Middle East

The Revolution Is Not Over (Continued)


The BBC reports from Egypt:

Egyptian protesters have stormed the headquarters of the secret police in Cairo, demanding that the organisation be dismantled.

It followed rumours that officials were destroying documents that could be used in court to prove human rights abuses.

On Friday, some 200 protesters stormed the agency's offices in Alexandria after police fired on protesters.

The abolition of the force has been a demand of protesters who ousted Hosni Mubarak as president in February.

WikiLeaks is tracking the fallout here. And here's my favorite tweet of the day: "Lol all my friends are inside state security hq reading through secret files."

NEXT: Police Raid Roundup

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  1. That’s why you never list the address of your secret police headquarters.

    1. That was the 1st thing I thought too.

      1. It followed rumours that officials were destroying documents that could be used in court to prove human rights abuses.

        What is it with super-villainy? Like they have such egos that they have to reveal their “secret” location, and then keep records on their villany? Only Adrian Veidt knows not to act like a Republic Serials villain — and he’s fictional!

        1. I always tell my henchmen to use the apt code words in their logs. ‘Helped lady across the street’, obviously doesn’t mean ‘helped lady across the street’, but prove it, Mike Wallace. Prove it!

        2. It’s the headquarters of the secret police, not the secret headquarters of the police.


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            1. It’s good that you have moved on from posting about baseball and your Roseanne Barr fetish, Pat. Not to diminish this accomplishment, but maybe you could include some coherence in your next non-Barr related post?

              You’re starting to sound like an old male ‘rather’.

              1. an old male ‘rather’.

                Don’t you dare say that about my father-you dickless little boy

                1. Please don’t speak to me.

                2. My Daddy is my boyfriend. *giggle*

                  1. Spoof, do you think about me all day, or only when you breathe?

                    Bob, don’t be any more daft or you’ll have to take remedial understanding spoofing course

          2. What good is it having supposedly secret police whose HQ are not secret? In fact, their very existence should be secret.

            1. The HQ isn’t secret… it’s where the put the bodies afterwards that is the secret.

              1. That’s the opposite of what you do if you know what you’re doing. You hang the bodies out in the open in a prominent place.

  2. They did it for the lulz!

    The people that had rallied at Tarhir square’s inside-out panopticon might be able to start sleeping just a little easier now. They had still faced ruin so long as the secret police infrastructure lingered on, waiting to pick them off one at a time. That Sulieman guy’s still got to go – has he been strung up yet?

  3. Im in ur secret hedquarterz readin ur filez

    Someone needs to do a lolcat for this. I would, but it’s Saturday and I’m laaaaazzzyyyy.

    1. It’s not Saturday, it’s Caturday!

      Anyway… here ya go

      1. Most excellent.

  4. The files’ being destroyed without being read is what would happen in a Revolution. In Egypt, they don’t have one of those. They have new secret police.


    1. Those who break into the secret police HQ and read the files, become the new secret police? Sweet. It’s time for a career change…

    2. I’d keep the files in a revolution. It would let me know who I could trust.

  5. Hopefully the secret police were thorough enough to keep files on all the government bigshots, too. Can’t wait until these hit the interwebz.

  6. http://zeyadsalem.wordpress.co…..arch-2011/

    Inside the SS headquarters there was:

    1. A lavish very well equipped Gym and living rooms with comfy chairs and LCD screens
    2. Underground cells
    3. Huge stock of food and drinks
    4. Enormous amounts of shredded papers and documents
    5. Signs on the wall one of which said” trusting someone is the first step to being defeated” this is a rough translation to “????????? ??? ???? ????????”
    6. Huge amounts of Tramadol pills ,Viagra pills and condoms
    7. Hand cuffs with pins that are to be inserted in the flesh ,some of which has blood on them
    8. Hooks in the ceiling of one of the rooms where people used to be hung on them
    9. A lot of other devices that I have no idea how they were used some of which looked like a keyboard with a joystick
    10. Electrifying devices
    11. Files about literally everyone from copies of CVs , lists of club members ,files with the names of college students or even people at the general assemblies of any entity be it a club , a company , a school or anything.

    The SS officers were hiding in locked rooms and they didn’t even let the army in until these rooms were forcefully opened by the people and a blood fest was in order.

    1. Huge amounts of Tramadol pills, Viagra pills and condoms

      Sounds awesome…wait, what would the secret police need that stuff for?

      1. I’m not sure what the Tramadol is for

          1. But not much of one.

          2. Speaking as someone who is on Tramadol right now, it’s baby Vicodin. This makes me sad for the secret police, they can’t be very good if all they can get is Tramadol.

            It does almost nothing for pain. Doctors in the US prescribe it when it looks too suspicious to give someone a big boy pain killer.

            this is where our sympathy should lie. Their SECRET POLICE can’t even get decent pain meds.

      2. Condoms? The liars said they didn’t have any!

      3. Either a perk of the profession, or used in institutionalized rape of prisoners.

        1. The rape had crossed my mind. But I don’t get what the Tramadol has to do with rape.

          1. Probably a separate use. I didn’t find anything in the wiki article that indicated tramadol would be used for torture, but perhaps it could be used for easing prisoners’ acute pain and/or to induce withdrawal symptoms that might give questioners a carrot to go with the sticks.

            1. There is one thing: tramadol can cause a difficulty or inability to ejaculate in men, especially with higher doses. So combining it with the Viagra could have been used to prolong rapes.

              Just a normal, Saturday afternoon conversation we’re having here.

              “All I know is ball…and good…and rape.”

              1. Meatwad: There’s Handbanana. Good boy!

                Carl: Oh, he’s not a boy anymore. He’s a man? ‘CAUSE HE JUST RAPED ME!


              3. or inability to ejaculate in men

                I love you god of Karma

          2. Cambion|3.5.11 @ 11:20PM|#
            Speaking as someone who is on Tramadol right now, it’s baby Vicodin.

            So, baby date rape drug? But who the hell dates babies?

            …ooh, Mohammed, you BASTARD!

  7. You’re welcome.

  8. Didn’t he bomb the building?

  9. They say that the American revolution was the only successful one in history. Egyptians must be careful not to let retribution and mob justice be the what drives the revolution.

    1. Not sure, perusing the historical record of the civil war, and you will conclude there is no ‘gentle war’. I suspect the revolutionary war is in the same federation

      1. Picnic, anyone?

        1. Never read the history before and it is incredibly tragic, and illuminating

  10. Any notes on the CIA extraordinary rendition programs?

    1. Let’s hope not. If the protestors made them public they would be considered enemies of the State for revealing US crimes endangering national security.

  11. Anarchy can be messy. Please bear with us.



        1. Is this the Ang Lee version of Randroid or the one with Ed Norton?

          1. Hey, hey, hey Ralphie boy! Let’s go smash some Randroids and then shoot pool.

  12. I am encouraged by the protesters’ follow through. It means they were not just anti-Mubarak. They are in it for the long haul for real democratic reform.

    1. We are in control. Nothing to see here. Move along.

      1. Can we still visit The Pyramids??

        1. The pyramid is opening!

          Which one?

          The one with the ever-widening hole in it!

          1. What’s this brouhaha?


            Brouhaha. Haha..haha….hahahahahahaha!

  13. Egypt demonstrating, again, why The Secret Policemen’s Other Ball is so important.

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    1. Words of wisdom, ATM. Words of wisdom, indeed.

      1. Between ATM guy and Anonbot I am no longer worried about Skynet

        1. “Computerized system”, “Randomly selected”, “Audit”, “Aggressive methods”, “Bend over”….

          “Ummm, things the IRS would say!?”


          1. things DNS would write

            1. things DNS would write

              Incorrect, chemically imbalanced one.

              1. things DNS would write
                Incorrect, chemically imbalanced one.

                What is how DNS would deny authorship?

        2. Word, rather

        3. Luring us into a false sense of security is the first phase of their plan.

  15. A somewhat related topic. Slate thinks that the solution to Sudan’s problems is to stop drilling for oil so that everyone is equally poor again. Read this for an insight into liberals’ souls.


    1. Jesus Christ, John….the Balko-understudy nut punch links, and now this.


      1. Be careful reading it. I think the stupid can actually infect your harddrive.

        1. I played it safe and pulled out before brain cells started popping. So now, to avoid the thought that poor people and their governments are capable of killing other poor people, the liberal MO is to blame oil instead of guns. Because one’s an inanimate solid and the other is an inanimate liquid, I suppose.

          1. That is right. Before they found oil there, the Sudan was a peaceful place an actually the inspiration for the tribe in The Gods Must Be Crazy. It was just like that until the evil corporations showed up.

    2. Well, Jonas Max Ferris said this on Fox Business last night: “I’m not so sure you want falling commodity prices. Look, that’s the sign of a depression.”

      Contrast with:
      “We observe that, when a product is plentiful, it sells at a low price; thus, the producer earns less. If all the producers are in this plight, they are all poverty-stricken; hence, it is abundance that ruins society. And, as every person holding a theory seeks to put it into practice, one sees in many countries the laws of man warring against the abundance of things.” –Bastiat

    3. Where to begin?

      First “Slate thinks that the solution to Sudan’s problems is to stop drilling for oil”

      Actually, I guess you mean Dan Morrison’s (the author’s) position, because Slate has many different authors of various opinion’s and stripes. Saying it must be Slate’s opinion because he published there is like saying every Steve Chapman article published here is Reason’s opinion. Secondly, after reading it I’m not even sure this is Dan Morrison’s opinion or if he is just relaying the opinion of this cabinet official in Sudan. Thirdly, if this were Morrison’s and the cabinet official’s opinion how in the world do those two people provide an ” insight into liberals’ souls?” What does it mean to say this cabinet official in South Sudan is a “liberal?” And all I can find about Morrison is that he is the author of travelogue which recieved this blurb:

      The Black Nile is eye-opening, breath-taking, heart-pounding and, frankly, all the adventure I’m up for now. ?Ellis Henican, Fox News Channel and Newsday

      Yeah, the voice of liberalism indeed!

      John wonders why I pester him. This kind of sloppy slop thinking is why.

  16. As southern Sudan hurtles toward its July debut as the world’s newest country, Adwok, a highly respected Cabinet minister who hails from southern Sudan’s Upper Nile oil patch, has a simple plan to ensure his homeland’s economic security: shut down the oil wells.

    This may sound like suicide to a less radical observer of Sudan, given the south’s Stone Age poverty and its reliance on oil for 98 percent of its revenues. But to Adwok, the $10 billion of oil revenue that has kept south Sudan afloat in recent years has also made the region a model of corruption and inequality. He would destroy the economy to save it.

    “Cut the oil,” he says, and he’s serious. “It would be good for the country.”

    MNG is Sudanese?

    1. How about they just make the drilling royalty free and protect property rights so that people negatively affected by the oil companies can get their environmental damages paid?



    1. That is a pretty good column. Now Huckabe is whinning about Natalie Portman getting knocked up by her boyfriend. Worst recession in seventy years, liberalism finally on the ropes and all this clown can worry about is whether some Hollywood cheesecake bothered to marry her boyfriend.

      1. He’s a fucking hypocritical Christian-I wrote nearly the same words as you John

        1. He is a terrible hypocrite. And generally, for all his folksiness, kind of a lousy guy.

          1. I hate him sumthin fierce. And there aren’t many people I say that about. I’d like to kick him in the face with my motorcycle boots. I can’t believe he could be a serious pres candidate, but if he is, and gets elected, I will seriously consider buying a bigger boat and moving to international waters for a bit…

          2. He is a terrible hypocrite. And generally, for all his folksiness, kind of a lousy guy.

            I have no use for the man, politically or personally, and I want him no where near the presidency. I would vote for Romney before I would vote for Huckabee, and I detest Romney. You’re correct, John, as usual. He and his family are just the Stepford, bizarro version of the the Westboro Baptist Church denizens.

            1. Yeah that picture that Reason had a while back of him and his family in the matching shirts was some creepy shit.

              1. Huck is just a fatter, more convincing Gomer Pyle.

      2. To be fair, Natalie Portman getting pregnant does kind of blow, although she’s probably too skinny for John right now.

        1. I’ve always hated Natalie Portman, and this is providing quite a bit of schadenfreude for me. Everyone goes gaga about how smart she is. Well, if she thinks that this guy that the slept with because she could see his package through some ballet tights is not going to leave her just like he left his girlfriend for her. Typical Harvard logic. See, Summers, Lawrence H.

      3. How is Huckabee a hypocrite? Opposition to encouraging out of wedlock births is a longtime conservative chestnut, recently endorsed by Palin, Coulter and others. I’ve not heard of Huckabee having a kid out of wedlock so where does this charge of hypocrite come from?

        Huckabee strikes me as genuinely decent and very intelligent, if wrong on many issues.

    2. I wrote about the sweet man last night


      1. My sweet man, Daddy. Pics of our lovemaking included.

    3. Dildos don’t vibrate dude. Get with the program.

    4. Y’know, its one thing to lose a primary to the eventual president, but getting your ass kicked by John McCain is a disqualifying offense. If you can’t beat the guy Obama beat, why the fuck would anyone vote for you in the next election? How stupid do you have to be to think your bloc stayed home in large enough numbers to win the next contest?

      OTOH, I’m laying even odds that whichever turd sandwich wins the RED beauty contest beats the giant douche in the White House. Not that that’s good for the country, libertarians, or me personally. Just observing.

      Fuck. I’m going for a drink.

  17. Well, as long as we’re linking to teh STOOPID this morning, here’s Froma Harpie…er, Harrop….positing that increasing taxes will “fix the economy”.



    1. Social Security is now driving up deficits. Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman said that on “PBS NewsHour,” noting, “This year, Social Security will pay out more than it brings in.” True … but. Like others intent on privatizing the program, Portman ignores the Social Security Trust Fund. For more than a quarter century, American workers have been paying extra taxes into the fund to cover this very situation. The fund’s assets are invested in U.S. Treasury securities.

      Portman’s claim is like parents saying that when they tap their college savings account to pay tuition that they couldn’t afford with that year’s earnings, they are spending money they don’t have.

      Someone needs to inform this “journalist” that (a) there is no “trust fund”, (b) there is this thing called reducing spending, and (c) her analogy is incorrect. Investing using SS IOU’s to buy treasury bonds is simply writing more IOU’s: the metaphorical college fund is more solvent and secure than the ponzi scheme that is SS.

    2. The most thought-provoking thing I saw in that link was this:

      Is “donkey basketball,” in which students ride donkeys while trying to make a basket, an inhumane treatment of the animals?

      Yes, that’s no way to treat a donkey 17.56%
      No, it’s harmless fun 56.82%
      Not cruel, but what’s the point? 25.62%

    3. Exactly what you would expect if you wanted economic advice from Detroit.

      Up next in the series: “Re-hiring Matt Millen will fix the Detroit Lions.”

      1. I fully expect them to trade Suh for some overrated offensive skill position player or 17 draft picks they can screw up.

  18. According to Drudge Michael Moore says America is not broke.


    Well, I am glad that is settled. All this worry over going broke with all that complex math and stuff was starting to get stale.

    1. “The only thing that’s broke is the moral compass of the rulers.”

      Anything mechanical — give it a good whack!

      1. This is how we fix problem in Russian space station!

    2. Somebody ought to remind Michael Moore that he’s welcome to send a gift to the US Treasury.

  19. Proof that one of you bastards invented a time machine:


    1. I’m rATHER retarded.

  20. Seeing Like A State: Why Strategy Games Make Us Think and Behave Like Brutal Psychopaths

    (Libertarian relevance: the emphasis is actually mainly on real states and their rulers).

    Thanks, Kieron. Thieron.

    1. This is why I play Galactic Civilizations II – you only kill aliens.

  21. According to Drudge Michael Moore says America is not broke.

    Michael Moore and Tony apparently learned their economic analysis at the same school.

    According to somebody on some teevee show I was not paying very close attention to this morning, Moore apparently said recently the wealth of evil plutocratic rich people belongs to “society” and “society” should repossess said wealth and deliver it unto the deserving poor.

    Robin Hood was a limousine liberal, apparently.

    1. Society, you’re a woman.

    2. Yeah, you first fat boy.

    3. How dare liberals succeed in the marketplace. They don’t deserve it, they believe in a slightly higher tax rate for millionaires!

      1. If you think the government knows better what to do with your money than you do, you can send it to the treasury. The treasury does accept gifts. Any liberal who doesn’t voluntarily send the full amount up to what he thinks the prope tax rate should be, is no different than someone who thinks we should go to war but won’t volunteer or let his kids volunteer.

        Either live by your principls Tony or shut the fuck up. Don’t sit around and spend millions and tell the rest of us working stiffs how the government doesn’t get enough of our paychecks.

      2. Think of it this way, at least 20% of the voters describe themselves as very liberal. That is around 40 million people. If everyone of them would voluntarily send in an extra 10K a year, that would be 400 billion extra in the treasury ever year. They could single handedly cut the deficit by over a fifth and take away the Tea Party’s biggest complaint. If they would each send in an extra 5K to state and local governments, they could stop people like Scott Walker from killing the schools.

        Why won’t they do this? Why won’t they help their own cause? Most of them could afford 10 or 15K a year. And the millionairs like Moore could make up for the ones who couldn’t.

      3. Come on Tony, admit it, nothing you do with your money is more important than what the government could do with it. Who cares if selfish libertarians won’t send in theirs? That doesn’t change the fact that your money could be better spent by the government. Why prevent that good from happening just to prove a point to a bunch of selfish Libertarians?

        1. I think the idea is that we had private charity to address many of our ills and it was found wanting. Government, funded by taxation, seems to provide much more resources to fix certain problems. Making it voluntary only gives people incentives not to pay as they will benefit from the programs even if they do not pay…But you knew that (well, should have known that).

          1. Minge, in your goading of John you have picked up the bad habit of dropping rhetorical turds like this. Not to mention the equivocating, socratic badgering, and general semantic meandering to wear down your opponent…which speaks more of persistence than of intelligence.

            You always harp on us glibertards for our abhorrence to coercion, but that seems to be the first solution that you have for any problem. Charities can’t help all of the needy as the government can(an assertion that I remain skeptical of): send out some jackbooted fatigue wearing troglodytes to ‘collect’ alms for the poor(and the army of govt bureaucrats needed to disperse these funds).

            Epistemically we cannot truly use the intentions of Moore, Tony, and others as part of our argument, because it’s impossible to know really. But, when every issue calls for men in guns to become a proxy for enforcing the whims of the advocate I begin to think that maybe said advocate has a thing for the vicarious power that those men with guns bring.

          2. I think the idea is that we had private charity [government] to address many of our ills and it was found wanting.


            Government, funded by taxation, seems to provide much more resources to fix certain problems.

            Seems, is the operative word.

            Making it voluntary only gives people incentives not to pay as they will benefit from the programs even if they do not pay

            Who benefits? The people who choose not to pay? These programs should only benefit people who are unable to pay.

      4. When is Moore going to give all that wealth he doesn’t need to “society?” Otherwise, he’s just another hypocrite.

        1. Again, not sure why he is a hypocrite. His claim is not “all wealthy people should give up all the money they don’t need” it is “people like me should pay more in taxes.” By actually taking his time and working to make that happen politically I’d say he was being the opposite of a hypocrite.

          1. Moore:

            They’re sitting on the money, they’re using it for their own — they’re putting it someplace else with no interest in helping you with your life, with that money. We’ve allowed them to take that. That’s not theirs, that’s a national resource, that’s ours. We all have this — we all benefit from this or we all suffer as a result of not having it,

            1. The easiest way to spot a scoundrel is the continuous use of “we” in all their arguments. “We” must do that, “we” own that, as long as “I” am the one leading the masses.

              No MNG he is a hypocrite, he is saying the wealthy must pay more taxes, he never has stated that he must pay more, he wants to be generous with other peoples money, not his own. He thinks that being fat and wearing a baseball cap makes him one of the people.

              1. The easiest way to spot a scoundrel is the continuous use of personal insults in all their arguments. DNS is playing the game masterfully with the attack on the physical appearance with the ‘fat’ criticism that as nothing to do with his argument but certainly makes yours weak

                1. Not quotes needed around the fat, he IS fat, really really fat, like the Weird Al “Fat” video fat.

                  Defending someone because others say nasty things only proves that there is nothing else you can defend him with. I doubt you criticize him when he launches his own insults, like how stupid white people are, or dumb gun owners are etc. etc. In your weird world its probably fairer to insult groups rather than individuals.

                  1. Defending someone because others say nasty things only proves that there is nothing else you can defend him with. I doubt you criticize him when he launches his own insults

                    I have never read an insult from him, and like me he is spoofed and probably not responsible for most of the remarks he’s credited to have made. Further, I expect more of you

                    1. Read “Stupid White Men” (I have), then get back to me.

                      As I said he likes to use the “we” word a lot, yet never lives by those same words, he is a scoundrel and yes he is a fat fuck, and all other personal insults that people heap unto him and I personally and utterly support every single one of them.

                    2. then your intelligent writing and your authentic personality are at odds -tant pis

                    3. Read the reason slogan its: “Free minds and free markets”, not “polite conversation and intelligent socialist sophistry”.

                  2. Not quotes needed around the fat, he IS fat, really really fat, like the Weird Al “Fat” video fat.

                    True. It begs the question, if he isn’t concerned for his own “well-being”, how we possibly believe he cares about anyone else’s well-being? Surely, he can afford gastric bypass surgery.


  22. They have already ousted Mubarak, now it is time to get rid of all the corrupted officials. That is probably the only possible way to bring democracy to the country. The real fight for freedom has just begun.

    1. time to get rid of all the corrupted officials

      Good luck with that.

  23. How dare liberals succeed in the marketplace. They don’t deserve it, they believe in a slightly higher tax rate for millionaires!

    You’re such a fucking retard. Nobody said liberals do or don’t “deserve” to be successful; they should, however, shut the fuck up about what OTHER PEOPLE should do with their money.

    Are these kind-hearted individuals prohibited in some way from disposing of their own money as they see fit?

    If Moore (or you) believes himself to be undertaxed, he can send a check to Timmay.

    1. If Moore (or you) believes himself to be undertaxed, he can send a check to Timmay.

      This act would require integrity, something progressives lack greatly. It’s much easier, and certainly more profitable, for Mr. Moore to point his stubby gravy caked finger and say “Get ’em!” while he parts with none of his riches. As I am fond of saying, and to echo John: Pony Up, Mr. Moore.

  24. Awesome, POwer to the People. Wow.


    1. These articles are brutal. The obsession with marriage is amazing. And the assumption that all women are as narcissistic and navel-gazing as she is.

      Mental health…you’re doing it wrong.

    2. “I am successful woman that is totally miserable to be around, and the reason that I am not married is that men are intimidated by my shitty personality success.”

    3. “I have a pedigree like an Arabian thoroughbred — double Ivy League degrees in art history, the ability to speak in five languages, a resume full of prestigious jobs in the art world, a history of international travel that even Bruce Chatwin would gape at — and it’s come to the point that if a man doesn’t immediately identify me as crazy, I question if he’s even listening to me when I open my mouth.”

      Ugh, men are not the only ones whose eyes glaze over when you speak.

      1. “Ugh, men are not the only ones whose eyes glaze over when you speak.”

        Quite possibly true, and I don’t have a spare 8 hours a day to worship the person making that statement.

    4. Does her expectation that her family will help her raise her child fall into a “free rider” problem? She sees her extended family as a bunch of people that will babysit her child for free. I’m wondering if she ever offered to help her friend or family out by taking their kids for a day or two.

    5. Do you know what men don’t want? A lot of things that I really value about myself.

      Such as my total lack of a sense of humor and my vibrator.

      1. You can have my vibrator when you pry it from my cold, dead, and moist fingers

    6. She has a tumblr blog.I invited her to follow my tumblr(no response yet).Two Art History degrees, crazy AND gainfully employed is my type of woman.

      1. “You’re extraordinarily smart, and you’re extraordinarily beautiful. You need a man who is either so strong that he can stand up to you, or so weak that you can walk all over him. I’m just a normal man. I’m not the man for you,'” [he said].

        As I was leaving, she said to me, with a great deal of kindness: “You’re pretty, and you’re smart. It’s a curse. You’ll have a lot of difficulty finding a man.”

        Yeah, surely that’s the problem. Wouldn’t be the arrogance or misandry. People who would gloat about their two liberal arts degrees or the pedigree of their schooling are absolutely unbearable.

      2. But does she give good head?

  25. I have bowed low to the Royal Saudi Family, so they will accede to my request to arm the Libyan rebels. I can return to the links — jaunty golfer I am.

    1. Wow, great criticism. Full of things that are incredibly important, unlike Obama’s retarded policy decisions.

      1. Squeal!

  26. This seems like a problem. Destroying files is not right.

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