For St. Paddy's Day: How America is Drunk on Debt!


We guarantee you've never seen the data shown like this before!!!

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Background: Years of unsustainable government spending by Republicans and Democrats are bankrupting our country. Debt is a symptom of such overspending. And the US gross debt has reached $14 trillion—the size of the US economy. This has only happened once before in American history: World War II.

But cheer up and don't let the sobering facts get you down on St. Patrick's Day! Because the Bankrupting America community is getting the message out that Washington must cut spending. You can help by sharing this video now!

*Numbers in the video are adjusted for inflation. The debt numbers used refer to "gross debt."

*This video features the song "Maid Behind the Bar" by Slainte, available under a Creative Commons attribution—noncommercial license.

This comes via the folks at Bankrupting America.