Why Can't Americans Keep Anger Alive? (It's the Republicans' Fault)


Annoying news from the world of partisan blindness, via the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press: with the Republican re-takeover (prior to the Democrats eventual re-re-takeover) of the House of Representatives, Republicans, Republican-leaning independents, and Tea Partiers are all more satisfied with government, which continues exactly on its same path toward destruction, bankruptcy, and madness:

Fewer Republicans say they feel angry with the federal government than did so last fall. In the current survey, 16% of Republicans say they are angry with the government, down from 33% in September….Among independents who lean to the GOP, the percent saying they are angry declined from 38% to 20%….

Nearly half (47%) of Tea Party supporters said they were angry with the federal government in September of last year. That has dropped to 28% in the current survey.

Keep anger alive, Americans!

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  1. It’s the vegetables

    1. *Please* be careful, Michelle. Some congresscreatures may consider that libelous.

    2. I’m doing a lot better, really!

      *via Twitter*

      1. Sick bastard-Why couldn’t you think of a phallic joke like every other Libertarian! 😉

        1. As I always say, libertarians have small dicks.

  2. The “right” people are now in charge…meanwhile people that are on the left are MORE dissatisfied with government, even though nothing’s changed.

  3. But doesn’t the increased leftist anger offset that?

  4. Oh, TEAM RED TEAM BLUE…when will you stop fucking the rest of us?

    (Answer: never.)

    1. damn rhetoricals

    2. Correct. Why don’t you continue whining about it?

  5. Go Team Red! Beat Team Blue!

    Apparently 17% of GOPers are partisan dipshits.

  6. Now that Boehner is rising to the defense of DOMA, and Peter King is ready to test for mooselimb witches, the economy is on the right track!

      1. Click on the above if you like fat girls, incest, and pickles.

  7. Say, I think maybe government itself is the problem. Is there anything we could do about that?

    1. More government?

      1. I think this is the official response, but something seems subtly wrong with it.

  8. Off-topic: I ran across something quite odd the other day. Coloring and activity books sold for the release of David Lynch’s Dune. The topics on the pages seem a little, I dunno, adult for kids.

    1. That is 100% awesome. I want spice cookies!

      1. Me, too! Though I note that they left out the melange in the recipe.

        Did you ever see these books? I was 18 when the movie came out and wasn’t in the target audience. Apparently. Was this a Disney film?

        1. Dino De Laurentis, bitches. I’m sure Dino was like “market the shit out of this bitch, I don’t care how”.

          1. Has he ever been involved with a good movie?

            1. He produced Fellini’s “Nights of Cabiria” which I’ve always enjoyed. He also produced “La Strada”…but that was lame…

          2. He was the producer, but it appears that Universal was the distributor.

            Still, I think you’re on to something. Just some wild speculation, but do you think he might’ve given this assignment to his then-14-year old granddaughter, Giada?

          3. Never mind, he was the executive producer for Army of Darkness.

            1. Uncredited producer for the Conan movies.

              1. Huh. He spelled it de Laurentiis (as does his granddaughter). I’ve always omitted the extra i.

    2. Rather is going to pissed about you whoring your blog.

      Of course the stuff you put on Urkobold is a million times better…so there is that.

      By the way I was of the age (13) to be the demographic of these books….and i don’t remember them.

      Of course in 1984 I was buying Heavy Metal Magazine and Marvel’s Epic Magazine at convenience stores.

      Those coloring books are by no means “adult” in comparison.

      1. Like I told him when he accused Baked Penguin of blogwhoring, it’s not whoring when an editor links to your site. Besides, the Kochs fund us.

        I haven’t seen all of the pages of these books, so I don’t know if they branch out into Heavy Metal-like “adult.” Who knows?

        1. I haven’t seen all of the pages of these books, so I don’t know if they branch out into Heavy Metal-like “adult.” Who knows?

          Does the coloring book depict the “heart plug” scene? That is the only part i can think of that would come close to breaching Heavy Metal levels of “adult”.

          1. I may have to go hunting for a scan of all of the pages to find out. Surely someone, somewhere has done this service for me.

        2. First…loose my son’s…bonds.

      2. Should also note that Dune had the same Rating as Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back.


        PG-13 was introduced after and because of Gremlins which also came out in 1984. (is it just me or was 1984 fucking the bestest awsomest fucking year ever?)

        What is odd is that Dune was far more “adult” then Gremlins.

        1. You’ve got to think that someone totally unfamiliar with the film and the book took on this merchandising role, mistakenly thinking that a new science fiction movie had to be like Star Wars or Star Trek, both of which had significant younger audiences.

          1. I think there was a cultural shift comparing what was adult in 1984 and what is adult now.

            If you recall Star Wars did have close ups of the smoking corpses of Luke’s aunt and uncle…that chopped off arm in the bar was pretty graphic as well….and Empire did have pretty graphic scenes such as Luke in the cave chopped of Vader’s head and of course Vader chopping off Luke’s hand at the end.

            By the way what the hell was Obiwan talking about when he said light sabers were elegant weapons?

            Blaster deaths were far more elegant then messy light saber dismemberments.

            1. Yes, the arm scene stuck in my head a bit as a ten-year old.

              What’s funny is that I remember my parents actually going to see it first, to decide whether it was appropriate for me to watch.

            2. 1984 was awesome:

              Detriot Tigers going 35-5 out of the gate.

              Celtics beat LA 4-3 in the NBA Finals.

              Danny Marino throws 48 touchdown passes.

              Conan the Destroyer is released.
              Terminator is released.
              Beverly Hills Cop is released.

              LibertyMike goes to the USSR (that used to be short for Russia) for the first time and meets Natasha, a slim, 6 foot blond who could not speak much English but sure could speak the language of love.

              1. Don’t forget Ghostbusters

              2. Nuromancer, Not Necessarily the News, The Dark Knight, Tron, The Watchman, Iain Banks The Wasp Factory, Neal Stephenson The Big U, Milan Kundera The Unbearable Lightness of Being, the video game Elite, The Cosby show, Transformers, Miami Vice, Apple’s Mac, Magnum PI hit its stride, Glengarry Glen Ross…

                Music sucked as far as i can rememeber though.

                Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire though….that is something good i would think.

                But Elton John married a woman that same year which was probably bad.

        2. here I always assumed it was just Temple of Doom that provoked the PG-13 rating, didn’t know Gremlins was part of that as well.

          and from the wiki:

          the first film distributed with a PG-13 rating was Red Dawn (1984)

          I vaguely remember reading in my tattered Guinness Book of World Records that this was the ‘most violent movie’ ever produced (by way of bodycount) until Rambo III


  9. Fuck them. Fuck every single one of them. I wish I could cut off their heads, bronze them, and drink my brew out of my new collection of 535 custom mugs.

    Hows that for anger?

    1. At this point, you’re less ATM, more credit card.

      1. Would that be the IANTG Red card? Open limit and never repayable. FTW!

  10. Anyone who’s not angry is not paying attention.

    Creeping Shariah 101: 1. Buy land next to pig farm. 2. Build mosque. 3. Tell pig farmer to stop selling pigs.

    1. It’s hard stay angry. Those pigs are just so cute!!

      1. Yeah well, you’ll be angry when the Muslims move next to Budweiser and demand they stop making beer.

        The myth of peak oil.

        1. I wouldn’t shed a single tear if Budweiser never produced another bottle of beer-flavored water ever again.

          1. Why can’t beer be delivered in powder form? You know, like Kool-Aid?

            1. Seriously, how about astronauts? How do they get beer? I bet NASA has a stash of powdered beer, but they won’t reveal it because the world is not ready.

              Also, it tastes awful.

              1. They have it already. It’s called Bang. It’s not very good, and it’s flat, but it’ll fuck you up.

              2. In spacebrewing, how do the yeast know which way’s up?

                1. It’s this kind of conceptual thinking that has made the U.S. a major force in beer.

          2. Coors and Coors Light = water and diet water

            Buttweiser = fucking American pisswater…

            When is Peak Beer, Gregorovich?

        2. Yeah well, you’ll be angry when the Muslims move next to Budweiser and demand they stop making beer.

          Oh no! Not demands! Surely we are on the brink of Sharia law! HERP DERP.

  11. Hilarious. Virtually NOTHING has changed, but just by having Team Red in the driver’s seat, somehow they feel more soothed. Christ, Huxley gave common people too much credit: they didn’t even have to invent Soma, they just made us so partisan that our emotions are tied to Red v. Blue victory.

    1. We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1!

  12. Of course, I find these polling results utterly shocking.

    Utterly. Shocking.

  13. What’s great is that despite some lame but spirited attempts to give credit to Republican congresses for good economic times, people give credit to presidents, and they never like congress. Republicans are going to get blamed for all the nonsense bullshit they’re doing and Obama’s gonna get credit for improving jobs numbers. Heard some flunky trying to give credit to recent jobs numbers to the Republican House. Not, obviously, because they passed any legislation for this purpose, but because they give businesses confidence. Logical conclusion: merely installing Republicans improves the economy. Eh, it’s probably the best the shills can do.


  14. I think it’s more of a relief that Obama can’t pass any more crazy-bat-shit bills.

    Personally I’ve lost so much faith in this government/country that I’m thinking of opening a bar in Cambodia.

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