Reasoners on The Freedom Watch With Da Judge: Nick Gillespie Talks Down Presidents on Their Very Special Day


Because freedom isn't free and even though death takes a holiday every now and then but tyranny works 365 days a year, Reason's Nick Gillespie will appear on a very special Presidents Day episode of Fox Business' Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano. (Hey, isn't every day Presidents Day, at least since John "The Hermaphrodite" Adams, Chimpy McHitler and Barack Saddam Hussein Bin Laden Obama shredded the Constitution and turned it into confetti for that Bilderberger victory parade at Walt Disney's private island hideaway?).

The Judge's show airs at 8pm ET on Fox Business channel (go here for more details) and the theme tonight is just how bad many of our most venerated presidents really were when it comes to adhering to the principle of limited government and maximizing individual liberty. Along with Gillespie, who has never voted for a winning presidential candidate, other guests throughout the hour include former Nixon assistant Monica Crowley, economist Thomas DiLorenzo, and historian Thomas Woods.

Warning: Gillespie actually says something good about FDR.

Go here for Reason's Judge Napolitano archive, which includes several print and video interviews and articles by the man himself.

Just last week, Nick Gillespie appeared on Freedom Watch to discuss balancing the federal budget and Reason's Shikha Dalmia appeared to talk about how overblown fears about Al Qaeda are distorting defense priorities. Here's the Judge and Dalmia: