GOP Race 2012: Huckabee vs. Egyptian People


Speaking in Israel, presumptive 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is unnerved by Egyptian unrest, as per the Jerusalem Post:

Huckabee, on a private visit to Israel – his 13th to the country – said to the Knesset's Immigration and Absorption Committee that "the events of the past few days in Egypt have created a very tenuous situation, not just for Egypt, not just for the Middle East, but for the entire world, and the destabilization of that nation has the potential of cascading across the globe."

Haaretz reports on Israel's public silence, and backroom diplomatic manuevers to discourage criticism of the Mubarek regime.

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  1. I just don’t get this. I have some friends are making the same argument. Some even say criticism of Mubarek is anti-semitic. WTF?!? Do the zionists just want to keep him in office as punishment to the Egyptian people for the slavery that happened four thousand years ago under a different authoritarian regime?

    Maybe Egypt will devolve into the next Iran, but for the present I am rooting for the Egyptian people who are standing up to state oppression.

    1. Maybe? Try likely, or definitely. Can you name a single revolution in Arab countries that has led to a freedom-friendly regime?

      1. It isn’t a revolution. It’s street protests. There’s a difference.

        1. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t matter if we can’t ship our oil through the Suez Canal.

          Like it or not, we have to bribe Egypt (or kiss their ass, take your pick) to make sure we can ship our oil through the the canal.

          Until we build more refineries and start digging, mining and drilling for the natural resources in our own country.

          1. ULCCs laugh at the suez canal.

          2. If they back-filled the Suez Canal, would anyone really notice?

      2. Can you name a single instance of the US supporting a Middle East thug that led to a freedom-friendly regime?

    2. Just from reading the quoted statement, I have to say…Huckabee didn’t exactly condemn popular movements everywhere as anti-semitic.

      Regardless of how anybody feels about Israel, Mubarak falling is bad news for Israel.

      I don’t think that’s an opinion. I think that’s a fact.

      1. Bad news for Israel or just bad news for Likud? The new regime may be very moderate and also very internationalist about Israel’s issues. Mubarak may have been content to let Israel kick around the Palestinians and violate international agreements, but the new regime probably won’t Full out war…highly unlikely.

        1. “The new regime may be very moderate and also very internationalist about Israel’s issues.”

          I think that is highly unlikely.

          If the new regime government is reflective of the Egyptian people? I think it highly unlikely that it will be moderate and internationalist about Israel’s issues.

          I think that’s the estimation of most Egyptians, and I think that’s the estimation of most Israelis too.

          …to put it mildly.

      2. And as we all know, Israel is right to keep foreigners in oppression if it serves their interests. Is that correct, Ken?

        1. Is Israel oppressing the Egyptians now? I need a scorecard…

          1. In Tulpa world they are responsible for ED and Jersey Shore.

        2. Don’t remember saying anything for or against Israel in this thread.

          You got a thing about Israel? You want to talk about how you don’t like Israel?

          Leave me out of it.

    3. Isreal should invade and make the Egyptions take down the pyramids, by hand, one block at a time… that would be ironic.

      1. Okay, even by Fundie standards…

        They may think God spoke the world into being over the course of six days? But I don’t even think they contend that the Israelites built the pyramids…

        If I recall correctly, it says they were forced to make bricks, and that their quota was increased dramatically. Those bricks, however, could have been used to build anything.

        …so if they made the Egyptians take the pyramids down, that would be ironic–as in “unexpected”.

        P.S. Now, even if the Israelites didn’t build the pyramids, that doesn’t mean the dinosaurs didn’t all drown in the flood, or that God didn’t send bears to eat children for making fun of Elisha’s bald spot.

        1. chavs. Not children, chavs.

        2. Moses was Egyptian.

      2. The Bible mentions the Israelites being forced to work on store cities such as Raamses and Pithom, but not the Pyramids. The writers of the Bible probably knew the Pyramids long predated the New Kingdom.

        1. Probably cheap stores financed via cut-throat security products underwritten by Goldman Sachs into six sucker-ready traunches all involving the most Byzantine contracts ever devised authored by Alan Dershowitz.

          Now that’s a big Kirkland plate of Jew right there.

          Note ADL: I kid! I kid!

        2. It’s quite possible that Exodus was written hundreds of years after the Hebrews had settled in Palestine, during the reign of Solomon. So I wouldn’t take that for granted, especially given some of the other massive anachronisms present in the Pentateuch.

          But you’re right that Exodus doesn’t specify pyramids as being worked on by Hebrews.

      3. Well, I thought it was funny, if not historically accurate.

    4. I’m rooting for the Egyptian people too, but we have to consider all the possibilities and be prepared for them. The Iranian revolution three decades ago started much like today’s Egyptian revolution. We do have to worry that the Muslim brotherhood might take over, but that does not mean we have to support Mubarek.

      1. Agree absolutely.

        But trying to meddle or play favorites could work against our interests in the long run.

        One of the interesting things about Iran is the way that the Mullahs are steadily discrediting themselves domestically. I don’t think the Islamic Revolution is going to have as long a run as the Bolshevik one.

  2. Ignorant hillbilly whackjob preacher.

  3. Ignorant hillbilly whackjob preacher.

  4. I admit I did not watch the actual interview – so someone who did – feel free to correct me or provide more info – but I watched a promo on Fox News Channel for what looked like an interview of Huckabee by another host in which he tried to claim to be – libertarian! I almost fell off my couch laughing. Is he really trying to apeal to libertarians now?

    1. Unfortunately, Judge Napolitano has seen fit to have the Huckster on his show on a number of occasions. Professional courtesy, I hope. Because Huck ain’t no libertarian, and if the Judge actually pressed Huck on this subject, they might actually come to blows despite claiming to be friends.

      1. I hope that if (and when) Judge Napolitano has Huckabee on his show that he reams him with the spiny dildo from Se7en.

        1. Huckabee is a joke who gave one good speach at one of the early republican debates. I like that he’s now fat.

          1. Yeah, at least the Fatty 2.0 angle should shut him up on the obesity epidemic. A nervous tic for busybodies everywhere of all ideological stripes is to find problems THEY don’t have. Or at least problems they think they’ve hidden from view (see: Ted Haggard).

  5. Quick break: is that a herpe on Gibbs’ upper lip?

    1. Either that or a genital wart.

    2. Cigarette burn. His dungeon charges extra for them.

  6. What kind of fucking world is it where some hick redneck has-been flies around the globe making solemn pronouncements on events-and is listened too?

    1. Uh, were you awake between Jan 20, 2001 and Jan 20, 2009?

      1. Not to mention from Jan. 20, 1992 to Jan. 20, 2000.

        1. Agreed in principle, though you may want to check those dates.

        2. Hillary + Billy = HillBilly

      2. While Ive always argued that rednecks can come from anywhere, Connecticut might be the one exception.

        1. Vermont sure isn’t exempt. Found a bunch of them slow cooking a pig in the middle of a rainstorm on top of those hills they call the “Green Mountains”.

    2. Have you ever met a full fledged styled Zionist? The kind who grew out of the Irgun movement. Dude, they are the hillbillies of the Jewish race.

      1. I have met several hard-line Zionists. Without exception, they have been very well educated and knowledgable, but absolutely convinced that 1) Israel can do no wrong; 2) There is no such thing as a “Palestinian”; 3) All Muslims have the extermination of Jews as their #1 goal.

        1. Ari Ben Canaan wasn’t exactly competing against Erasmus back in the day.

          Add to your list 4) education based upon a mystical foundation (thus less than worthless), 5) and for the old adherents to the party line, a love of brutal totalitarianism.

          Though marginalized to an extent, and an out right embarrassment to the modernist in Israel, they are exactly the people Huckster appeals to and it explains the mutual interest there.

          1. It just shows what a moral country Israel is that the Irgun were crushed without mercy or regret.

            1. Right. And Menachem Begin* was never Prime Minister of Israel.

              *King David Hotel bombing, anyone?

      2. Hillbillies? KMA you creep! And I believe in Rabbi Kahane, Zt”l — not the Irgun!

        The Jewish Defense League Marching Song

        1. Now, whip out your banjo, slap your knees, and sing it!

    3. Boy, it’s about time someone learned you something about ‘murica

    4. Try between 1976 and 1980.

      1. That was a reply to Tim’s comment waaay up in the thread.

  7. “the destabilization of that nation has the potential of cascading across the globe”

    I can’t wait.

  8. I hope dear Chucklebee is busy digging his political grave.

  9. This kind of thinking might’ve made sense during the Cold War, but I think we can afford to root for a little less oppression in the world. Maybe even if we’re extremely lucky, some liberalization in the region.

  10. I hate Huckabee, but I can’t see in the quote where Upchuckabee makes any strong statement. And I can’t blame the Israelis for not wanting to make too much noise wrt Egypt probably a smart move to stay quiet.

    1. I agree that Isreal’s best move is to shut up and keep their hands out of it.

      The only public statement should be something like “We wish for Peace and Prosperity for the Egyptian people. And fluffy bunnies, too.”

      1. (Assuming bunnies are Halal. If not, disregard that last phrase.)

        1. They are. And they are delicious.

          1. Best rabbit dish I ever had was in a Moroccan restaurant.

        2. Shiskabugs? Hossenfeffer? Come on!

    2. Actually, Israel might do well to voice support for the popular uprising. It might endear them to the new government, whatever form it takes.

      Unlike that one country that had Mubarek on the payroll for the last thirty years.

      1. A surefire way to keep Mubarak in power would be for Israel to support the protestors. Kiss of death.

        1. But if they want Mubarak in power…

      2. This would alienate pro-Israel countries with incipient revolutions such as Jordan, so I think they should take the ‘quietly prepare for hostilities approach’.

      3. You are ignorant. None of you even want to understand the Muslim/Arabs (except, maybe, Michael Moynihan)

      4. The Israelis should stay out of it. That said, whatever they do is going to be spun in a negative manner anyway. They got blamed for Saddam getting toppled and now they’re being criticised for not toppling Mubarak.

    3. The problem is they’ve already made public pronouncements. To make matters worse, they were made yesterday, in support of Mubarak. It’s one thing to make supportive comments about Mubarak last week, when things were relatively up in the air, but to make them when all signs point to Mubarak being toast is idiotic.

      1. “I’ve always loved you, Fredo.”

      2. Well, NVM then. Israel once again demonstrates that peace isn’t really what they’re after.

        1. To demonstrate being in favor of peace they vocalize opposition to a regime that has given them…peace. Credibility…flooshed.

        2. As much as I dislike the Israeli govt, that’s a bit harsh. There’s not really a clear strategy for them to pursue if they’re just talking. The only way they can influence events without force is to make Egyptians oppose whoever they support, and even an “I think they think I think they think” strategy of misdirection might not work.

          1. Maybe they should just say “We support whoever will remain at peace with us.”

            1. That’s…actually a good idea.

  11. “…and the destabilization of that nation has the potential of cascading across the globe.”

    Any freedom loving American should hope so you statist ass.

    1. Chaos =/= freedom.

      1. Worldwwide caliphate = freedom — NOT!

      2. I guess that would depend on what the Hucksters definition of destabilization is. Destable =\= “not an ally of the US/Israel.

  12. Shouldn’t Huckabee want there to be a war in the Middle East, so he can meet Jesus?

    1. Let’s start a war (said Mikey one day)

  13. Ignorant hillbilly whackjob preacher.

  14. Unlike that one country that had Mubarek on the payroll for the last thirty years.

    Now, don’t tell me, let me guess…

  15. What is with you Rh?mites? I guess you really want a Khomenie style government in Egypt so it will make war on and perhaps wipe out those pesky Jews.

    I guess real freedom to you means a Muslim Brotherhood type government in the Middle East that will all make war on the “zionist entity.”

    Don’t worry pals. The Muslimns will kill you as easily as they would me. In fact, they already did try to kill you with that recently deceased John Mohammed guy.

    Unfortunately, your hatred for the Jews outweighs even your own survival. Anti-Semitism is like that 🙁

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here!”

    1. Aresen, this is probably unfair of me, but TA DA!

      Here is your proof!
      One Zionist Hillbilly served up!

      Actually, maybe not so unfair, back in the early 90’s while a guest at an event at the Polish embassy (I knew some classy ladies back in the day), I met some old Israelis commie bastards, the kind who fantasize about assassinating Bibi for his market reforms, who make Underzog look like a Ran HaCohen.

      1. Oy vey!

        Underzog makes his appearance regularly on any threat where Isreal and the Mooslem Killer Terrorists are mentioned. He knows every incident where an Israeli got so much as a dirty look from an A-rab, but Sabra and Shatila never happened.

        Don’t feed the troll.

        1. Don’t feed the troll.

          Most ineffectual plea in the history of the internet.

        2. Sabra and Shatila happened…at the hand of Christian Phlegmists. Not Israel. Yes they surrounded the camp. Doesn’t matter; they didn’t do it.

          1. If Sharon – who was the military commander in the area – didn’t know about it, he was too stupid to be in command.

            And how could the Christian Falange get through the Israeli encirclement without the collaboration of the Israeli troops in place?

            Sharon turned a blind eye to the massacre even while the gunfire in Sabra and Shatila could be heard from Israeli positions.

            1. “Goyim kill Goyim and they come to blame the Jews” Menachem Begin commenting upon Sabra and Shatilla.

              It is all the Joos fault, Nazi?

              “The past is not dead. In fact, it is not even the past.”

              William Faulkner

              1. I resist the suggestion that Aresen is a Nazi.

                1. By Underzog’s definition, the slightest criticism of Israel, the Mossad, the Irgun or the Israeli army automatically makes one a Nazi.

            2. The Israeli government ONLY duty is to protect the rights of its people, not the Lebanese. It would have been insane and immoral for Israel to start a fight with Falange for they would sacrifice the safety of their own people.

              1. Once they were occupying Lebanese territory, the Israeli army was, by default, the local government.

                The Israeli army had the camp surrounded. There is no way that the Falange (who were already working with the Israeli army – providing them with intelligence, etc) could have gotten into Sabra and Shatilla without the tacit cooperation of the Israeli army.

                The Israeli army didn’t do the killing. They let their catspaw do it for them.

                1. Not Jewish, but I buy Hebrew National hotdogs exclusively.

                  Am I OK, UnderZ?

                2. Once they were occupying Lebanese territory, the Israeli army was, by default, the local government

                  No they weren’t. They were an invading force. That is it.

    2. DONDEROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Nat?rlich! Wer Deutsch spricht, mu? die Juden hassen.

    4. Works for me!

  16. Many in the GOP consider this ignorant hillbilly whackjob preacher worthy of the presidency.

  17. From the indispensible IOZ:

    What I want to know is how does this affect America? What does it mean for America? In what way is it about America? To what extent does it reflect America? In what manner can we say that it was influenced by America? To what degree can we say that America affects it? How will it in turn affect America? What is its import for America? Will it be good for America? What are America’s obligations? How deeply ought America be involved? How much support can America offer? America America America America. America America America. America America America America America.

  18. When did Huck announce his candidacy?

  19. MSN reported on the Huckabee trip. Its video gives a different view. At about 2:50 in the video, the interviewer asks about America abandoning President Mubarak. Huckabee says that Obama will have to explain why he had a sudden change of heart, but Obama should be credited with calling for reform before the revolution started. That interview shows that Huckabee is for reform in Egypt.

    Watch the video here. The commentary is in Hebrew, but Huckabee speaks in English.

    1. I’m sure Huck is polling the issue fast as he can to figure out where he stands.

      1. I meant a view that is different from the Reason title. There’s nothing in the Jerusalem Post video or the MSN video to indicate that Huckabee opposes the Egyptian people. He’s just aware that the current events might not lead to freedom and democracy.

    2. The interview only shows that if we assume Huckabee isn’t a sniveling liar.

      Not expressing an opinion on that question, just highlihting the interesting logical dependencies.

  20. Forget about Huckabee, I want to know what Newt, Hannity, Palin, Kristol, and Mike Savage have to say about it, since we’re paying attention to cretins now.

  21. Watching the Jerusalem post video gives a clearer picture of Huckabee’s position. He said that it is good for the Egyptian people to seek democracy and freedom. He stated that rioting and looting is bad and won’t lead to freedom. He also said that a take over by Islamic fundamentalists would not lead to freedom. I agree with all of these statements.

  22. Huckabee is basically one of these Christian fundamentalists who sees Judaism as the lesser of two evils (the greater one being Islam). Evangelicals don’t give a rat’s ass about the Jewish people. They’re hoping for the Jews and Muslims to exterminate each other. That’s the only reason they pretend to care about the Israelis.

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