Jane Harman We Knew Ye Too Well


I'd buy that for a dollar!

The pertinent question about Rep. Jane Harman (D-California)'s abrupt resignation is "Who cares as long as she's gone?" But the nine-term Venice blue dog's decision to become CEO of something called the "Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars" is both telling and strange.

Telling because Jane Harman combines the worst of centrist politics as fully as her husband Sidney recently combined the worst of new and old media by buying  Newsweek for a dollar and merging it with the Daily Beast. Harman serves both sides of the welfare/warfare state through her seats on the Homeland Security and Energy & Commerce Committees. But for a rocky relationship with erstwhile House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Harman might have taken the chair of Homeland Security during the Democratic ascendancy.

But proving that the enemy of Nancy Pelosi is not necessarily my friend, Harman's right-leaning bona fides are expressed entirely through daddy-state hawkishness. Occasionally that hawkishness dovetails with the Democratic Party wish list, as in this recent op-ed recommending both gun control and a redoubled war on terror in response to the Jared Loughner shootings:

Jared Lee Loughner…appears to have had no connection to the recent spate of Al Qaeda materials available on the Internet. But other alienated and mentally unstable kids do. Unless communities help law enforcement find would-be shooters or worse, the next rampage could be far more destructive.

Harman's appointment still has to be voted on, but she's born to head a think tank named for the  progressive warmonger Woodrow Wilson.

Harman's resignation is also strange because, well, who would leave Congress to run a think tank? From Harman's letter to constituents:

I have always believed that the best solutions to tough problems require a bipartisan approach, and bipartisanship is the center's "brand." Serving at its helm provides unique opportunities to involve the House and Senate, top experts and world leaders in "great debates" about the most pressing foreign and domestic policy matters.

Extra points off for needless scare quotes. Politico quotes a "friend" of Harman's:

A Jane Harman friend said: "It's not that she wants to leave Congress. It's more about seeing the Woodrow Wilson Center as the preeminent place for seeking bipartisan solutions. It's a classy, well-funded operation. She just sees is as a great challenge and a great opportunity. She kept getting more and more excited about it."

Who cares as long as she's gone?

Things Can Always Get Worst Dept.: Announced and prospective candidates to replace Harman in a June special election include Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, the Gamal Mubarak of Los Angeles politics; Debra Bowen, California Secretary of State and three-time winner of the Diane Chambers lookalike contest; and progressive activist and twice-beaten Harman challenger Marcy Winograd, about whom I don't have a joke.

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  1. “Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars”

    Woodrow Wilson? I hate that guy.

    1. Concur! A scumbag (can you call a woman a scumbag?) running an outfit in memory of and named after a scumbag!

      1. can you call a woman a scumbag?

        A scumbag is literally a used, unwanted cum receptacle. I think the figurative pejorative is gender neutral.

        1. literally a used, unwanted cum receptacle

          Ah…completely appropriate then

          1. Q: What does one call a used but wanted cum receptacle?

            A: Better ask Max directly.

    2. You know who else favored corporatist economics, military aggression, eugenics, racism as policy, and took actual socialists as political prisoners?

    3. My grandfather did time in federal prison for protesting World War One, because of that motherfucking KKK member. It’s one of the great injustices of American history that Woodrow Wilson didn’t die in prison.


    4. Woodrow Wilson? I hate that guy.


  2. This is from their web site:

    “Established by an act of Congress in 1968, the Wilson Center is our nation’s official living memorial to President Woodrow Wilson. As both a distinguished scholar?the only American President with a Ph.D.?and a national leader, Wilson felt strongly that the scholar and the policymaker were “engaged in a common enterprise.””

    That’s a lot of fail for one paragraph.

    1. The Wilson Center is … a neutral forum for open, serious, and informed dialogue. … The Center seeks to separate the important from the inconsequential and to take a historical and broad perspective on the issues.

      Oh, they may *think* they’re another H&R …

      1. Hmm, apparently these folks give speeches, publish stuff, and don’t have a comments section. Sounds like a bunch of 20th century elitists talking at people. I’m kind of done with that paradigm.

  3. “Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars”

    WWICS? Buuurrn her!!

  4. Somebody left them out in the sun too long.

    1. Is that an everywhere tan?

  5. Why would this excrescence on the body politic leave Congress to run a think tank, you ask?

    Perhaps we do have a few clues, courtesy of her “friend”.

    It’s a classy, well-funded operation. She just sees is as a great challenge and a great opportunity.

    1. I believe you mean “pubescence on the body politic.”

      It’s classier.

  6. buying Newsweek for a dollar

    Haha, Sucker!

  7. It’s a classy, well-funded operation.

    They use Sapphire in their martinis; none of that Boodles crap.

  8. Interesting – I used to get the “Wilson Quarterly” back in the mid/late 80’s when I was finishing school. It’s still published by this outfit.

    Sent it to me free for a couple years cause I was “powerful and influential” or something (more likely their database really sucked). Was actually pretty interesting.

    Kind of interested to look at it now and see how it compares to the original, although, of course, I won’t spend a nickel of my own money to do so…

    1. I used to get free magazines and journals in the mid/late 1980s too.
      I filled out a fake name on the post-paid blow in cards and checked the “bill me later” box.

      1. Haha! Awesome!

        1. How Libertarian of you 🙂

          1. you’re self absorbed. Go count how many poor souls have trolled your blog, you vacuous cuntpickle.

            1. ….vacuous cuntpickle

              Oh that’s going to see a ton of use!

        2. I had a few “trial” subscriptions to Reason IIRC.

  9. So that’s where she went!

    1. Reply to P Brooks 6:12.

  10. Also, more proof that couples DO begin to resemble one another after some period of time…

  11. I used to live in what is now her district, though I don’t recall if it was the case back then.

  12. I look forward to leaving Congress…so I can work with Congress.

    1. I had to get out of government to…. influence….government. Or something…

  13. Extra points off for needless scare quotes. Politico quotes a “friend” of Harman’s:

    Facebook… I knew it.

  14. Yeah I think you hit that nail square on the head dude, well done indeed.

  15. More importantly: is Newsweek finally going to die?

  16. I thought the Daily Beast was owned by Tina Brown, Stephen Colvin and Edward Felsenthal.

  17. I’d buy that for a dollar

    What? Sid, Jane, or both at the same time?

  18. Anyone know if there are any billboards available in the vicinity of Harman’s new office? I’d like to inform the public of just what an asshole Woodrow Wilson was.


  19. Maybe I’m hard up, but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eatin’ crackers.

    1. I had the same thought at first, but then I Googled her name for more pics. That pic is an especially flattering one. She’s not as bad as Madame Speaker Pelosi, but in most of them she doesn’t look quite as good as she does above.

  20. I think Venice should draft Tim Cavanaugh for this seat.

  21. Is the Woodrow Wilson center segregated? Because I know THE actual Woodrow Wilson REsegregated the army and the White House as soon and he got elected president. Seriously, this woman could be working for The Adolph Hitler Center or The David Duke Center, but I guess liberals don’t know their own history.

    1. Is the Woodrow Wilson center segregated? Because I know THE actual Woodrow Wilson REsegregated the army and the White House as soon and he got elected president. Seriously, this woman could be working for The Adolph Hitler Center or The David Duke Center, but I guess liberals don’t know their own history.

      To be honest, neither Wilson nor Duke committed wrongful genocide.

  22. Woodrow would be unknown today had not TR’s Bullmoose ego pushed him into the presidential race in 1912. Assuming no U.S. entry into WWI, we can imagine a Germany without a certain corporal rising to power. Thanks to TR and
    Woodrow, the 20th century world ended up a far sorrier place.

  23. Reason readers probably do not know that the taxpayer-funded Woodrow Wilson Center is not what it claims to be. It has violated its Congressional mandate and is mired in numerous scandals.

    Two exposes:

    “The Selling of the Woodrow Wilson Center” (October 2010)


    “The Woodrow Wilson Center Desecrates its Namesake’s Legacy and Violates its Congressional Mandate” (May 2010):

  24. Since you allow only 2 links per post, I need to submit a couple of more times:

    A scathing letter written by Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-NY) to his former colleague, Lee Hamilton, due to the WWC’s giving an undeserved award to the Turkish Foreign Minister in June:,186&itemid=1029

    A Wilson family descendant, Donald Wilson Bush, blasts the Wilson Center ? (“Pawn for the Wrong President”):

  25. Claudia Rosett takes the Woodrow Wilson Center to task (“What Kind of Washington Fools Would Honor Turkey’s Foreign Minister?”):…..-minister/?

  26. If there is one thing Woodrow Wilson was good at, it was breathing new life into dying institutions- like the Republican Party of the time.

  27. Let us recall that Jane Harman ran for Governor of California in the election that Grey Davis ultimately won.

    There, but for the Grace of Moshe Rabbeinu, California would have been represented in government by three Jewish Democratic women (e.g., Harman + Sen. Boxer + Sen. Feinstein.)


    (1)I’m Jewish, so this joke is Kosher.

    (2)It’s only half-a-joke. Given how transparently retarded Jane Harman is–not to mention her moronic brand of lefty state-worship–I seriously worry that this troika of Hebrew-liberal-Ladypower could have given rise to some ugly antisemitism]

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