Corporate Welfare Porkers of the Month for January 2011

| presents Citizen's Against Government Waste's Porkers of the Month for January 2011:

Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), and John Kerry (D-Mass.!

After the wasteful development work on the alternate engine for the Joint Strike Fighter was in danger of losing funding, these three urged the Pentagon to release even more taxpayer funds for redundant technology no one wants.

Congratulations Senators, you are Citizen's Against Government Waste's Porkers of the Month for January, 2011!

"Porker of the Month" is written and produced by Austin Bragg. Approximately 1.5 minutes.

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  1. Leahy has perhaps the safest seat in the Senate and it emboldens him no end.

    1. Plus, they told him it burns maple syrup.

    2. Nah, he’s only won 6 times in a row in landslides. This time, just you wait!

      1. He’s the Yankee Strom Thurmond, just you wait.

        1. Nah. He can’t get young babes like ole Strom.

        2. There are now people eligible to be President that weren’t born when he was first elected.

  2. Alternate engine? This plane is one complex piece of gear as it is; why would you want to throw another type of engine into the mix?

  3. Love the Lolpentagon.

  4. The term “porker”, with regard to Congress, could have three meanings. And the late Ted Kennedy would fit all three.

  5. I can’t stop seeing the “D-OH” caption under Sherrod Brown as “d’oh.”

    1. That’s exactly what I thought. It took me ten seconds to realize what was going on . (yes, I’m a little like Homer myself).

      1. I see your Simpsons snafoo and raise you an “I thought D-mass was a snarky potshot at Kerry’s character”. I really did.

        D’oh, indeed.

        1. I also saw the D-OH and thought the obvious thing. I didn’t catch D-MASS, though. Good eye, Hooha. I will say, however, that some kind person might consider replacing the D-VT on top of Porker #3’s head.

          1. I’ll just say it, since everyone’s thinking it: Senators D’oh, Dumbass, and D … VT …?

  6. Larry, Curly and Moe, er, make that Brown, Leahy and Kerry, obviously have relatives that work for GE. Duh!

    My .02

  7. What kind of a names is ” She Rod” ?

  8. Let’s see….Homer Simpson from Ohio! Some DumbAss from Mass and a deviate of some sort from the Northeast.

    What do I win?

    1. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one to notice this.

  9. Let me reveal a secret. The reason Vermont’s congressional representation always gets re-elected is that we voters deliberately send our most batshit crazy politicians to Washington to get them out of Vermont. In Washington their influence is diluted. Can you imagine Bernie Sanders as governor?

  10. At least from Brown’s perspective, it’s about jobs — the GE Aircraft Engine plant is in Evendale, Ohio. The F135, based on my quick research, is/was manufactured by GE using Pratt and Whitney parts.

    Better to give people jobs, not because demand requires it but because they simply need jobs.

    Oh…did anyone just catch the connection between this and the recent appointment of GE CEO Immelt to the “Jobs Panel”.

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  13. The reason for an alternate engine for the F35 is the the last three generations of combat aircraft using Pratt&Whitney; have been failures. The Navy F-14 was scrapped early primarily because of the inadequate engine, The F-15 and F-16 programs were in serious difficulty until a GE replacement was developed, and the P&W engine for the F-35 is an uprated version of the F-22 engine (the F-22 uses two of them). The owners of P&W, United Technology, is run by the most inept and corrupt managements it has been my misfortune to have been associated with in 50 years of engineering in the aerospace industry. It would make considerable sense to cancel P&W and go sole source with the GE-Roll Royce F136 but that isn’t likely. The reason for Congressional support of the F-136 engine is because some Congressmen remember they have been screwed by P&W three times in a row. I know more than I can say about this because of confidential limitations.

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