Please Help Brave But Unknown Senator from North Carolina Who Picked UNC/Duke to Win the NCAA Crack 100 Views at YouTube


That's Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) above, telling us she thinks that the Tarheel State is a great place full of basketball and she's going out on a limb by predicting University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will win the men's NCAA tourney and that the Lady Blue Devils of Duke will take the women's crown. She's really sticking up for the little teams, ain't she.

As of this writing, Hagan's sad little video had drawn fewer than 100 views.

If you think Barack Obama's NCAA bracket-filling-out was trivial, then read this National Journal article in which that once-revered mag's "amateur bracketologists" puzzle out the meaning of some of the prez's picks. Predictably, Newt Gingrich, who is too busy to just freaking say whether he's running a hopeless campaign for president in 2012, thinks Obama is trivializing the presidency by doing the NCAA thing.

The Wash Times reports that over 150 fundraisers are scheduled for members of Congress this week in DC. So let's not get bothered by busy lawmakers taking time out of their schedules to fill out brackets for an ultimately meaningless sporting event. Let's get bothered by what they actually do in their day jobs.

NEXT: Harry Reid: "Leave Social Security alone."

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  1. I’d watch that video if she’d take her top off.

    1. Dude, c’mon. I do not want to see a couple of oranges in a pair of pantyhose.

      And fuck all of you that didn’t get in the Hit&Run; NCAA pool.

      1. I tried to. It wanted a username, and all you gave me was a password.

        1. Aw, man. You guys needed to log in to cbssports and set up an account. Takes like 2 minutes.

          Send me a bracket and I’ll add you in manually. And don’t try to tell me either of you took Morehead State.

          1. They just nuked one of my brackets by beating Louisville. It’s another (sorta) SugarFree link disaster, albeit a homonymous one.

          2. Leela: I’m having a poker game tonight with some of my old cryogenics lab coworkers. Would any of you like to join?

            Bender: I don’t know. I only gamble with chumps.

            Fry: I’ll play.

            Bender: I’m in!

          3. Okay, done. I sent you my work bracket, so I’m doubling down.

            I had Louisville all the way to the 16, dang my luck.

    2. She’ll take her top off if you’ll watch her video.

  2. I picked BYU to win it all as a penance for crackin’ wise about Mormons all the time. This post is trivial.

  3. Since last year, Obama learned that there’s no school called “Sycabuse.”


  4. I wish more politicians would dedicate their whole days to filling out NCAA brackets, checking the air pressure on their tires, and painting their living rooms.

    1. Amen to that. They could be doing far more destructive things such as legistlation. I’m going to call mine and ask him to form a committee on the NFL so he doesn’t pass any stupid laws.

    2. Thank you. Last night Lou Dobbs was going apeshit about Obama playing golf and filling out brackets with so many crises going on in the world, and I was yelling essentially your sentiment at the radio.

      1. Though, the fact that he did it on ESPN shows what a vain guy he is.

  5. that the Lady Blue Devils of Duke

    Wrong. The Duke women’s teams are also called the Blue Devils, not “Lady Blue Devils.” AFAIK, the “Lady” before the nickname is mostly an SEC thing.

    1. Why would the Securities and Exchange Commission care whether college basketball players had vaginas?

      1. Silly, wrong SEC. He’s talking about the Sexual Excitement Council. Or maybe the Shatner Extension Committee.

        1. No, he’s right.

          What, you haven’t been following the SEC employees watching porn during the financial crisis story?

          1. Huh. Are they hiring?

          2. What else do you do?

  6. I got her to 96

  7. Oh, and I have Kansas beating NC for the championship.

    1. Me, too. But I always pick KU (*sigh*). I should probably just start taking my migraine medication right now.

  8. I chose Who Gives a Crap College barely beating out Better Things to Do U. It’ll be a buzzer beater for shizzle.

    1. There’s gilt involved, dude.

  9. Where’s sloopy at, he’s got a h&r b-ball bracket thingy set up?

    I have villanova beating pitt.

    1. You’re insane.

    2. I’m indahouse. I’ll be giving updates on the morning links tomorrow and on various threads throughout the weekend.

      Your second bracket’s looking a lot better so far.

    3. Sorry, no.

  10. UNC is talented, perhaps more so than Duke, but if Irving comes back at full capacity then the Blue Devils have an excellent chance at repeating.

    If he doesn’t come back though, look for Ohio State to win it all…

    1. Pretty spot on. I like the UNC team this year, but I don’t think they’ll take it all. Likely to be a monster of a team next year.

    2. My Heels are good, but I’d be surprised if they make it past the Elite Eight or so. Even a potential second-round match-up with Washington could be deadly, because UNC’s offense is generated by good defense/bad opponent’s offense, and Isaiah Thomas could give the Heels fits.

      UNC should be nasty next year depending on whether Barnes or Henson stays (I’m assuming Barnes stays for one more and Henson leaves).

      As for repeating, Duke’s win last year was helped by a path to the championship something like Moses parting the Red Sea. And this year there are no great teams, many good teams in the #1-#4 seed range and decent teams in #5-#12 (seriously) for me. Remember that Duke never beat a good team on the road since the conference season began. I’d say no one has an excellent chance of winning. I’ll pick a #1 seed because the odds are better (I have OSU), but these are the least dominant #1 seeds in recent memory.

  11. I need everyone to claim their teams. I know heller and now I know Captain Ahab is (since only one person was dumb enough to take Nova to win it all).

    1. Who we’re rooting for, you mean? Connecticut. And with that, I’m going to watch them.

  12. Hey, Nick. Can you give us a NCAA Tourney open thread Saturday morning?

    1. Give me UK to win it all. They had a scare today, but they’re much better than that, and I think it’ll snap them out of their “coasting” mentality.

      1. Hopefully over Texas, b/c I hate them.

  13. Oh no! I didn’t fill out a bracket for the womyn’s NCAA tournament!!1! fartnoise


    1. I like the cut of your jib there JOhnny – even if that caps lock key is a challenge to you.

  14. I like Obama more when he gets involved with matters trivial.

    How can we get Obama more involved in this NCAA thing? Maybe we could promote him as NCAA Bracket Czar.

    1. If the presidency was the national greeter, I’d say we picked the right guy, but unfortunately there is a shit load of real world responsibility attached to the job.

      By his behavior, and some lines he said at the Gridiron, I doubt if he wants a second term. Could not blame him. After all, underneath that politician exterior there has to be a human taking the slings and arrows who understands the absurdity of anyone having that kind of power.

    2. On the other side of that coin, anyone who actually desires a second term is clearly a sociopath.

  15. The sports team from my area is superior to the sports teams from your areas.


  16. Is there any sport more boring than college basketball? Any?

    1. Seriously, Epi? So far, we’ve had 5 out of 8 games decided by one possession. March Madness is a lot better than the NBA.

      And if that’s a serious question, I’ll see your college basketball and raise you an amateur wrestling.

      Oh, and RAAAAACIST!!!1!11!

      1. It was a trick question. The correct answer was “professional basketball”.

    2. There were several months of one last summer, IIRC.

    3. Not a big curling fan, myself

    4. Golf
      Pro basketball
      Auto racing if we’re going to allow it
      Most Olympic sports

      I defy anyone to watch the World Cup Final last year the whole way through and tell me any sport whose announcers don’t talk in whispers is more boring. Eurotrash catfighting and diving for two hours before mercifully saving us from penalty kicks, the worst tiebreaker in sports outside of the NFL. At least most sports are limited to finite levels of boringness.

    5. I suppose NASCAR, unless you are Michael Bay fan of course.

  17. (Tooting vuvuzela in agreement)

  18. But will Duke repeat as lacrosse champions? Actually Duke and UNC are playing each other right now on ESPNU.

  19. Don’t know about the puppies, but I did run into her in the late 90’s when she campaigned for the state senate for my district (she won). A pretty smokin’ backside, at least back then.

    BTW, Lawton Chiles is her uncle, by way of her mum being his sista.

  20. Also “Tar Heel” = two words.

  21. as a proud alum of NC State, I say fuck UNC and fuck Duke…

    Also, I’m sick of bandwagon politicians proclaiming their love for all things Chapel Hill. Fuckers

    1. Since I moved down here, I learned the only thing worse than Duke and UNC fans are Wolfpack fans. Hey keep your chin up though, you guys can get all the way to the NIT next year if you pull together.

      1. Except their coach just resigned, so next year is yet another rebuilding year.

        Dunno, as a Heel, I’ve never really considered State a rival. UNC’s won 16 of the last 17 basketball games. I guess some of us change the addendum to the fight song from “go to hell Duke” to “go to hell State” when we play, whereas I think Raleigh rioted last time State won. Most profoundly lopsided “rivalry” ever.

  22. A few things regarding Hagan:

    1) She was the target of one of my favorite
    attack ads by Liddy Dole (ignore whatever douche is making commentary, the ad itself is worth a watch and starts at 0:34).

    2) She was a co-sponsor for Jim Webb’s criminal justice committee bill. She also told me she has zero interest in meaningful drug law reform.

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