Ron Paul vs. Hillary Clinton


During a hearing of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) calls out Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the ugliness of American foreign policy commitments in the Middle East:

"we keep supporting Algeria, Morocco, Yemen, all these dictators, and yet we pretend that as soon as, well, it looks like the dictator might fall, we're all for democracy and we're for freedom and we're against these dictators," he said.

Clinton says, hey, it's a tough world, pal, and nobody's perfect:

"Congressman, you make a very passionate argument, and my response is that, you know, the United States, over the course of its entire diplomatic history, has had to make some very difficult decisions," she said.

"We try to balance what we believe to be in our interests.  Sometimes, and I would argue most times, we get it right.  Sometimes we don't."

Longer Clinton: "Sometimes, the bad results of our policies are either far enough in the past we can pretend they never happened, or far enough in the future we can pretend they'll never happen. But at least these policies requires the continued spending of shit-tons of money, much of which gets kicked back to U.S. munition interests, and provides me and my associates with our phoney-baloney jobs, so let's just be glad politics and good sense stop at the water's edge, and that the congressman from Texas's opinions are eccentric and easily ignored here in D.C."