Gene Shalit, Soupy Sales, and History's Greatest Monster


"Has anybody seen Jimmy Carter lately?" my colleague Tim Cavanaugh asked earlier this afternoon. Why, yes: Just the other day I was watching him on What's My Line? Enjoy this relic from a simpler age, before Hamilton Jordan visited Studio 54 and America lost its innocence:

Bonus links: Carter's predecessor and successor do the same show.

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  1. “A government official who provides a service?!” They way she so incredulously says this makes me happy.

    1. Larry (to crowd’s amusement):

      “All government officials provide a service.”

      Huhwhat??? News to me!

    2. A government official who provides a service.
      CONTENTANT: Now, is this service provided while you are on your knees, mouth agap, while another man stands very near your oral opening, with his zipper down. And you put you lips upon his….O my, how shall I say it? Upon his flexible appendage?”
      JIMMY: Thats not all I do!

  2. Call me when you find a clip of Richard Nixon on Twenty-One.

    1. There’s always Laugh-In.

  3. “Well, we cut down 300 government departments to 15…”


  4. Okay, so Carter deserves the brickbats for his policy failures, but credit where it is due – he kicked off deregulation and zero-based budgeting was a very good idea. Fault his fellow Dems in Congress for being the willing bitches of bureaucratic budget demands.

  5. I always thought America lost its innocence when the birth control pill first came out. And aren’t we the better for it! Hoot! Hoot!

    1. Ya like women want to be knocked-up putting up with shit-lol,the pill killed us

      1. The pill keeps me from making little brothers and sisters.

          1. No you are. Me are funny.

  6. Soupy Sales (January 8, 1926 ? October 22, 20090
    Gene Shalit (born March 25, 1926 – almost dead)
    Arlene Francis (born Arline Francis Kazanjian; October 20, 1907[1] ? May 31, 2001
    Larry Blyden (June 23, 1925 ? June 6, 1975)
    Jimmy Carter (people wish he died in 77)
    No clue who Dana is but I’m sure she is not celebrating the day of the dead like Reason H&R.

  7. Jimmy Carter says “Yes”.

  8. History’s Greatest Monster? – where is Nessie?

      1. That would stand to reason, since she’s a water-dwelling beast.

          1. I guess your little earth worm never goes out in the rain

            1. No one’s dick compares to Daddy’s! He’s the only man for me!

  9. Would to God he’d stayed a governor, but nonetheless that was rather charming. And it led me to Vincent Price’s appearance, so it’s all to the good.

  10. from obscurity to infamy..

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    1. Porcupines?

      The anti-platypus bias of libertarians still lingers I see…

        1. What does any of this have to do with the fact that Soupy Sales would have been a MUCH better President than Jimmy Carter?

  12. A quote from the March issue”

    “I share the basic beliefs of my region [against] an excessive government intrusion into the private affairs of American citizens and also into the private affairs of the free enterprise system,” Jimmy Carter said in his one and only presidential debate with the man liberals now blame for deregulation, Ronald Reagan. “One of the commitments that I made was to deregulate the major industries of this country. We’ve been remarkably successful, with the help of a Democratic Congress. We have deregulated the air industry, the rail industry, the trucking industry, financial institutions. We’re now working on the communications industry.”

  13. No clue who Dana is…

    Dana Valery

  14. Wow thats pretty funny when you think about it.


  15. Where are the blindfolds? Did What’s My Line go through a brief (and clearly regrettable) no-blindfold period?

    1. They only donned blindfolds for the Mystery Guests–not during the normal rounds.

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