Red Eye Alert! Red Eye Alert! Nick Gillespie on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld (with Guest Host Andy Levy)


Reason's Nick Gillespie will appear tonight on Fox News' Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, which is being guest-hosted by TV's Andy Levy.

Here's Gillespie's last (mustachioed!) appearance on the show, which runs at 3AM ET. Check your local listings for more details or go to the show's official site:

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  1. “momma mia pizzaria I grabbed her thighs and tossed her pie”

    Such a guido, Nick!

  2. This is off-topic, but did anyone else see this story about total regulatory breakdown that the regulators aren’t being held responsible for?

    1. That’s terrible. How he was he able to continue with so many lawsuits is the strangest part-they must have settled most, if not all of the litigation with confidentiality agreements.

  3. Jesus Nick, can’t you grow a real greasy wop mustache?

    That one looks more suited to a, um, motorcycle enthusiast.

  4. Holy fuck! That’s a clear signal that he is going to pull the copy of Atlas Shrugged out of his ass! If this doesn’t put you libertoid assholes on the map, nothing will. Go for it ass face Gillespie!

      1. It’s time to educate you sexist patriarchal pigs about females, who are superior to men-dogs in all ways:

        “This is a comparatively uncommon form of severe mental illness, with the following characteristics:
        Abrupt onset against a background of normality.
        Brief duration, with full recovery.
        Psychotic features such as confusion, mutism and stupor, delusions, hallucinations or a manic syndrome. Premenstrual tension, premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual (late luteal phase) depression or dysphoric disorder or menstrual mood disorder do not qualify.
        A circa-mensual (approximately monthly) periodicity, in rhythm with the menstrual cycle.”

        1. “Abnormal behaviour linked to menstruation was first noticed in the 19th century, and, as early as 1825, menstrual mood disorder was used to acquit a mother convicted of infanticide [1]. The first descriptions of psychosis appeared about 1850 [2]. In 1902, the renowned forensic psychiatrist and sexologist, Richard v. Krafft-Ebing published a monograph with many case descriptions and a temporal classification [3]. About 250 cases have now been described, of which 80 have substantial evidence [4].”

          1. “A German woman had her first attack of mania at 27. She then began to suffer from brief episodes lasting only 10 days, that returned every month for two years. For 15 episodes the onsets of psychosis and the menses were precisely dated. Cycle length averaged 25 days. The spread of episode onsets was from 2 days before to 6 days after the beginning of menstrual bleeding. The probability that such a close connection could arise by chance is less than .000001 [5]. Another German woman, at the age of 36 and 8 children, suddenly expressed the idea that her husband was the King of Bavaria and then lapsed into stupor. She recovered after 12 days, without the slightest trace of illness. But she had 53 recurrences during the next 12 years, with a variety of clinical pictures including delusional depression, stupor, mania and acute polymorphic episodes. Those accurately dated started between six days before the onset of menstrual bleeding to one day after it. Irradiation and surgical removal of the ovaries had no effect.[6]”

            1. “The overwhelming majority of these patients have evidence of manic depressive (bipolar disorder). Many have conventional manic and depressive phases, or recurrent mania, or schizoaffective mania. A minority have atypical forms, such as catatonia, extreme anxiety associated with delusions or hallucinations, or acute polymorphic psychosis. Thus the clinical features resemble those of the common form of postpartum psychosis, and (like puerperal psychosis) menstrual psychosis is not a disease in its own right, but a member of the group of bipolar disorders. In women who have the bipolar diathesis (lifelong susceptibility), menstruation is one of the triggers of episodes. In fact there is evidence of two menstrual triggers – at the mid-cycle associated with ovulation, and in the late luteal (necrotic) phase just before menstrual bleeding.
              As in postpartum psychosis, acute organic syndromes are occasionally seen, associated with epilepsy [7], urea cycle disorders [8] and perhaps endometriosis.”

              1. That’s enough for now.

  5. How does Levy spell “Assange” with the left hand”? The letter “n” is supposed to be hit by the typist’s right index finger.

    1. Wesley Willis Fiasco’s cover of Girls of Film is awesome.

      “Caspar the Homosexual Friendly Ghost” is pretty good, too.

  6. This host can’t improv for crap. That’s why he’s on at 3am, I guess.

  7. Oh man, I miss Greg! Levy is ok, but needs to go back to halftime!

  8. Oh man, I miss Greg! Levy is ok, but needs to go back to halftime!

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