Mitch Daniels Admits Inevitability of Death, Becomes Unelectable?


In today's Wall Street Journal, potential 2012 Republican presidental contender Gov. Mitch Daniels concedes the inevitability of death and notes that the government does not have infinite amounts of money. This is shocking enough to warrant extensive news coverage:

"We all want to live forever. We want everything done to help us," he told health care reporters during a discussion of Medicare and its financial pressures. "And we cannot, no one can, do absolutely everything that modern technology makes possible for absolutely everyone 'til absolutely the very last day, the very last resort."

He added that he understands the urge by families to push for what may be futile care. "It's the most human thing in the world," he said. "Your loved one is in desperate shape." He said "we can try this thing that has almost no chance of working" but questioned whether it is worth it, especially given that "it's going to cost an incredible amount of money."

He might be wrong about the whole immortality thing, but he's dead on about the money.

Via D.E.