Government Spending

God Bless Alan Simpson, the "Enema Man," Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg, & The Children Walking on Their Pants…


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  1. Why is everyone laughing?

    1. Yeah, hehheh hehheh, your name is Boner, hehhehheh. Boner!

      1. Boner….hehheh…yeah!

    2. Because Gillespie keeps sighting that “never passed 21%” number like it means something. PHOOEY!…..uISXbr.png

      What a startling image…if we want to keep social security, we’ve got to raise taxes.

  2. If I ever get this old, I give Episiarch carte blanche to kill me in any (quick and relatively painless) manner he sees fit.

    1. I just don’t think it’ll happen. We’ll still know how to hit google when we’re 80, and will be all too wiling to spend our free time researching exactly how best to put whippersnappers in their place.

      (The old folks homes full of hiphop, metal, video games, and old people swearing like sailors will be priceless.)

        1. Perfect!

        2. I should have credited my source there, whoops. He doesn’t mention our still-intact google-fu though.

      1. More than likely, we’ll be complaining about the youngin’s and their Terastep, Axecore, their newfangled Neuronet, and all their weird spacer slang. But you need opponents of a medium so proponents can argue it’s worth as an artform, so let’s give them shit.

        1. Can we get reimbursed for providing such a service though?

    2. He’ll want to how you his pussy first.

      1. Well a man CAN dream…


      2. How much fuck how you his pussy?

      3. You make me feel so unnecessary.

  3. Kids today, I tells ya, their parents just aren’t patriotic.

    1. Fritz, is that you?

    2. But this program is a tradional role for governemtn. It has existed since the republic was only 159 years old!

  4. It seems that these kids also have the gold in their mouth and their hat turned sideways. Looking like a fool, with their pants on the ground.

    1. As a Florida resident, I can say that pants apparently should be worn just below the ribs. I’m sure Simpson would agree.

      1. Take a drive through Frenchtown in Tallahassee. The style there is boxers around the waist, tucked into basketball shorts around the thighs, tucked into jeans around the knees which are held in place with the left hand. It’s pretty funny looking.

        1. It’s pretty funny looking.

          I’d imagine. I lived in Tallahassee for 4 years, and that was enough for me for the rest of my life.

          I was making a bad joke about Central & South Florida seniors & “grandpa” pants.

  5. So, according to Rolling Stone, Beavis and Butthead are being relaunched on MTV. Which explains why, a couple of days ago, I was in the supermarket and saw this hot young 18-or-so latina-asian chick with brand new tattoos: Beavis and Butthead, on the back of her calves. The ink still had plastic on ’em. I was blown away.

    1. Oh, I can only hope.

      Greatest. Show. Ever.

      I knew the end of western civilization was on the way the first time I saw it. If B&B are coming back, well – I’m all in.

      “She said hard.” “Yeah, and then she said on.” “MMMmmmmm hm hmm…yeah…hehheh…hehheh….hehheh…” How can you fucking beat that? You can’t.

      1. How can you fucking beat that? You can’t.

        “I don’t like stuff that sucks. I like stuff that’s cool.”

    2. I’m sorry, I didn’t get past “…hot young 18-or-so latina-asian chick”.

      I’ve got to run to the restroom, but I’ll be back in a few min. and will be sufficiently de-pressurized enough to read the rest of your post.

      1. De-pressurization done?

  6. I hope I die before I get old enough to have “Listen to the enema man!” come spraying out of my subconsciassous.

  7. Enema Man and I are good friends. We see each other often.

  8. Remember that time Nick G. broke it to us that Reason was going to advertise on MSNBC? Was Rather the result of that?

  9. It was funny.

    Back then, to paraphrase, “there was too much buffcoatin’ and beevin’ goin’ on out thar”.

  10. listening to the enema man

    Is he talking about those among his fellow Senators who wear colostomy bags?

  11. I am sure Epi remembers that the subject hearings along with gorgeous Janet’s musings about muffling speech caused Dick Wolf to replace Michael Moriarity with Sam Waterston.

    1. BTW, Moriarity had some real stones (pun intended).

  12. Uh, huh-huh-huh-huh, that guy reminds me of my, uh, uncle. Ya’ know, Richard Head.

    1. In HS I knew a guy named Richard Head (real name) and a guy named Richard Seaman.

      1. I may have that beat… I knew a Richard Holder

  13. Is the short version: “Get off my lawn”?

  14. You loved me when I made that “tit-sucking” crack. Hypocrites!

  15. We could save Social Security tomorrow if we eliminated the cap on earnings subject to Social Security payroll tax. At present taxpayers earning more than $106,800 a year pay no Social Security tax on income above $106,800.

    The answer is so obvious – and yet the mainstream media has become so dominated by neoliberal ideology no one asks the question.

    I blog about this at http://stuartbramhall.aegautho…..h-the-cap/

    1. The answer is so obvious…

      Yeah, making people plan for their own retirement….oh, wait, that’s not what you meant was it.

    2. Just imagine, for instance, how much we could collect from the salaries of Wall Street CEOs.

      Note to Wall Street CEOs: start investing in security.

    3. Or we could get rid of Social Security altogether, drastically reduce or even eliminate the thievery that is income tax and payroll deductions, and allow people to finance their own retirement with that money. That would be great, too.

  16. Enema Man? Snoopy Poop Dog? Ha, ha! Priceless!

  17. That was some funny shit, Gillespie. Especially “fiscal blah blah blah.”

  18. Just what we need, more stupid old farts deciding for everyone what constitutes suitable entertainment. If the Simpsons of the world had gotten their way we’d still be listening to Doris Day and Pat Boone on the radio. Maybe not fair to Pat, he did do an absolutely rockin’ metal album.

  19. Although I have to admit, I find hip hop/rap to be nearly unendurable, but then I am wise enough to recognize that I am an old fart who’s tastes are irrelevant.

  20. Obama knows it’s Eminem and Snoop Dogie Dog. Does that make him any better? No.

    An ignorant capitalist is better than a smart Marxist any day.

  21. Obama knows it’s Eminem and Snoop Dogie Dog. Does that make him any better? No.

    An ignorant capitalist is better than a smart Marxist any day.

  22. Gregory Smith ur a goddamn faggot!

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