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Are You Ready for the Horror of…Ron Paul?


Politico's Keach Hagey recounts the latest adventure of Washington's favorite foot fetishist:

Here, let me show you my Richard Kind impression.

During a radio interview with Peter Schiff, a former economic adviser to Ron Paul's presidential campaign, Dick Morris thought he'd be talking about his new book, and seemed annoyed when he found himself discussing trends within the Republican Party.

Schiff, who said he noticed that nearly a third of the people he met at CPAC came from the "Ron Paul/Gary Johnson wing" of the GOP, with the rest in the more traditional conservative camp of Mitt Romney, asked Morris how he thought this would play out in the presidential race.

"I strongly oppose Ron Paul," Morris said. "I think he's horrific. He wants us to end the War on Drugs. He wants us to end the War on Terror."

"Do you think we're winning the war on drugs?" Schiff interjected.

"No, because we're not fighting it," Morris replied.

"We're not fighting it?" Schiff asked. "We don't have enough laws against drugs?"

"No," Morris replied. "We should drug test every high school student. We should drug test everybody that gets a student loan. Anybody that's using drugs should not get a government student loan."

Schiff argued that there was something vaguely socialist about the government giving out student loans in the first place, but Morris disagreed, and became increasingly annoyed.

Morris eventually hung up on Schiff, who has posted the interview on his website under the header "The former adviser to President Clinton goes toe-to-toe with Peter."

Elsewhere in Reason: Dick Morris' role in the Militia Panic of the '90s.

NEXT: Prison Rape: Still a Problem. Government: Still Not All That Concerned About It.

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  1. The horror of Ron Paul. Yeah. I hear RP is remaking some old Vincent Price movies.

    1. Hmmm, The Abominable Dr. Paul has a certain ring to it.

      1. I do like that – definite move-title potential

        1. The Island of Dr. Ronpaul

      2. Nine have inflated the dollar! Nine shall pay!

    2. Which ones? The Invisible Man Returns? How about Confessions of an Opium Eater? Pogo for President? It’s a little too late to remake Thriller, though…

  2. Now that David Broder is dead, can the angel of death visit Dick Morris soon?

    1. H&R “libertarians” seem especially bloodthirsty today.

      1. Today and every day baby.

        Broder wasn’t murdered. He kicked the bucket due to old age. YAY OLD AGE! Now please go to Mugabe’s house.

  3. Wasn’t this guy hiring prostitues back in the day?

    1. We could win the war on prostitution if we just sent this guy to Guantanamo.

      1. What better the morality of drug use be judged by someone who had a habit with hookers.

  4. Caption Contest!

    “Matt Damon!”

    1. “That wascawy wabbit twicked me again!”


      It works to be about the same data value as what the toe-sucker already said.

      1. Mindbleach. Thanks, Mr Whipple???…

  5. “No,” Morris replied. “We should drug test every high school student….

    With summary execution of those who test positive, no doubt.

  6. Hmm. I used to think Morris was kind of cool, in that “Evil Perfesser I Might Like to Have on My Team One Day”.

    But, turns out he’s just a statist fuck like 99.9% of the rest of the punditocracy.

    Sad face…:(

    1. Not hard to understand. Without all that tasty government, folks like Morris would have find ways to produce actual wealth. Does *that* look like the face of a productive member of society???

  7. Typical libertarians like Dick Morris want to expand the war on drugs, while virtually all Democrats want to end it.

    If you libertarians really cherished your freedoms so much, then you would want to end the war on drugs, not expand it.

    1. C-

      Even Tony doesn’t have this much reading-comprehension fail.

      1. But, I’m close!

      2. Tonys stuck firmly to both sides of the Satire/Reality mobius strip.

        1. Mobius strips only have one side.

          1. And yet because it’s Tony it has two!

          2. Dude, fish totally has you there

    2. Bah. Who’s spoofing Tony today?

    3. Re: Tony,

      Typical libertarians like Dick Morris[…]

      We have the winner of the “Most clueless human on Earth” contest!!!!

      Congratz to Tony!

      Speech! Speech!

      1. (The real one)

        I love these spoofs mostly because OM always comes by to get duped by them.

        1. Yeah, sure… spoofs.

          (He he he!)

        2. OM’s confusion is understandable. The spoofs usually fail at the difficult task of exaggerating your idiocy.

          1. Tough to improve on perfection!

        3. Don’t listen to that Tony, the one who claims to be the real one. It’s me, I’m the real one.

          And, I’ll never let go of the assertion that Democrats will end the war on drugs. They will. Have faith (er, of a non-denominational variety, of course.)

          1. Fake me,

            I don’t have faith the Democrats will end it. I do have certainty that the Republicans won’t. And there isn’t a third choice. Welcome to my worldview. Apply it more carefully in the future.

            1. Alright, give examples of Democrats that are as adamant against the war on drugs as Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are.

              1. Democrats who have held office, that is.

              2. Probably no one. And good for the libertarians for being right on an issue. Now if Ron Paul can convince his party to take up the cause of the liberalization of drug laws before the Democrats get around to it, I’ll stand corrected.

                1. (The real one)

                  Whoever you are,

                  Stop slandering my name like that. Everyone knows that, as the libertarians are indistinguishable from Bush, they are not right on anything and wish to push their patriarchal, hegemonic and evangelical worldview on this country. To say otherwise would just be wrong.

      2. libertarians like Dick

        In other news taken entirely out of context…

    4. “”while virtually all Democrats want to end it.””

      Not this again. Unless virtually all really means virtually none.

      1. Virtual reality.

      2. Ah yes, we all remember when the massive filibuster proof majorities in both houses of Congress ended the War on Drugs after President Obama’s magnificent speech calling for an immediate end to the whole mess.

        1. It did take them a bit though, they had to close Gitmo and bring home the troops first.

  8. “No,” Morris replied. “We should drug test every high school student. We should drug test everybody that gets a student loan. Anybody that’s using drugs should not get a government student loan.”

    If libertarians just make their case clearly and logically enough, we will finally see marijuana medicalized as a Schedule II drug.

    Take that War on Drugs.

  9. “Schiff argued that there was something vaguely socialist about the government giving out student loans in the first place, but Morris disagreed, and became increasingly annoyed.”

    Why wouldn’t he be annoyed? For Dicky there, the government is not doing enough as it is. The guy is not a conservative and certainly no libertarian.

    “‘I strongly oppose Ron Paul,‘ Morris said. ‘I think he’s horrific. He wants us to end the War on Drugs. He wants us to end the War on Terror.‘”

    That was a slip of the tongue – he meant to say that he’s terrific.

    1. Hey, according to Hannity, the big Dick Morris is an authoritah on all things.

      1. That classy Bill O’Reilly loves him some Dick Morris, too.

        I’ll tell you that I’ll give you the last word, Scruffy, before rudely interrupting you…

        1. Indeed, O’Reilly does not fawn all over Morris. Not only does he frequently interupt him, he seems to bask in toying with him.

          1. he seems to bask in toying with him.

            He should. As much as I detest O’Rly, Sick Morris has been wrong far more often in his calculus and prognostication than he has been right. I am convinced that he is a one-trick pony whose success with the Clinton Administration was due to political gridlock than sheer cunning, and his commentary is given far more weight than it deserves.

  10. The media you are trying to access requires a Schiff Premium Membership. Please log in or purchase a Schiff Premium Membership to listen.

    1. I read that as “Stiff Premium Membership” the first time.

      1. He has no right to his intellectual property. I am offended by his subscription wall.

    2. …also known as a “Schiffy”

    3. go to utube

  11. “We should drug test every high school student legislator, every one of their staff, every appointed official in the Executive Branch, their staff. We should drug test everybody that gets a student loan works as a prosecutor or judge and their staffs. Anybody that’s using drugs should not get a government student loan. paycheck or exercise government authority for the rest of their godforsaken teat sucking lives

    Don’t fucking talk to me about drug testing until that happens you mindless DEA cocksucking totalitarian idiot.

    1. I wonder what dunphy’s take is on applying this to Peace Officers? as well?

      Whatcha think, dunphy? You wanna chase after teh drugz criminallszzz, ya gotta be drug tested yerself. Yeah?

      In fact, ANY cop should be more than willing to submit to weekly drug tests. It only makes sense, given the dangerous nature of their jobs, and their authoritah to use lethal force, right? Right?

      1. Make sure they test for steroids, HGH, and alcohol. Testing for those will put most of the piggies off the payroll.

      2. I wonder what dunphy’s take is

        Don’t you hate it when he doesn’t answer you? Maybe he has a life.

        1. Oh, is anono troll dunphy’s cousin? I’m sure he’s glad you have enough of a life to come here and post on his behalf while he’s off doing something much more worthwhile – good cousin!

    2. Can you test positive for amyl nitrate?

      You’d best test his dates for roofies.

      1. Sleep. Nature’s roofie.

    3. +subscribe

  12. Holy shit, what a great rant Schiff goes on after big dick hangs up. I didn’t realize morris was such a fuckstick. I guess I haven’t seen much of him lately since I quit watching old riley after the judge got his show.

  13. Morris seems to me like the one who could use a drug test.

    1. Perhaps we could get Charlie Sheen to knock on his door for the sample.

  14. Ah, yes. Bill Clinton’s former political adviser. Color me unsurprised that the Svengali of the last moderate Democrat to win a national election turns out to be a statist a-hole.

    1. Color me unsurprised that the Svengali of the last moderate Democrat to win a national election
      turns out to be a statist a-hole.

      Here’s the money quote:

      “Do you think we’re winning the war on drugs?” Schiff interjected.

      “No, because we’re not fighting it,” Morris replied.

      Proof that he is a progressive at heart, aside from the nationalization of the student loan program (when that bubble bursts, hello Greece), as the progressive solution to any *problem* is to simply say, “But we need to spend more!”

  15. Followup question:

    “So, Dick. Say your teenage son goes to a party and shares a joint. You’re saying you want him tested, tried, convicted, jailed, and disqualified from any federal student assistance, any professional licensure, and any job that requires a background check?”

    1. dick wasn’t having any follow up questions.

      1. Not without his little blue pill.

    2. Is he still allowed to become president?

  16. “I strongly oppose Ron Paul,” Morris said. “I think he’s horrific. He wants us to end the War on Drugs. He wants us to end the War on Terror.”

    Is it just me, or would that make a great campaign ad?

    1. My reaction exactly.

      “He wants us to end the War on Drugs. He wants us to end the War on Terror.”

      Those are features, not bugs.

  17. leave dick morris alone!

  18. “Ron Paul. He has the guts to tell the truth.” (Recycle old Buckley for Mayor slogan.)

  19. Someone should drug test Dick Morris. God I hate that guy.

  20. I want to talk about MY book, boo hoo hoo. I don’t want to have an open, honest debate about the issues because I know I’ll lose.

    [I posted that comment on Alexander Snitker’s FB post. So, if you are “friends” with Snitker, you know who Mr Whipple??? is.]

  21. We should start testing people for genetically induced stupidity, as decided by the government. Clearly some people are lost causes.

  22. While bullets fly into El Paso and bodies pile up in the streets of Juarez, and thugs with gold-plated AK-47s and albino tiger pens are beheading federal officials and dissolving their torsos in vats of acid, here are some facts concerning the peaceful situation in Holland. –Please save a copy and use it as a reference when debating prohibitionists who claim the exact opposite concerning reality as presented here below:

    Cannabis-coffee-shops are not only restricted to the Capital of Holland, Amsterdam. They can be found in more than 50 cities and towns across the country. At present, only the retail sale of five grams is tolerated, so production remains criminalized. The mayors of a majority of the cities with coffeeshops have long urged the national government to also decriminalize the supply side.

    A poll taken last year indicated that some 50% of the Dutch population thinks cannabis should be fully legalized while only 25% wanted a complete ban. Even though 62% of the voters said they had never taken cannabis. An earlier poll also indicated 80% opposing coffee shop closures.

    It is true that the number of coffee shops has fallen from its peak of around 2,500 throughout the country to around 700 now. The problems, if any, concern mostly marijuana-tourists and are largely confined to cities and small towns near the borders with Germany and Belgium. These problems, mostly involve traffic jams, and are the result of cannabis prohibition in neighboring countries. Public nuisance problems with the coffee shops are minimal when compared with bars, as is demonstrated by the rarity of calls for the police for problems at coffee shops.

    While it is true that lifetime and past-month use rates did increase back in the seventies and eighties, the critics shamefully fail to report that there were comparable and larger increases in cannabis use in most, if not all, neighboring countries which continued complete prohibition.

    According to the World Health Organization only 19.8 percent of the Dutch have used marijuana, less than half the U.S. figure.
    In Holland 9.7% of young adults (aged 15 to 24) consume soft drugs once a month, comparable to the level in Italy (10.9%) and Germany (9.9%) and less than in the UK (15.8%) and Spain (16.4%). Few transcend to becoming problem drug users (0.44%), well below the average (0.52%) of the compared countries.

    The WHO survey of 17 countries finds that the United States has the highest usage rates for nearly all illegal substances.

    In the U.S. 42.4 percent admitted having used marijuana. The only other nation that came close was New Zealand, another bastion of get-tough policies, at 41.9 percent. No one else was even close. The results for cocaine use were similar, with the U.S. again leading the world by a large margin.

    Even more striking is what the researchers found when they asked young adults when they had started using marijuana. Again, the U.S. led the world, with 20.2 percent trying marijuana by age 15. No other country was even close, and in Holland, just 7 percent used marijuana by 15 — roughly one-third of the U.S. figure.

    In 1998, the US Drug Czar General Barry McCaffrey claimed that the U.S. had less than half the murder rate of the Netherlands. That’s drugs, he explained. The Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics immediately issued a special press release explaining that the actual Dutch murder rate is 1.8 per 100,000 people, or less than one-quarter the U.S. murder rate.

    Here’s a very recent article by a psychiatrist from Amsterdam, exposing Drug Czar misinformation. Just put the following sentence in GOOGLE: “Amsterdam Psychiatrist Blasts US Drug Czars for Distortions, Fear-Mongering”

    Now let’s look at a comparative analysis of the levels of cannabis use in two cities: Amsterdam and San Francisco, which was published in the American Journal of Public Health May 2004,

    The San Francisco prevalence survey showed that 39.2% of the population had used cannabis. This is 3 times the prevalence found in the Amsterdam sample

    Source: Craig Reinarman, Peter D.A. Cohen and Hendrien L. Kaal, The Limited Relevance of Drug Policy.

    Moreover, 51% of people who had smoked cannabis in San Francisco reported that they were offered heroin, cocaine or amphetamine the last time they purchased cannabis. In contrast, only 15% of Amsterdam residents who had ingested marijuana reported the same conditions. Prohibition is the ‘Gateway Policy’ that forces cannabis seekers to buy from criminals who gladly expose them to harder drugs.

    The indicators of death, disease and corruption are even much better in the Netherlands than in Sweden for instance, a country praised by UNODC for its so called successful drug policy.

    Check out YouTube and watch Antonio Maria Costa doing his level best to avoid discussing the success of Dutch drug policy.

    The Netherlands also provides heroin on prescription under tight regulation to about 1500 long-term heroin addicts for whom methadone maintenance treatment has failed.

    The Dutch justice ministry announced, in May 2009, the closure of eight prisons and cut 1,200 jobs in the prison system. A decline in crime has left many cells empty. There’s simply not enough criminals.

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