Reason Morning Links: Gitmo Trials To Resume, Ensign Retires, New Government in Egypt


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  1. Gentlemen (and lady), start your links!

      1. Cheater.


    Last month’s deficit was bigger than the deficit for the entire year of 2007.

    1. Saw this on Drudge yesterday. Crazy.

    2. Meh. Last month’s dollar is worth more, uh, less, is different than 2007 dollars.

    3. Thank goodness the republicans just cut a whopping four billion dollars of spending. They only have to do that 55 more times to cover the February deficit.

      1. Hey, lets not get draconian here or anything.

      2. Thank goodness the republicans just cut a whopping four billion dollars of spending.


      3. If you can’t save pennies, you’ll never save dollars.

  3. http://legalinsurrection.blogs…..-guns.html

    Palin’s parents the subject of fairly serious death threats.

    1. That can’t be! Leftists are non-violent. Only the right uses violence to get their way. JARED LOUGHNER!! OMGWTFROFLCOPTER!!!!1one!1!11!!

      1. WTFBBQ would have been more appropriate.

        1. ?.? my roflknife demands blood!

          1. Just point out how flippant roflcopter is and how it seems awkward in this setting.

            1. The meta “one” was quit classy btw, nice work.

  4. Looks like Wall St. found their fall guy. Notice that the Goldman executive who is at the center of this isn’t facing any charges. It’s good to be the king.

    1. It’s a crime in the US to steal secrets from Goldman Sachs.

      Goldman Sachs stealing from the taxpayers is public policy.

      1. What law(s) did GS break? Be specific.

        1. And while you’re at it, please define “insider trading”.

          1. It appears to be defined as “if you are an employee of Goldman Sachs and steal secrets from Goldman Sachs and give those secrets to someone else outside of Goldman Sachs” then its insider trading.

        2. Where did I say that Goldman Sachs broke any law?

          I said that the person who is charged with breaking the law stole secrets from GS

          As to what Goldman Sachs did, it was all perfectly legal since stealing from the taxpayers with politicians permission is legal.

  5. Bill Gates no longer the world’s richest man.

    I’m out the door

    1. No worries, I’ve been up to my elbows in underage Asian prostitutes for years.

      1. Yeah, but your arms are short, so it doesn’t hurt too bad. Besides, I’m a libertarian. 12 is only “underage” in America.

    2. Bill Gates no longer the world’s richest man.

      Meet the new one. And Sprint will merge with KFC to become the worlds largest corporation by the end of the year.

      1. “I’m going to reinvest my money into the community… PSYCH!!!”

        Haha, damn why did Dave Chappelle have to go the more subtle Charlie Sheen route? (i.e. throw it all away)


    Obama to resume military commissions. Suckers!!!

    1. Mr. Obama said in a statement that he remained committed to closing Guant?namo someday and to charging some terrorism suspects in civilian criminal courts. But Congress has blocked the transfer of prisoners from Guant?namo to the United States for trial, frustrating the administration’s plan to hold civilian trials for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the self-professed chief plotter of the Sept. 11 attacks, and others accused of terrorism.

      1. So you prefer to believe Obama ineffective rather than duplicitous? Okay. Personally I’m not ready to limit myself to one or the other.

        1. Separation of powers, how does it work?

          1. You’re missin’ the funckin’

          2. Exactly what Obama should have been asking himself before making promises his Executive Branch alone can’t keep.

            1. But he was the editor of Harvard Law Review. He is erudite. How could he not have know this? Or was he just lying he ass off knowing people like MNG would believe him no matter what he said?

              1. MNG isn’t the only gullible person here.

                1. Fun fact: The word “gullible” is not in any (English) dictionary.

                  1. I’m willing to give an asian prostitute a break.

                  2. You lie!

                  3. *shakes fist*

              2. I don’t blame Obama, his teleprompter lied to him.


          3. Were you asleep from 2008-2010?

      2. The President seemed to have a lot more backbone when he was pushing healthcare…

        I guess his priorities are a little clearer now.

      3. “Someday”

        In many ways, they’ll miss the good old days
        Someday, someday
        Yeah, it hurts to say, but I want you to stay
        Sometimes, sometimes

        When we was young, oh man, did we have fun
        Always, always
        Promises, they break before they’re made
        Sometimes, sometimes Strokes Lyrics/Someday Lyrics.html

      4. Congress (and the federal courts) have blocked a shit-ton of liberal causes, and the administration just ignores them. Offshore drilling moratoria, Obamacare, CO2 rationing, etc.

    2. Promise kept!

  7. Wait, how can you have trials in Gitmo when it’s closed?

    1. Maybe he is going to outsource it to the Cubans. I hear they have a great conviction rate.

    2. We’ve got to do something with all that empty space.

      1. Jobs created/saved, etc. etc.

    3. This is what you do with Gitmo.


    “[T]he government-regulated utility will be able to decide when and where power should be delivered, to ensure that it meets the highest social purpose. Governments may, for example, decide that the needs of key industries take precedence over others, or that the needs of industry trump that of residential consumers. Governments would also be able to price power prohibitively if it is used for non-essential purposes.”

    Environmentalism is nothing but 21st Century fascism.

    1. Wow. It’s unusual when they just come right and say it. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore, they’re basking in their authoritarianism like Chavez.

    2. Seriously, when did the UK start looking at “1984” as a fucking guidebook?

      1. About 1984 when they realized the nightmare hadn’t come true and they were really far behind.

      2. Come on, it’s the lords power, the lords can dole it out how they please. 😉

    3. So I guess people freezing in their homes or dying from the heat is acceptable to these idiots? Seriously, that idiot needs a curb check

      1. What is worse is some people love this sort of thing. See e.g. below.

      2. A few years ago one of the crazy hillbillies who live at the end of our dead end road froze to death. They couldn’t get an ambulance back to his shack so they dragged him about a mile on a sled.

        1. They should have just left him there.

    4. Cuz when I think of fascism I don’t think of pouring castor oil down the mouths of dissidents or concentration camps or flag-waving nationalistic rallies, I think about the nationalization of utilities…

      1. Why split hairs? Think of both!

      2. Your hyperbole is not only flaccid, but it kind of contradicts history. So I must give you a frowny face.


        1. Flaccid Hyperbole could be a band name.

          1. It could be Hugh Hefner’s nickname.

      3. Maybe if you’ve ever read a history book you would. Don’t you have advanced degrees in and do research in PolySci, or am I thinking of someone else? I knew it was a useless degree, but still…

        1. But MNG means well, so it’s cool.

        2. Seriously, the only possibility that doesn’t put MNG in a bad light with comments like this is that he’s just rah-rahing for team blue and doesn’t really believe what he says.

          A poli sci PhD writing half the stuff he writes on here would be like me arguing that a negative times a negative is a negative, or that the derivative of f*g is f’*g’.

          1. you guys are comparing environmental regulation to fascism and HE’S the one who’s rah-rahing or doesn’t actually believe what he says?

            Oh wait, you DO actually believe environmental regulation is comparible with fascism? Oh OK, if that’s the case then you actually have mental problems.

            1. Fascism is a political/economic paradigm. It can be applied to environmental issues just as easily as it can be applied to any other issue in society.

              Like many leftists, you seem to be conflating the racism and militarism that was present in the two famous fascist societies with the philosophy of fascism itself. That would be like me saying that communism is inherently militaristic because of the USSR’s history.

              1. No. Really. As long as all are oppressed equally, it’s cool.

              2. When looking at an overall national policy and deciding whether it’s fascist, militarism would definitely be an attribute to consider (racism, less so — I think it was more of a pre-existing feature of society that fascism was able to exploit and turn into something horrific). However, I don’t think militarism is a requirement — a small country can go fascist while holding no illusions about its ability to successfully invade its neighbors. War is simply an excellent rationale for imposing a central command structure over the populace.

                But fascism has many attributes, and any given policy can be considered separately.

            2. For what it’s worth, we aren’t comparing environmental regulation with fascism here, anyway. The environmental regulation was stupid, and is likely to create a much more volatile power supply, but it’s just the Treaty of Versailles in this scenario.

              The fascist part is the rationing system that is being built to deal with the fluctuating power supply — government (more or less) will be centrally controlling who is allowed to have electricity and who is not, and one can only imagine that this will be abused to serve political ends (in addition to presumably coming at the expense of the lower classes).

    5. We’ve received a flyer from our utility several times, about installing a “smart thermostat”. It would allow them to take control and turn down our heat or a/c when there is extra demand on the system.

      Every time, I say “no fucking way” and toss it right in the trash.

      1. It’s actually a good idea. The electric company gives you a discount and the only turn it down briefly.

        1. I suppose, as long as you keep the old thermostat and are capable enough to hook it back up.

        2. And it’ll stay that way, scout’s honor!

        3. It’s actually a good idea. The electric company gives you a discount and the only turn it down briefly.

          The info they sent said it would save us $40 per year. For that pittance, I’ll retain control of my own home’s temperature, thankyouverymuch.

        4. The electric company gives you a discount and the only turn it down briefly.

          Suuure they will.

        5. Not only no, but fuck no.

        6. And the new tax is only temporary.

        7. On the other hand. If they instituted demand driven pricing and let me program the thing, I’d be interested.

          I mean, seriously, the right strategy might knock as much as 10% off the bill at a modest cost in comfort.

          But putting them in control is a non-starter.

      2. Maybe set it up in your freezer in the winter and hook it to your hot water heater in the summer. Then you get whatever incentive credit plus they don’t mess with your power.

      3. Yeah — this is SOP in my neck of the woods. They install a radio-operated switch on my electric water heater so they can switch off and avoid a new peak. I get a break on my rate. It’s never been switched off in 20 years. (Of course — it was my choice to install the switch.)

    6. And people say the bad guys in Atlas Shrugged are cardboard cutouts. That quote is straight from AS, as I recall.

    7. Always remember: in the eyes of the authorities, YOU are “non-essential.”

  9. Go Egypt! The new prime minister is a Purdue University graduate in civil engineering. Represent!

    But no really, maybe he won’t fuck up…

    1. You know who else was a civil engineer in Egypt and later went into politics? Yasser Arafat.

      And no one could say he ever fucked up?

      1. The advantage to being a civil engineer is that you get first hand experience with all of the development and real estate corruption. A primer in modern government.

      2. Yeah, but he went to Ball State.

    2. CivEs – those who couldn’t cut it as MEs or EEs.

      1. Nah, thats Imaginary Engineers. Civils seemed to be that way from the start. Which is weird.

        I dont remember seeing much ME/EE->CE changes. ME/EE->IE. Yup, that happens.

        1. Not being in the engineers’ club, which segment of engineering are you referring to as Imaginary?

          1. IE – Imaginary Engineering

            Its a joke name for Industrial Engineering.

          2. Industrial Engineer == IE

      2. You all wish you could be ChEs.

        1. No one has ever wished that.


      3. Civil Engineers build targets

    3. I expect he’ll get a three seed in Martial Madness.

  10. Jesus H. Christ this is infuriating…

    Michigan Town Split on Child Pornography ChargesBy ERICA GOODE
    Published: March 7, 2011
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    Single Page


    LinkedinDiggMixxMySpacePermalink. MUSKEGON, Mich. ? People in this economically pressed town near Lake Michigan are divided into two camps: Those who think Evan Emory should pay hard for what he did, and those who think he should be let off easy.

    Mr. Emory, 21, an aspiring singer and songwriter, became a household name here last month when he edited a video to make it appear that elementary school children in a local classroom were listening to him sing a song with graphic sexual lyrics. He then showed the video in a nightclub and posted it on YouTube.

    Tony Tague, the Muskegon County prosecutor, stands firmly in the first camp: He charged Mr. Emory with manufacturing and distributing child pornography, a crime that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison and 25 years on the sex offender registry.…..?_r=1&hpw;

    1. This is still going on!? Jesus…

    2. Wow, just… wow! The guy does need a good kick in the groin, but he did NOTHING sexual to those kids. It is insanity that child pornography is even considered in this case. The prosecutor needs to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

      1. In front of teh chilluns!!

    3. I know have a massive knee jerk reaction to people saying “for the kids.” This has proven problematic since a lot of friends are breeders and have little ones and say stupid shit like that all the time.

      1. Lets use “I now…”

    4. So kids (not actually) talking about sexual things is child pornography? Does that mean just about every 5th grader now is enveloped in the world of underage sex, since they often use words that I didn’t even start saying until college?

      The stupid is strong with this one…

      1. I’m really hoping the jury doesn’t decide to ruin this guy’s life and convict any way. It’s pretty clear that this practical joke didn’t expose the children (har har) to anything sexual, nor were they committing any sexual acts.

        The prosecutor obviously doesn’t give a fuck about that, and will gladly sacrifice this amateur comedian for the sake of advancing his political career.

        Misguided attempts at humor =/= trafficking in child porn.

    5. No castor oil, no fascism.

    6. First, Emory was monumentally stupid to have done this. It’s just asking for trouble these days — and I’m totally down with the school firing him for it. I doubt he’s going to be aspiring to much anymore.

      That said, SCOTUS has already come down against attempts to apply child pornography laws to material that merely makes it appear children are engaging in sex acts — let alone hearing sexual terminology.

      1. When are the trials coming for MTV and the producers of Skins? Or Columbia pictures home video for re-releasing The Blue Lagoon on video?

        How about Ben Affleck for the portrayal of Shannon Hamilton having sex with the 15 year old Trisha Jones in Mallrats?
        “Who’s your favorite new kid? Call me Joey. Call me Donnie. Oh, please don’t go girl.”

        1. Is it wrong of me to be okay with the thought of Ben Affleck being thrown in Federal Prison?

          1. No, that’s perfectly understandable.

            1. The Town and Gone Baby Gone are entirely watchable. He was also pretty good in Hollywoodland.

              1. Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms.

      2. The PROTECT Act of 2003 sort of undermined that decision.

  11. Draw no conclusions from my putting an [article] on masterbation in the same [post] as the Mary Katharine Hamm [video]. I’m a gentleman.

    ‘FistGate’ Goes Global: GLSEN Activist Promotes [Masturbation] at U.N. Conference

    Video – Hammertime: The New [Tone] is Finally Here

    1. I dig chicks with giant face bones.

      1. I have always thought MK Ham was pretty cute. Not lobster girl cute. But cute enough.

        1. Mostly just wanted to say “giant face bones.”

          1. Giant Face Bones would be an excellent name for a rock and roll band.

            1. It would be an excellent name for a John Holmes flick.

              1. Why can’t be both? To the time machine!

      2. Handlebars for the face fucking!

    2. From the [masterbation] article:

      “Oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education,” Diane Schneider told the audience at a [United Nations conference] panel on combating homophobia and transphobia. Schneider, representing the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the US, advocated for more “inclusive” sex education in US schools. . . . She claimed that the idea of sex education remains an oxymoron if it is abstinence-based, or if students are still able to opt-out.
      Comprehensive sex education is “the only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity,” Schneider proclaimed, “and we must make these issues a part of every middle and high-school student’s agenda.” . . .
      A panel sponsored in part by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) advocated for “comprehensive sex education” not only as a tool to combat “gender oppression,” but also as the key to achieving all of the Millennium Development Goals.

      1. Yeah, because people are incapable of figuring any of that out without the help of a friendly bureaucrat.

      2. Oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education

        OSMAO 101 is full *already*? Can I do independent study?

      3. Comprehensive sex education is “the only way to combat heterosexism and gender conformity,”

        So much for the passing on of impartial scientific knowledge.

        1. “combat gender conformity”

          What does that even mean?

          1. Little boys in pink dresses with frilly bows is a great idea.

            1. But, bitch-slapping — is it or is it not involved in this “combat”?

              1. I would imagine that texting snide remarks will be the only form of fighting that will survive.

                “Your asshole whistles when you take a shit.”

                1. I’m telling your mother you said that!

                    1. my mommy taught me not to click anything that ended in.jpg from people named sugar free.

                      assuming he didnt SF the link that is

                    2. I think this topic is begging for some Stare Dad.

      4. Don’t worry guys, I’m on this

      5. Yes, all of us in the NEA think we should be doing more to teach kids the ways of the world. Why should those stodgy old padres have all the fun?

      6. My high school Health teacher weighed 400 lbs and had a colostomy bag. The idea of him teaching masturbation is high octane nightmare fuel/fetish retardant.

        1. That’s one way to instill an abstinence culture.

      7. It’s okay, it’s only one step further than penis inspection day.

  12. NPR executives caught on tape bashing [conservatives] and Tea Party, touting liberals
    …In a new video released Tuesday morning by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe, Schiller and Betsy Liley, NPR’s director of institutional giving, are seen meeting with two men who, unbeknownst to the NPR executives, are posing as members of a Muslim Brotherhood front group. The men, who identified themselves Ibrahim Kasaam and Amir Malik from the fictitious Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC) Trust, met with Schiller and Liley at Caf? Milano, a well-known Georgetown restaurant, and explained their desire to give to $5 million to NPR because, “the Zionist coverage is quite substantial elsewhere.”

    On the tapes, Schiller wastes little time before attacking conservatives. The Republican Party, Schiller says, has been “hijacked by this group.” The man posing as Malik finishes the sentence by adding, “the radical, racist, Islamaphobic, Tea Party people.” Schiller agrees and intensifies the criticism, saying that the Tea Party people aren’t “just Islamaphobic, but really xenophobic, I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting. I mean, it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”…

    …O’Keefe’s organization set up a fake website for MEAC to lend credibility to the fictitious group. On the site, MEAC states that its mission is combating “intolerance to spread acceptance of Sharia across the world.” At their lunch, the man posing as Kasaam told Schiller that MEAC contributes to a number of Muslim schools across the U.S. “Our organization was originally founded by a few members of the Muslim Brotherhood in America actually,” he says….

    1. …Schiller doesn’t blink. Instead, he assumes the role of fan. “I think what we all believe is if we don’t have Muslim voices in our schools, on the air,” Schiller says. “It’s the same thing we faced as a nation when we didn’t have female voices.”…

    2. Has there ever been a case of a MSM reporter caught with his guard down turning out to be anything but a hard left liberal?

      1. Would it be reported in the conservative blogosphere if there were such a case?

        1. He or she would be fired. It [would] be reported somewhere. Lets say a good MSM reporter says something racist on video. Does that sort of thing not get out? Given that libs think nonliberal = racist, I can only assume you [vermin] would treat political deviation the same way.

      2. You can sell conservative, so no need to hide the bashing. You can’t sell liberal (they all want it for free) so you have to hide it behind a thin veil of smegma.

        1. Thin Veil of Spegma would be a good name for a…oh nevermind.

          1. Correct spelling would also be good.

    3. Later in the lunch, Schiller explains that NPR would be better positioned free of federal funding. “Well frankly, it is clear that we would be better off in the long-run without federal funding,” he says.

      1. It’s too bad the one insider who thinks like us will soon be fired.

    4. Schiller goes on to describe liberals as more intelligent and informed than conservatives.

      HAA-haa! Bet the schmuck doesn’t feel quite so smart now.

      1. No, no, no. Cons are like the Irish, not smart but sneaky; accomplished liars and cheats. Of course he fell for it.

        1. Your description is more that of a Joo than a Mick.

    5. When I’m getting ready for work, I usually listen to Morning Edition on NPR. This morning, they were talking about how bad the business cycle was in the late 19th and early 20th century:

      “It was the era of the robber barons. When too much wealth was in the hands of too few. Sound familiar?”

      Of course, the evidence they presented of this controversial economic assumption hinged upon a few selected works of contemporary art. There was no discussion of why the cycles were so bad, or the duration of said cycles, nor was anything said about the world economy. What the reader was left to assume was that the laissez-faire society at the time left everyone impoverished, and thank God big gummit is here to do something and save us now from long, drawn-out, job-killing recessions.

      1. The late 19th century wasn’t laissez-faire.

        1. Right, I’m saying that’s what NPR is leading the reader listener to believe.

    6. Here’s the problem with this story – if you’re in development you will basically say whatever the fuck it takes to get that $5 MM. That is your job. Does the NPR stooge believe what he’s saying? It’s quite possible, hell , even probable. But seriously the guy would probably agree with and embellish upon whatever the fuck you say to him if there’s a fat ass check that comes with it.

      Unscrupulous? Yes. Unprincipled? Sure. But not the best gotcha moment I’ve ever seen.

      1. Here’s the problem with this story – if you’re in development you will basically say whatever the fuck it takes to get that $5 MM. That is your job.

        So you’re saying his reaction would be the same if the American Nazis came forward and offered togive NPR $5 million. Or maybe if NAMBLA did.

        In other words, he’s an unprincipled fuckstick.

        1. I think it depends on the group, but yes, I believe he can be bought. I believe he’d say whatever it takes to get that money. Slandering the Tea Party is easy – they’re already Outlanders – so using hyperbolic insults that agree with the fictional Muslim donors’ views are a no-brainer.

          I specifically called the behavior unprincipled.

        2. Um, what? Since when does taking money from bad people make one unprincipled? Schiller is essentially a salesman.

          Ron Paul took money from flerking white supremacists, remember? And I’m sure Reason wouldn’t refuse money from them either so long as there weren’t strings attached.

          1. I dont think its the taking of the money that makes one an unprincipled fuckstick. It is what you say to get the money.

            1. Good point, but a good salesman will (and should) say whatever it takes — short of fraud — to make the sale. And Schiller is a salesman, whatever his title is.

  13. Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) announces retirement.

    Senator Ensign said he was retiring to get more time for the important business of shagging other people’s wives.

    1. I suppose that is better than shagging the tax payers.

      1. Much better.

    2. At least he won’t be fuckin’ me. So fire up the viagra, coke, and booze and let the man get to fuckin’

  14. Jezebel has strict policies about no “body snark” i.e. don’t make fun of how other women look. I guess the wives of Republicans aren’t women.

    1. Women? Hell anyone who doesn’t toe the party line doesn’t even qualify as human to those people.

      1. Jezebel’s party lion is pretty heavy, so towing it is damn tough.

    2. You almost can’t even make fun of this shit. It’s that stupid and unaware.

      God I missed H&R for the reality checks. Thank you SF.

    3. They are satan’s spawn receptacles.

  15. In other news, China will have an even HUGER-ASS army very shortly……..s-in-asia/

    1. Demographics are a bitch.

    2. It’s even worse for Asian men. It seems to me, at least anecdotally, that Asian women abroad don’t date Asian men.

      1. Because western men treat women better on average.

        1. Lacist!

      2. Its even worse for Chinese men since there are fewer Chinese woman. That whole 1 child policy really screws up demographics, especially in a society where having a male child is more important.

        1. Look, it’s simple. What we need is a Federal program to encourage Chinese men to immigrate. I say form a foreign legion of Chinese to fight our wars in Asia with the guarantee of citizenship for all who serve honorably. Then upon naturalization, the ICE will facilitate meetings between the new citizens and Jezebel readers. THREE birds, ONE stone.

          1. Wait, you want to trained and experienced soldiers with a reason to hate America and its government? I’m not sure this is the best idea.

      3. American men are so prized among Asian women that even MNG could get some action.

      4. It would be interesting to see a careful statistical analysis of that. I’ll grant that you see a lot more East Asian girls with non-East Asian guys than vice versa, but you also see a lot of East Asian couples.

        1. It’s sad when I see a hot Asian chick holding hands with an ugly Asian guy. She got rolled by tradition while he hit the lottery.

          1. Pretty sure both hmm and I are talking about East Asian students in US colleges, who aren’t nearly as bound by tradition.

            1. That’s what I’m saying. You do see that here, the hot Asian chick with an ugly Asian guy.

              I’ve seen plenty of decent looking black guys with gross looking white girls. I still have no explanation for that phenomena. I mean I understand why she would, but what’s his problem? Some moron told me it was a “conquest” thing or a big “fuck you” to whitey but I don’t think that works. No white guy except maybe the girl’s father is gonna give him props for fucking a skank, especially an overweight one which seems to be prevalent. If anything we appreciate taking her out of the white chick pool, since you know, alcohol has its consequences.

              1. Correction: No white guy except maybe the girl’s father is gonna be pissed for the white girl fucking a black guy…

                You get the idea.

                1. Maybe in your socioeconomic stratum, Nick. But that’s not the case in the strata where it’s likely to be an issue.

          2. And one could of course say the same thing about white women with ugly white guys rather than a black guy. Well, if that thought weren’t uncomfortable for us ugly white guys.

            1. But the black guys who are not pro athletes seem to go for the fat white chicks, while hot black chicks seem to go for the average white guy. Not a fair trade in my book, but not too shabby if you are a fat white chick or an average white guy.

              1. I suspect you’re comparing apples and oranges here. When you see an interacial, long-term couple, it’s usually a black guy and white woman, and yes, usually the woman is nothing to write home about. But that’s explainable by the fact that women are selected for attractiveness, while men are selected for wealth (at least when you’re talking about long-term partnering). Unattractive white women and poor black men are therefore selected against and tend to pair up.

                In my anecdotal experience, white guy with black girl is exceedingly rare to begin with. Not sure what that’s about.

                1. In my anecdotal experience, white guy with black girl is exceedingly rare to begin with. Not sure what that’s about.

                  I’m guessing that it’s about a lot of white guys haven’t yet tasted black pussy.

        2. To the wikis!

          Among all newlyweds in 2008 … 41.7% of Native-Born Asian men out-married compared to 11.7% of Foreign-Born Asian men; 50.8% of Native-Born Asian women out-married compared to 36.8% of Foreign-Born Asian women.

          So the majority of US-born Asian-American women intermarry.

          1. Considering they’re living in a society that is overwhelmingly non-Asian, that’s to be expected just by random chance.

            However, the difference in intermarriage rates between men and women is significant.

            1. Not too much. Most Asians live in areas that have a lot of Asians, like New York, the Bay, or LA. The same marriage trends hold. I don’t have a reference, but I know for a fact that most US-born Asians in the Bay (men and women) marry outside their ethnic group. Most parts of the Bay are 20-30% Asian.

              Here’s a population percentage map, and the takeaway should be that the US’s 5%-ish Asian-American population is not spread throughout the country but is heavily concentrated in a few urban areas (and more so than any whites, blacks or Hispanics).

              And you really only need a small community to avoid intermarriage historically. Jews, for example, didn’t really begin intermarrying until the 70s.

              This isn’t a rigorous survey, but the observation that Asians in the US have high rates of intermarriage should be fairly obvious. At least anecdotally, it is desirable for some of my Bay Area Asian-American female friends to find a guy with the same ethnic background for their parents’ sake (this usually coming from second-generationers), and there’s some inertia from the friends you have growing up, but those factors will turn more irrelevant with each generation.

    3. I’ve been saying for a few years now that China’s 1-child policy was going to mean war, considering so many boys will be without girls. And think of all the girls that might be, in fact, lesbians. Even less for the pool of potential partners. Those women will more likely demand more from their prospective spouses by only going for better looks, income, and any other attribute. So even the fat and ugly chicks can land wealthy, handsome guys. The less attractive and poorer guys are going to be left out. Those guys will be wanting some, and they’ll be looking at other countries to get it.

      1. Those guys will be wanting some, and they’ll be looking at other countries to get it.

        Come at me, bro.

      2. Those guys will be wanting some, and they’ll be looking at other countries to get it.

        Canada. We’re looking at Canada.

      3. OK, don’t mind if I do spend some time thinking about Chinese lesbians.

      4. You’re automatically assuming that it won’t create internal strife. I would predict a civil war from the masses against the oppressive regime (that instituted the very 1-child policy we are discussing) before millions of Chinese impoverished start moving out into the world for women.

      5. “And think of all the girls that might be, in fact, lesbians.”

        It’s all I do.

      6. And think of all the girls that might be, in fact, lesbians

        They’ll be offset by a like-percentage of boys who are gay.

        Even so, you’re left with millions of young men with no hope of ever finding a bride. Either they band together into the next great Yellow Horde, or they all try to emigrate to female-rich lands like Russia or India. It’ll be interesting to see which way this goes.

        1. Technically, there are more gays than lesbians, so this actually works in everyone’s favor.

          Also, these problems could all be solved by having a lottery for mandatory gay marriage. China, I’m counting on you for this.

      7. Actually, Chinese men are now getting mail-order brides from Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. There are always going to be plenty of women in desperately poor countries for all the wealthy men in the world.

        China’s gender ratio is only about 11:10, by the way — a lot of Westerners seem to have the impression it’s like 2:1 or more. Plus Chinese families are beginning to see the potential “investment” value of having girls, if you know what I mean, so the gender ratio of births in recent years is much closer to the natural one.

        1. Mmm….free markets in action.

        2. China’s gender ratio is only about 11:10, by the way

          If there’s a billion of ’em, give or take, doesn’t that add up to, what, 50 million surplus men?

          I think that’s enough to be a problem, personally.

          1. Polyandry? Is this a growth opportunity for the Mormons and Muslims?

            1. That would be an idea to consider if the ratio were reversed. I don’t think the Muslims and Mormons think too highly of a woman with multiple husbands.

  16. Florida DOT engages in illegal program to detain and threaten with arrest anyone who pays a toll with a $20 or larger bill – and then when confronted about it, lies about its existence and tries to cover it up.

    They say it was necessary to combat counterfeit bills.

    Best part? They collected over $1.5 billion in tolls during the same period they collected $16,000 in counterfeit bills. And they spent $32,000 in printing forms and handouts to deal with the counterfeit bills problem.

    Lawsuit pending, as it damn well should be…

    1. I always love how governments tend to spend more money to fix a money problem than the money problem cost to begin with.

      1. Are we talking about ObamaCare again?

    2. Damn, and I thought the PA Turnpike screwed me over when they charged me the price of traveling the entire road from NJ to Ohio when I only went like 20 miles because their ticket dispenser ran out of tickets.

      1. Let us track facilitate your travel.

      2. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the Illinois tollway (or any tollway) can’t come up with a disposable RFID tag. I drive to Chicago about 3 times a year and I’d rather not get the iPass. I’d be willing to pay a premium to get a temporary, disposable transponder which I could pre-pay, use the iPass lanes for my visit, and then toss when I am done.

        1. But then they couldn’t track your movements, calculate your average speed for law enforcement purposes, etc. WE NEED A NAME.

          1. Not “fascism,” that’s for sure! (Oh, wait — is castor oil involved or not?)

  17. Yo, Brickbat today is MESSED UP!


  18. Bill Gates plus Warren Buffet have about $97B in assets between them. Even if you add in the next five richest people in the US, you don’t get to $200B. I don’t know how they’re gonna steal $1.5T from rich people.

    1. Even if you add in the next five richest people in the US, you don’t get to $200B. I don’t know how they’re gonna steal $1.5T from rich people.

      Arithmetic – how does it work?

  19. Fucking squirrels.

    Bill Gates plus Warren Buffet have about $97B in assets between them.

    Wealth tax!

    (If you think the Income Tax is an invasion of privacy, just wait.)

    1. Look, Buffett and Gates have already said they’re giving away all their wealth to charity. I propose the government simply speed up the process by confiscating the rest right now. There are people who need this money now and it’s simply barbarous to allow this wealth to moulder away unused. Need=value.

  20. I found out today that Florida has no statutes prohibiting sexual contact between a person and an animal. Today is the opening day of our annual Legislative session, and apparently a State Senator is trying (for the 3rd session in a row!) to change this.

    Who knew the animal husbandry lobby was so powerful? Apparently our Lege is full of sheepfuckers.

    1. Pack my bags, I’m movin’ to Florida!

      1. Banhammer in 3..2..1..

    2. Wh.. what happened to his first two attempts?

      1. Passed the Senate and died in the lower chamber. Not sure why. Its a short session, so maybe it just isn’t important to pass a law that will affect 3 people/year. Maybe the sponsor is a Democrat.

    3. If the sheep are the man’s property, why do we have an issue with his use of that property as a living fleshlight?

      1. I suppose you think it’s OK for a woman to have sex with her unborn child then.

  21. Not really sure how Balko managed to avoid offering us this nut punch.

    He did post it last October in the Agitator.

    Summary, according to officer Sergio Vergillo:

    Woman and methed-up son get in argument. Woman calls 911. Cops enter mobile home and confront son. Son tells them to get the fuck out if they have no warrant. Officer Richard Chrisman pulls gun, puts it to son’s head and says “I don’t need a warrant, motherfucker”.

    They taze him twice, pepper spray him. Then Chrisman pulls his gun, shoots the son’s dog (who is sitting in the corner barking), and then ultimately puts a few rounds in the son, who was not a threat at the time, according to Vergillo.

    1. I did some background on this shooting, and it just gets better and better. Talk about a snake pit.

      Richard Chrisman, the cop who did the shooting, was eventually indicted for 2nd degree murder.

      Chrisman was on the County’s “Brady List” ( a list of almost 500 officers who have damaged credibility due to lying under oath at some point) for a 2005 incident in which he and a female officer were caught on surveillance video planting a crack pipe on a mentally ill homeless woman being arrested for an outstanding warrant.

      Chrisman claimed that it was done “to mess” with the woman, and they had no intent to actually charge her. He got suspended for one whole day for that. Ironically, the head of Internal Affairs for Phoenix PD, is also on that list.

      Chrisman is also one of 28 officers who were investigated for fraud for falsifying time sheets for off-duty event security work. Phoenix PD cops do about $30 million/yr worth of such business. 3 were indicted, the other 25 (including Chrisman) were not, but were suspended from doing further off-duty work. Internal Affairs is determining any further disciplinary action against the 25. A 4th “retired” officer (if that’s what you can call an 18 yo veteran who lost his pension) was also indicted.

      One other cop, Sergeant Sean Drenth, was mysteriously found shot to death near the State Capitol last October, and homicide detectives are investigating a link between the two cases. The Chief of Police indicated that if Drenth were still alive, he probably would be facing felony theft charges.

      The wife of Sergio Vergillo, the cop who ratted Chrisman out, was convicted of trafficking in meth and coke in 2008 and got 3 years probation. She apparently was taking undercover operations info from her husband, who was a narcotics detective at the time, and passing it on to her drug-dealer brother. Guess it’s pretty obvious why Vergillo is now a beat cop instead of a detective.

      Of course, Chrisman’s lawyer is playing that up to try and discredit Vergillo’s testimony against his client.

      PLEA, the local police union who footed Chrisman’s $150,000 bond and is allegedly paying his legal fees, is currently under investigation for obstruction and witness tampering for trying to get Vergillo to change his story. Chrisman is a union member, Vergillo is not.

      1. Oh, that’s “18 year veteran”, not 18 yo veteran.

      2. Chrisman was on the County’s “Brady List” (a list of almost 500 officers who have damaged credibility due to lying under oath at some point). …

        The head of Internal Affairs for Phoenix PD, is also on that list.

        I don’t see any problems here.

  22. Amtrak not happy with TSA.…..59127.aspx

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