No-Fly Supporters "don't trust the people, but they do trust government"


All you sittin' in high places

The Washington Examiner's Timothy P. Carney tries to drive a wedge between supporters of a no-fly zone over Libya and supporters of the Tea Party movement. Sample:

The politicians and pundits calling most loudly for war are largely the elites who publicly and repeatedly derided the Tea Partiers as unwashed rubes. And the hawks' arguments for intervening in a civil war in North Africa spring from the same faith in government and distrust of the populous that drove the domestic big-government agenda that galvanized the Tea Parties. […]

Leading the platoon of pundits for intervention is neoconservative David Frum, who has appointed himself the responsible grown-up of the Right, which largely entails telling the Tea Partiers to shut up. Frum, after last November's election, praised "level-headed" moderates like Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk while attacking "ultra-radical Rand Paul" of Kentucky.

Frum snarled at the time: "The Tea Party radicals were supported by all the weight and noise of talk radio and Fox News." And Frum—as he did in 2003 when trying to purge the "unpatriotic conservatives" who warned against an Iraq quagmire—took on the role of ideological enforcer: "It needs to be pounded home: The radicals must not be allowed to claim the title of the real Republicans."

[John] Kerry, [John] McCain, [Lindsey] Graham and Frum don't trust the people, but they do trust government. In fact, they sometimes show almost a fetish for government power. All four have, at one point or another, signed on to the global warming agenda Al Gore has described as a "Dunkirk" moment and "Apollo moonshot." All four men cheered the Troubled Asset Relief Program as a savior of the American economy and derided its critics as childish.

They talk of American Greatness, but they mean "federal government greatness."

Reason on the no-fly zone here, on National Greatness here.

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  1. And all I hear is, “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…”

    Don’t care.

  2. Of the Tea Partiers, Kerry said: “We’ve lost our minds. We’re in a period of know-nothingism in the country, where truth and science and facts don’t weigh in. It’s all short-order, lowest-common-denominator, cheap-seat politics.”

    Considering how pathetic and impotent the “Tea Party” is, they certainly seem to loom large in the fevered imaginations of liberal Democrats.

    A retired teacher whom I am acquainted with apparently cannot speak two sentences without making a reference to “far right tea party” hobgoblins.

    ps- It’s populace, not populous, Carney.
    You’re welcome.

  3. The pieces gonna fall on you!

  4. When Libyan troops come ashore, I hope it’s in Boston.

  5. There’s nothing for libertarians to worry about here. It’s abundantly clear that Obama isn’t going to do anything, and the Benghazi rebels are going to be slaughtered. It will probably all be over by the end of this weekend.

    1. I hope Obama does nothing, if he does nothing, nothing can go wrong.

  6. That “almost” is funny as hell.

  7. Caption:

    “The Barrett Jackson Auction – LIVE on SPEED!”

  8. Look no further than Graham asking for resignation of DNI who said Quadaffi would prevail. Can’t be telling the truth in public because then Lindsey cant tell lies later on.

  9. Fucking sovereignty- how does it work?

  10. It should be no suprise that those infected with Potomac-Pox are supporting this incursion; McBama especially. Frum is also infected with self-serving semantical obfuscation: Tea Partiers don’t claim to be the “true Republicans”. They claim to be true CONSERVATIVES.

  11. Given the track record of government actions so far, I’d say “trust” is the last word I’d use in connection with the government. Any government. The rational position is the skeptical one, not the credulous one.

    Naturally, used car salesmen and politicians always tell you to trust them and their institutions.

  12. War is the health of the state. If you oppose war, you’re not only opposed to anarchist, but also opposed to health-care. Why do you want the elderly to die in the streets, non-interventionists?

    1. bleh. You’re not only an anarchist, that is.

  13. David Frum is Canadian. That’s his biggest problem. According to Wikipedia:

    Following the election of George W. Bush in 2000, Frum was appointed to a position within the White House. Still a Canadian citizen, he was one of the few foreign nationals working within the Bush White House.

    The guy is a Zionist who pushes his agenda by making crazed appeals to the radical, fringe element of American society — evangelical end-timers.

    That David Frum is a huge fan of Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln tells you all you need to know about his sub-par intellect.

    Cancer can’t come quick enough to rid society of the cockroach Canadian menace who is David Frum.

  14. I know nobody likes to look at David Frum, but I got him to squirm a few months back on cspan. My question was at 47:15. If you’re a masochist ,watch the whole thing:…..ssionalBip

  15. If we attack innocent poeple will die and it will be us killing them.

    If we do not attack innocent poeple will die but it will not be us killing them.

    If we attack a new tyranny could be formed and we will be responsible for it.

    If we do not attack an old tyranny could remain but we will not be responsible for it.

    Anyway these are just test essays looking to try and reason from first principles. Any suggestions criticisms?

  16. Are you seriously saying that it’s an expression of contempt to the Libyan people to point out that they can’t shoot down fucking aircraft on their own?

  17. Are you seriously saying that it’s an expression of contempt to the Libyan people to point out that they can’t shoot down fucking aircraft on their own?

  18. In my book Frum is the real rube. Only a provincial idiot would think that we can magically play global Superman. It requires a stunning intellectual blindness to assert that America can solve every nation’s problems.

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