Please Help Brave But Unknown Senator from North Carolina Who Picked UNC/Duke to Win the NCAA Crack 100 Views at YouTube


That's Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) above, telling us she thinks that the Tarheel State is a great place full of basketball and she's going out on a limb by predicting University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will win the men's NCAA tourney and that the Lady Blue Devils of Duke will take the women's crown. She's really sticking up for the little teams, ain't she.

As of this writing, Hagan's sad little video had drawn fewer than 100 views.

If you think Barack Obama's NCAA bracket-filling-out was trivial, then read this National Journal article in which that once-revered mag's "amateur bracketologists" puzzle out the meaning of some of the prez's picks. Predictably, Newt Gingrich, who is too busy to just freaking say whether he's running a hopeless campaign for president in 2012, thinks Obama is trivializing the presidency by doing the NCAA thing.

The Wash Times reports that over 150 fundraisers are scheduled for members of Congress this week in DC. So let's not get bothered by busy lawmakers taking time out of their schedules to fill out brackets for an ultimately meaningless sporting event. Let's get bothered by what they actually do in their day jobs.