Reason.tv: Liberal in Bed, Conservative in the Head

Sophie B. Hawkins, Andrew Breitbart, Michael Steele, at the Big Gay Party


Has the conservative movement become a champion of gay rights? Is gun-owning, lesbian singer Sophie B. Hawkins of "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" fame a liberal in bed and conservative in the head?

Last night, Reason's Michael Moynihan dropped by the Big Gay Party, a celebration of the role of the conservative movement in advocating for gay rights, which was hosted by conservative gay group GOProud and new media mogul Andrew Breitbart. The party was part of the festivities surrounding the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which was boycotted by some conservatives because of GOProud's participation.

The video features interviews with Army Lt. Dan Choi, Gay Activist; Andrew Breitbart, Breitbart.com; Fred Smith, president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute; radio host Guy Benson; Evan Coyne Maloney, the director of Indoctrinate UMichael Steele, former Republican National Committee chair; Liz Mair, GOProud Advisory Council; Bruce Majors, libertarian blogger; Richard Grenell, Capitol Media Partners; Larry O'Connor, Breitbart.tv; and singer-songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins.

About 7 minutes.

Shot and Edited by Austin Bragg.

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  1. Any CPAC buzz seems to be about the gays this year. That’s outstanding on a few levels.

    1. You libertardianoids are a bad influence on CPAC. Thanks to you, over half the conference is gonna get fire and brimstoned since it is clear that God is more of a Cheney conservative than a Ron Paul type.

      1. One of Cheney’s daughters partakes in the Pink Taco, and I seem to recall reading that he’s made peace with that fact. If so, we might have to find someone a little more brimstony to point to as the GOP’s face of homophobia.

      2. There is not God.
        Santa Claus ate him.

      3. Dick Cheney is pro gay marriage.

        1. Apparently John Bolton and Glenn Beck are too.

    2. More pics:


  2. I’m wondering if GOProud and the Big Gay Party have more heads asploding in Team Blue or Team Red.

    1. Team Blue can write if off by muttering about false consciousness.

      1. +1

        Of course, that’s how they write every seeming contradiction.

      2. Yeah, I read a lot on HuffPo about how GOProud gays have Stockholm Syndrome or are masochists. They can’t seem to get it through their heads that homosexuals can be conservative as well, in fiscal, defense and even some social (non-gay-related) issues.

        1. Unlike the gays at HuffPo and Tedium Tatters who have to toss the salad of a mad 80 year old Hungarian for their paychecks?

          1. …a mad 80 year old *fascist* Hungarian who collaborated with the Nazis and has never expressed any regret or remorse about his actions to this day.

            1. What can he say? Sexy uniforms. Plus, mean old Aunt Sadie had it coming.

    2. Well, RC, remember what Rev Wright taught us about whitey and the homos. I am as tolerant as the next born-again Christian.

      1. Barry, you disowned me three times, remember?

    3. I am embarrassingly straight, but I bet I would have had way more fun at the Big Gay Party than any other CPAC-inspired party.

      1. It was a mainly heterosexual party. I kept telling people the DC Fire Department required at least 3 gays in every room at a gay party. At one point Breitbart and his associate Larry O’Connor were standing on the dance floor talking and I told them they had to dance with each other since it was a gay dance and Larry started to do so.

        The hottest person there was probably a red headed gal from Alabama who works for PJTV. I later learned she was married, but yes, a straight man would have had good fun at this event.

      2. Why is it “embarrassing”?

        What exactly do you people do behind closed doors?

  3. I’d like to see a long interview of Hawkins. She was great.

    1. I do think Moynihan might have converted here, there.

      1. It didn’t sound like he even had to explain anything to her. I think she arrived at those conclusions the old fashioned way. By thinking about it. I have a theory that gays are sort of forced, from youth, to deal with things in a much more individualistic way since they are usually the outliers in their families and communities. Gays rarely support a party because their dad and grandpa did as so many Americans do. They are less likely than most to just unquestioningly absorb what everyone around them thinks even though most gays wind up dropping the individualism or accepting quite a few contradictions to it in order to join the party that doesn’t hate them. I think there will be more and more libertarian gays as the line between conservative and libertarian gets clearer.

        1. As a gay man I have always been somewhat perplexed why there are not more outspoken gay libertarians?

          “Gay culture” is overwhelmingly statist, why the fuck is that?

          There is nothing inherently statist about some guy sucking my cock.

          1. A gay man who uses “statist” as a pejorative and isn’t a libertarian. I can’t figure out which box to put you in. Then again, we’ve already covered the fact that you don’t like box.

          2. I am confused Not A: when would there EVER be anything statist about ANYONE sucking anyone’s cock, outside of prison, rape camps, or John Edward’s campaign bus?

            One argument for limited government over anarchocapitalism though may be that only the former allows you to have men (or women) in uniform.

        2. +1

          Especially the first part. It’s why Jews and gays etc are comics, etc.

      2. Ask her how she feels about going abroad and blowing shit up real good.

        Then you’ll know more.

        1. Muslims hate gays. I think she might be down with it. On existential terms.

      3. Actually those skinny little Moynihan hips are about to become daddy hips.

        Soon he will be home in a terry cloth robe with curlers in his hair making PBJ sandwiches for lunch and no gay man will chase him.

      4. Oh sorry. I read that as “converted here” but you meant “coverted her (Hawkins), there.”

    2. I remember that song of hers from ’92….hadn’t really thought about her since then. I went to her wikipedia page, and she was apparently a strident Hillary supporter this last election, even going so far as to change the lyrics of her song to, “Damn, I Wish You Were Our President.”

  4. OT: Mubarak has resigned. Looks like the army is in charge.

    Mubarak resigns

    1. This is a personal victory for me and my Middle-Eastern foreign policy. I worked very hard for this.

      1. No! No! No! This is the victory of My Doctrine! With enough bombs We will spread freedom!

        1. I don’t see Bush taking credit for it…

        2. Small bombs – targeted killings – it could work.

    2. US President Barack Obama due to make a statement at 1830 GMT, the White House says

      It always has to be about him.

      1. Everybody loves a sack of shit with big ears.

      2. That’s because most people are eagerly waiting to hear what they should think.
        And without the president they’d be hopeless lost.
        Tomorrow he’ll tell everyone how much pressure to put on their bowels for a proper movement.

  5. Which one of the following is gay-rights-phobic:

    1) Barack Obama.
    2) Dick Cheney.

    1. Actually, I know a few liberal democrats who would admit to being anti-gay rights and a few republicans who would admit to being pro-gay rights but don’t because the feel the need to tow the party lion.

      1. What’s really going to be interesting as this thing unfolds and the GOP continues to unwind from its historical hostility towards gay equality will be seeing which pols are the quickest to jump on the new bandwagon (you know, the one with all the sweaty guys in speedos, dancing to classic disco) once they sense that it’s policitally astute to do so. Sort of the opposite of most Dems, who pander and promise the world before elections then slither away the day after (though I do have to give them props for the DADT repeal).

        When Republicans are actively and seriously competing with Democrats for the gay vote, we will indeed be in a new world order.

    2. I don’t think it’s quite accurate to suggest that the Messiah is Homophobic so much as he is Risk-phobic. Every pseudo-stand he’s taken has been carefully vetted and focus group tested to provide the most ethereal sense of “Hope(tm)” without provoking any actual consequences. Or progress. A trick no doubt learned from the last weasel from his party to sit upon the throne. Then when it all falls down, he gets to say, “Oh well, I tried”.

      Darth Cheney on the other hand, love him or loathe him, has never seemed to give a flying fuck what people think of him or his positions and policies.

      A better question might be: Who is the more effective leader?

  6. Is Richard Grenell wearing a Hunter S. Thompson GLITTER v-neck tshirt?

    I must have one. Immediately.

    1. Is your chest as good as his?

  7. Holy shit, Bruce Majors didn’t come off as an asshole-maybe he’s a doppelg?nger

    1. Dan anyone who clicks on your screen name to get to your blog will realize that no one can compete with you to be the most spazzing @hole in America. You win!

    2. Rather yummy

  8. Sophie B. Hawkins of “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” fame

    That’s the song you’re gonna go with? Really?

  9. How Gay.

  10. What a joke. 100% Groupthink. Talk about propaganda. No critical thinking voices in this video.

    1. What exactly would you expect them to say, sport?

      “No, gays don’t really belong here, but the beer nuts are really good.”

  11. Hey, Moynihan is getting almost cool here.

  12. Well, this pretty much says it all. The guy at 4:00 has to explain to Reason that this is not the most important issue at CPAC. There’s unrest in the main hall over national security, but Reason is obsessed with the sideshow.

    The saddest thing is watching Moynihan desperately trying to prove how “cool” he is by being “down with the gays”. The overarching message being presented by Reason is that libertarianism is not a serious and distinct political philosophy, but rather a “hip pose” for hedonists.

    It’s pathetic, to be honest.

    1. Since I think I am the guy at 4:00 let me say: all the other media missed most of the big stories at CPAC too (I was there). The Leftover blogosphere (Talking Points Memo) even had inept pseudo-reporting, where the tried to cover the Rumsfeld/Cheney session WITHOUT actually being in the room, so that they reported that the Ron Paul kids screamed “Where’s Bin Laden?” when they actually screamed “War Criminal!” It reminds me of that current MSNBC ad where little Ralphie Madcow in nerd dyke wear sits on the floor with papers and a marker and talks about how he is committed to research, when everyone knows the bitch can’t read (she reported that I was a Maine tea partier when she attacked me, and I’ve never been there) and got her Oxford PhD by blowing the dons.

      Second, Moynihan is pretty gay friendly in person. He’s never made out with me, but I just attribute that to his having a beautiful wife. If he hadn’t met here I am sure he would be more supportive. (That’s a joke, just to be clear for the weak minded.)

  13. Maybe if the Conservative movement drops the non-issues of gayness, pro-choiceness and insistance on executing potentially innocent criminals they will begin to attract more reasoned INDEPENDENT MIDDLE group of voters who just want reasonable debate on real issues (with a sprinkling of humor) without all the lies and obfuscations. I really do dislike the current state of politics (but it is highly entertaining) and I hope Americans will rise to the DREAM of Individual Freedom while respecting the conditions and needs of those in opposition. The Republican Party just may redeem itself in the opinions of the middle leaning reasoned voters (I believe that is 15-20% of the voting population) but that will depend on the rhetoric leading up to the 2012 election. I don’t believe the Republican Party will win the next Presidential Election but its behavior in the lead up to that election will leave a large impression on those of us that lean toward reasoned and centrist behavior and will definitely have an effect on subsequent elections. Just end the vitriol!

    1. What is reasoned and centrist about placing the sexual proclivities of 4% of the population at the top of the list of the most urgent issues facing society? And who’s placing it there? Not conservatives.

      1. I may not be gay myself, but I do know a lot of gay people. Some of them are even my friends, some of them are former classmates. And I would like them to have access to all the benefits of marriage that boy-girl couples have. It’s time we put an end to this injustice, denying marriage rights to same-sex couples just because that’s “always been the tradition” or making hollow claims that this will destroy society/the family/the institution of marriage. To quote Martin Luther King Jr., “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (Although MLK probably wouldn’t approve of gay marriage, I’d like to think he’d support the right of same-sex couples to at least get a civil union.)

        1. I discussed this at length on another article, but it is an issue libertarians should not give a crap about one way or the other. Gays want in on a government program. They want goodies from the state.

          Sodomy laws have been ruled unconstitutional. That was a libertarian issue. The issue of marriage is not. It’s a waste of time, it needlessly alienates potential allies, and superficial wanna-be hipsters like the ones at Reason think it’s the only thing worth commenting on at CPAC.

          1. AJ GOProud does not have a platform plan on gay marriage.

            That may be why Tammy Bruce quit their board this weekend.

            You should stop making assumptions about what people are or believe.

      2. Score.

        The country’s going broke, the last remaining limits on government are almost gone, and the main event is supposedly whether or the government should endorse various types of marriage.

      3. Please. Go to any conservative blog and just query “Gay Agenda”.

        Plenty of ‘conservatives’ go out of their way to make ‘TEH GAY AGENDA’ one of their biggest issues.

  14. I agree with your writing!

  15. Bi-Curious cosmo heaven! You go Mikey! Get your freak on! Aww yeeeaaahhhh……

  16. Great piece, individual freedom is what binds us all, this video testifies to that.

  17. I love Moynihan’s video reports. He’s quite a witty interviewer.

    1. Almost makes one jealous.

  18. So, if you’re for traditional marriage, you’re one of the “crazies”. Ain’t tolerance grand?

  19. Anyone who lowers my taxes and lets me keep my guns is gay-friendly, black-friendly, woman-friendly and most importantly, FREEDOM-FRIENDLY.

    Let the liberals worry about political correctness, smart gays vote Republicans because they know what’s good for them.

    Same-sex marriage? Please, who needs government marriage? You don’t need Uncle Obama to hire a wedding coordinator and blow $20,000 on a wedding.

    Black Chamber of Commerce: Did Obama Lie to Us? Oh yes he did!

    1. Amen. What is it with these idiot fucking Republicans? Why on earth would they boycott CPAC because GOProud showed up?

      I think this is a defining point of contention between liberterians and Conservatives. Liberterians, or at least liberterian-leaning Republicans like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, do not act like babies and “boycott” CPAC over something so stupid as gay marriage.

      1. yeah, breh.

      2. Well, just like the left hates fat people, the right sometimes hates gay people. Of course, since gays usually hate fat people, they sort of deserve it. LOL.

        Hey, I’m kidding.

        Obama’s Trillion Dollar Budget Bestiality

  20. It’s interesting that in 2011, suddenly these social issues are revealing a struggle for power in the GOP between the older generation – the drug warriors, the “southern strategy” racialists, the Birchers and the nativists, the hard-core social conservatives – and a younger generation, one of tolerant conservatives.

    I think otherwise conservative-minded people born since the 70s (post-cultural revolution) are just generally more socially tolerant, not necessarily more liberal, as is implied by “liberal in bed”. in other words, even if the squares weren’t totally hip, they at least were not afraid of their black schoolmates, threatened by their gay teacher, and everybody knew kids that smoked dope and were completely respectable, productive members of society (and nice people, too).

    People not involved in politics seem not to be generally pro-gay or anti-gay, in their day to day lives. It has simply become considered as silly in many parts of the country to be anti-gay as it would be to say you are anti-left handedness or anti-tall. A more tolerant GOP could even be a more libertarian-friendly GOP, and a more electable GOP.

  21. DC has two major gay publications that are heavy on politics coverage and both want to be the gay “paper of record.” I know the editors and writers at both and they are fairly conventional establishment “liberal” Democrats.

    One of them, MetroWeekly, has several articles were they do want to assert their obvious superiority to the GOProuders, but gradually admit that it is salutory that GOProud is stirrung things up:


    Additional there is a very popular gay blog called “Joe. My. God.” by some anencephalic gay half-wit, whose coverage is usually on the Tedium Tatters end of Leni Refenstahl agitprop, who has concluded the same thing.

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