Mraz. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!!! My wife and girls LOVE that shit. It’s awful. AWFUL! He’s not even a guitar slinger – just a douche.

                    2. doucherock is broadly defined as “music in the singer-songwriter genre produced by men for the near-exclusive consumption by women.”

                      That’s a near perfect description of Kings of Leon. I fly into a near homicidal rage whenever I’m forced to listen to one of their songs for more than a few seconds.

              2. I saw him with Eric Clapton a few years ago. And God damn he really can play. And in his defense, he does douchy songs so that he can bang chicks. Let’s be honest, who amongst us wouldn’t sing douchy music if doing so allowed you to bang Jennifer Love Hewitt?

          2. Be serious. Doucherock should have died after Gaucho.

    2. You need to catch up, Warty. I linked to that yesterday. I also linked to Anthrax in the same thread, but you don’t get that, because you weren’t paying attention.

      1. Otto is the newer, shinier, better Warty.

        Old Warty smells of picked cauliflower.

        1. Otto is the newer, shinier BakedPenguin.

          1. I endorse Otto and accept him into the Pantheon of Hit & Run commenters.

            1. So much for that goddamn penguin tattoo I was getting on my back. Fucking thing was almost finished, too.

              1. The beauty of his new name is that if he wants to be contrary, he will simply spell his name backwards.

              2. Just have the tattooist fill in the head with Kevin Kline’s.

                1. Just have the tattooist fill in the head with Kevin Kline’s.


                2. The greatest of all Ottos. Second is Otto from Repo Man.

          2. There is no polishing the turd that was BakedPenguin, gawd rest his black soul.

      2. Yesterday was a stupid day to post that, you stupid idiot. Quit being so stupid.

        Also, Gorgoroth.

    3. Hmmm…reminds me of someone.

  25. Police: Cavity search of Pa. woman produces more than 50 bags of heroin, cash and loose change

    1. Talk about yer cavity creeps…

    2. …and she had 3 bags of heroin in her jacket. Now, why not take out the cash and change, put that in your jacket, and –

      Ah, never mind.

    1. “has done a runner.”

    2. You’re a precious national resource and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  26. Balko to HuffPo! Harsanyi to Beck!
    We’re going to bring down the machine from the inside (from both sides)!

    1. Is it a coincidence that anti-Balko troll started posting here recently? That guy sure seemed concerned about Balko’s “leftist” tendencies, and now it’s reported he’s going to Huffington Post?

      I suppose it will be good to expose a larger audience to the truths RB speaks, but I’m just going to read The Agitator. I don’t think I can stomach HP.

  27. Catastrophic mechanical failures of the F-15 are not exactly unheard of.

    1. Though I think we’ve been caught lying about that before. Can’t remember when, but I do have a nagging recollection.

  28. I can’t remember, off the top of my had; is is the tail or the wings which fall off?

    1. Part of each, actually.

    2. Are we talking about chipmunks and geckos? Then it’s the tail. I think.

    3. I think a big section right in the middle of the fuselage implodes.

      Which makes sense, cause “fuselage” kind of sounds like a French word…

      1. Origin:
        1905?10; < French, equivalent to fusel ( ? ) spindle-shaped (derivative of fuseau spindle; see fusee) + -age -age

  29. German magazine posts photos of U.S. soldiers [posing] with dead Afghan civilians.

    There’s little game available around those parts, I gather…

    1. “These gooks are the finest people I’ve known. Be quiet – it’s his birthday….

      We’re like Jolly Green Giants, walkin’ the earth…with guns…”

  30. U.S.-led forces near goal in Libya, but it’s not clear what happens next.

    They will have to follow Pelosi’s Grand Strategy: “we’ll see what happens when we get there.”

  31. Jared Loughner to get a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation.

    “He has a clear disassociative disorder, coupled with delusions of grandeur and bouts of fantasy.”
    “So, he’s crazy?”
    “No, he’s a politician.”

  32. Chipmunks don’t have wings, you buffoon.

    1. Well, except for flying chipmunks.

      1. They use little balsa-wood planes, so it’s not really THEIR wings…


  33. Though I think we’ve been caught lying about that before. Can’t remember when, but I do have a nagging recollection.

    “What you want, Jefe, is the F-15; a reliable plane if ever there was one. Now here’s a low-mileage special, hardly ever even been up, exceptin’ for college football fly-bys. Rock solid, she is, ready to handle any border disputes or insurrections that might come your way. Gimme a call at Junior’s Used Warplanes; that’s BR5-49.”

    1. “The lever you have selected, FLAPS, is out of order. Please make a note of it.”

    2. What kind of payments do we need in order to get you in this bird?

  34. NATO will end up acting as an air force for an inept rebel army. As that becomes clear we will end up arming, training and feeding them too. Just give it time.

    Those of us old enough to have lived through some history recall that we started out “training” the South Vietnamese and ended up fighting there war for them.

    Actually, it kind of wasn’t their war either. Given that they weren’t willing to fight it perhaps we should have had some second thoughts about undertking to do it ourselves. Once we agreed to fight, it became our war.

    That said, from what I’ve seen of the Libyan rebels they seem to be an enthusiastic bunch. Unfortunately they lack leadership and training; including the ones that came over from the regular army.

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