Call and Heckle Tim Cavanaugh with Sacto KFBK's Cowboy Libertarian: 3:00 Pacific Today


Libertarian Cowboy Patrick Dorinson.

Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh will set around the campfire and do the story of 'The Midnight Caller' with the Cowboy Libertarian today on Sacramento's KFBK NewsTalk 1530.

The Cowboy Libertarian rides the high country at his own blog, punches dogies at Fox News, and is a columnist at Joel Fox's excellent California politics site Fox & Hounds Daily, which doesn't seem to have a natural cowboy angle, unless cowboys have taken up wearing red jackets and chasing small game.

Listeners in Northern California and Nevada can tune to AM 1530.

All others can listen live on the worldwide cybertubes, or get the podcast.

Time: 3:00 PM Pacific time (that's 6:00 PM for you tenderfoots back in Philadelphia). 

Possible topics: 

High noon for Jerry Brown. 

Flannel-mouthed greenhorns telling big stories about the cavalry on its way. 

Will the railroad company take care of us if we agree to give up our deeds

What sidewinding polecat robbed the payroll wagon? 

And if you're real good, cowboy poetry.

NEXT: Good Enough for Police Work

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  1. If you don’t support high speed rail, high public pensions, community redevelopment agencies and public support for cowboy poetry, then you are a racist, Bible-thumping redneck who wants to bring our country back to the stone ages.

    Seriously, since you right-wingers have so much trouble forming a coherent narrative for your reactionary politics, you really should just follow Obama. It makes life simpler. It’s what I do.

    1. You’re doing it wrong.

      1. Leave Tony alone! Leave him alone, I’m serious!!!

        1. Come on, he loves the attention. He’s said as much. He’s a big fish at a small pond here. He wouldn’t get any attention at the HuffPo, and other progressives might get angry the one time he disagreed.

        2. Yeah guys, pay more attention to me. My opinions are interesting, too. Except, don’t pay attention to me when I’m with the misses, heh heh.

      2. There’s more than one way.

    2. Go follow one of his Tomahawk missiles into Tripoli, would ya?

      1. Go follow one of his Tomahawk missiles into Tripoli

        Tony has indicated he is more of the catcher persuasion. Still, the end result would be the same.

  2. Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh will set around the campfire and do the story of ‘The Midnight Caller’ with the Cowboy Libertarian today on Sacramento’s KFBK NewsTalk 1530.

    I vaguely remember a teevee show from my yoot, Midnight Caller. Is this Cowboy Libertarian as cutting edge and hard hitting as Jack Killian, solving mysteries in his spare time?

  3. I certainly don’t like the idea of hearing lines like, “Thar used to be gold in them thar hills.” I’m holding out until Cavanaugh goes on the radio with the Space Libertarian.

    1. Maybe we could have Matt Cooke come by and knock the cliches out of this article. He should be free for the next coupla weeks.


      I’d be interested to know what others thought of the cowboy’s blog. A little too heavy in the John Wayne love for my taste, and I’m not saying that just because John Wayne was gay.

      1. I knew he was Tony’s favorite cowboy, but never knew why.


        1. but never knew why

          Hie thee to Netflicks and lay a firm hand upon Repo Man.

          Enlightenment is on-hand and entertaining to boot!

          … “Repo man is always intense!” Hobbit

      2. Matt Cooke is now officially worse than Hitler. That was going to be a win.

      3. The Hell he was!

        1. He was, too, you boys. I installed two-way mirrors in his pad in Brentwood, and he come to the door in a dress.

          1. Well that don’t mean he was gay. C’mon, lots of straight buys like to watch their buddies fuck…I know I do!

  4. Hey, heller. You still feeling fresh about Duke’s chances? That kid from scUM fucked up or that game would have gone to OT (open man for a layup instead of that floater). Meanwhile, the Buckeyes are absolutely beating the piss out of GMU.

    And I think Illinois has a great chance to knock another #1 seed out of the tourney tonight.

    1. I’m still sure. Buckeyes have a more complete team, but Duke has one of the best coaches in the history of college basketball.

  5. It’s “dogie,” not “doggie,” you citified dandy.

    1. “get a dachshund” isn’t quite the same as “get along little dogie”.

      … Hobbit

      1. I’m adopting “Get a dachshund” as a general rallying cry/epithet.

        *guy cuts me off in traffic*


        *kids leave a mess in the living room*

        “Why don’t you guys GET A DACHSHUND?!”

        Fucking. Awesome.

  6. so…religious conservative in a cowboy hat?

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