Why Can't Americans Keep Anger Alive? (It's the Republicans' Fault)


Annoying news from the world of partisan blindness, via the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press: with the Republican re-takeover (prior to the Democrats eventual re-re-takeover) of the House of Representatives, Republicans, Republican-leaning independents, and Tea Partiers are all more satisfied with government, which continues exactly on its same path toward destruction, bankruptcy, and madness:

Fewer Republicans say they feel angry with the federal government than did so last fall. In the current survey, 16% of Republicans say they are angry with the government, down from 33% in September….Among independents who lean to the GOP, the percent saying they are angry declined from 38% to 20%….

Nearly half (47%) of Tea Party supporters said they were angry with the federal government in September of last year. That has dropped to 28% in the current survey.

Keep anger alive, Americans!