The Revolution Is Not Over


A few days after Tunisian protesters ousted an unpopular interim prime minister, Egyptian demonstrators have done the same thing:

[Prime Minister Ahmed] Shafiq's resignation was one of several demands protesters said had to be met by the military and comes one day before a planned major demonstration in Tahrir Square to call for the removal all Mubarak-era ministers, including Mr. Shafiq and Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

Other demands which have yet to be met include an end to Egypt's decades-old state of emergency, the dismantling of the country's feared state security service, and the release of political prisoners jailed during the 30-year tenure of former President Mubarak….

Mr. Shafiq has been heavily criticized over the last two weeks, and several hundred protesters have camped out in Tahrir Square since Saturday calling for his removal.